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  1. utes until mixture slightly thickens. Step 2 Place 1 tablespoon cold water in a small bowl
  2. Chocolate Mirror Glaze Cake Recipe | CHOCOLATE HACKS by Cakes StepbyStepHow to make an #easycake #chocolateglaze at home for a #mirrorcake.To stay up to date..
  3. This chocolate mirror glaze is made with semi-sweet chocolate, water, sugar, sweetened condensed milk, unsweetened cocoa powder, gelatin and a secret ingredient - light corn syrup. Adding a little light corn syrup (Karo syrup), makes the chocolate mirror glaze extra shiny and stunning
  4. Using an immersion blender, food processor or blender, process glaze until smooth. Strain mixture through mesh strainer to remove any air bubbles. Divide mixture into 3 parts and add icing color, gel color or Color Right Base Colors to customize. Let glaze cool to between 90˚F and 96˚F before pouring over cake or desired treat
  5. For the chocolate glaze, add the cream, sugar, cocoa powder and 150ml (5fl oz) water to a small saucepan and heat gently until the sugar is fully dissolved. Keep stirring during heating. Bring to.
  6. Chocolate Mirror Glaze Recipe With Condensed Milk Indulge in the most exquisite of all cake glazes, which is the mouthwatering chocolate mirror glaze recipe with condensed milk. It is a shiny coating made with chocolate, condensed milk, gelatin, and cocoa powder
  7. Chocolate or cocoa mirror glaze: It is made with glucose syrup, sucrose and water, to which you add condensed milk, gelatine and chocolate. It is not difficult to make however, careful attention should be paid to the cooking temperature, and you must avoid the formation of air bubbles inside the glaze itself

Mirror Glaze: Whisk together the gelatin and 3 tablespoons water in a small bowl; set aside to bloom. Combine the granulated sugar, corn syrup and 1/3 cup water in a medium saucepan. Bring to a.. Some chocolate glazes can't be stored in a refrigerator or freezer, because a moist environment makes them lose their gloss and, consequently, their appeal. Try one of the chocolate mirror glaze recipes shown in our tutorials: they yield beautiful results and can be kept in the freezer after you've applied them onto your pastries Prepare the chocolate mirror glaze the day before using: soften the gelatin in cold water and in the meantime prepare a syrup by bringing the water and sugar to a boil on medium heat. 2. Add the sifted cocoa powder and whisk. 3. Brink the heavy cream to a boil

Learn the easy way to master tempering chocolate like a pro and why you need to do it. And step by step instructions on making a super sexy chocolate mirror.. Chocolate mirror glaze. Magazine subscription - Try your first 5 issues for only £5 Unwind whilst watching a decadent bavarois dessert being made. Our relaxing video follows a mousse cake with biscuit filling and shiny chocolate glaze coming together. Watch Liberty Mendez make the perfect mousse cake to help you unwind.. Prepare chocolate mirror glaze. In a small bowl place the gelatin and 1/4 cup (50ml) cold water and let swell for 5-10 minutes. Place the chocolate in a bowl and set aside. Place water, sugar, condensed milk and cocoa powder in a saucepan Candy Melt Mirror Glaze Sweet, shiny and sure to impress - this trendy glaze reflects the light and shows off your decorating skills. Icing colors and Candy Melts candy come together to create a rainbow of possibilities to coat cakes, cookies and pastries. It's perfect for special occasions, big birthdays and marking major milestones Mirror glaze: Soak the gelatine leaves in cold water for about 10 minutes or according to the packet's instructions. Pour the water into a small saucepan. Let it come to a boil and add the sugar

How to make Chocolate mirror glaze Gelatine. We can use gelatine powder or gelatine sheets, it makes no difference. Soak gelatine (aka bloom) in water until it gets a rubbery consistency. Chocolate. Preferably in a double boiler, heat water and dissolve the cocoa powder by slowly stirring it until smooth and lump free For the chocolate glaze, add the cream, sugar, cocoa powder and 150ml/5fl oz water to a small saucepan and heat gently until the sugar is fully dissolved. Keep stirring during heating. Bring to the.. Melt the 70% dark chocolate. Set aside, and let it cool. In a medium bowl, by using a handheld mixer or stand mixer, beat cream cheese until completely smooth, scraping down the sides of the bowl as needed then mix in the sugars gradually. And the, add in the eggs, one yolk at a time, followed by heavy cream and mix until just combined Level the yellow cake (s), then frost with a smooth, even layer of buttercream. While you prepare the glaze, freeze the cake for a minimum of 20 minutes. For the mirror glaze, in a small bowl, bloom gelatin in ¼ cup room temperature water. Set aside. In a small saucepan over medium heat, combine remaining ¾ cup water with sugar and sweetened.

Directions: Making the Lacquer or Mirror Glaze (Chocolate) In a small pan add the following and whisk over heat til dissolved. Remove pan from heat. Return mix to heat and bring to a boil stirring. This chocolate mirror glaze is a really beautiful shiny glossy glazes that you can use on chocolate cakes and any cakes that you want to glaze with a chocolate ganache. Get the semi-sweet chocolate and melt it over a water bath making sure the water and the bowl you are melting your chocolate with do not touch because then it will become so hot. After the chocolate is melted, move to the.

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  1. Chocolate Mirror Glaze. Leave it to the Japanese to come up with a beautiful and simple alternative to the high-gloss tempered chocolate coating that so many of us envy but doubt we can pull off without an industrial tempering machine. This glaze produces a very satisfying sheen, albeit without the snap of a true chocolate glaze
  2. ute, then remove from heat. Bloom the gelatin sheets in 8 cups (2 liters) of cold water for 5
  3. Easy Chocolate Mirror Glaze. I go through a lot of cocoa powder thus always fully stocked up (I prefer hot chocolate with cocoa powder instead of drinking chocolate powder for some odd reason). So having chocolate on hand is not that common for me as I tend to use my handy cocoa powder, sugar and butter instead of melted chocolate
  4. Method. Prepare chocolate in tall narrow container. Soak gelatine leaves in cold water. Heat the water, glucose and sugar to 103°C. Tip: Constantly stir to ensure the temperature is even throughout the entire mixture. Add condensed milk to mixture. Squeeze out excess water from gelatin and place into mixture

Make sure to use chocolate chips or cut the chocolate small so it will melt a lot easier. Pour the hot liquid over the white chocolate and leave to sit for about 5 minutes to allow the chocolate to melt. After 5 minutes use a whisk to gently mix the glaze until the chocolate chips have completely melted, this will take a few minutes Chocolate ganache with a chocolate mirror glaze over it makes a really elegant cake that tastes even better than it looks! Firmly cold out of fridge - after an overnight chill, it will be so firm you can scoop it up and roll balls to make truffles! Chocolate Truffles made with chocolate ganache This creamy white-chocolate glaze sets with a mirror-like shine when poured over a smoothly frosted cake. For a gorgeous marbled effect, layer several colors of glaze into one bowl before pouring.

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References. Chef Iso, Mirror glaze cake recipe and tutorial, link; this website is one of the best I found to learn how to make the glaze with clear instructions and simple short videos Barry Callebaut, Troubleshooting: glazes, link; some good explanations on how chocolate influences the glaze's properties Science learning hub, Reflection of light, link; shows some nice visualization Glaze. In a small bowl, add in water and unflavored gelatin. Let sit for about 1 minute until the gelatin is bloomed. Microwave for 1 minute 30 seconds. Stir in the strawberry JELL-O mix. Set aside for a second and work quickly. In a large mixing bowl, add in the chopped white baking chocolate and corn syrup JOIN NOW. • 6 types of mirror glaze. • The best recipe for chocolate velvet with modifications. • 8 techniques to work with the glaze. • 3 techniques to work with the chocolate velvet. Over 4000 students have already attended the fee-paying online courses in the Egor.Team school and this number is constantly growing Allow the mirror glaze to cool to the target temperature, which is about 92°F (33°C). Make sure you stir periodically to prevent a film from forming on the top. When the glaze is between 90°F and 94°F (32°C - 34°C), it is ready to be poured over the cake

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  1. ique Ansel's chocolate cake recipe is the perfect canvas for this dark chocolate mirror glaze. It sets nicely over layers of biscuit, chocolate mousse, and rum syrup, and keeps decorative Swiss meringues in place for a truly decadent treat
  2. ute. Remove from the microwave and mix to combine heated ingredients. Then add the bloomed gelatin mix and combine again until it is fully dissolved
  3. For the mousse. In a saucepan heat 100 ml of double cream with the milk. In a bowl mix the egg yolks with the sugar and whisk until the mixture is white. Pour the warm milk over the egg mixture gradually while whisking at the same time. Pour again the mixture in the saucepan and bring to a simmer over medium heat
  4. mirror glaze cake recipe | eggless chocolate mirror glaze | chocolate mirror cake with detailed photo and video recipe. a stylish and appealing cake variation made with a chocolate cake mix with a silky smooth frosting on top it. it is known for its soft, moist, mouth-melting feature which would be appreciated by all age groups. it is generally prepared for various occasions like birthdays and.
  5. Chocolate Mirror glaze; How to Make Chocolate Mirror Cake at Home For Cake. Mix milk, oil and vanilla in a bowl. Set aside. Take flour, baking powder, cocoa powder, baking soda in a bowl and set aside. Beat eggs till fluffy. Add sugar little by little and keep beating till light and airy
  6. Feb 12, 2018 - Mirror glaze (or glacage mirroir) is a gorgeous technique for decorating cakes. Unlike frosting or fondant, mirror glaze starts as a very viscous liquid which gels as it cools. While somewhat similar to ganache, the gelatin transforms it into something else entirely
  7. Be careful not to create bubbles while stirring. This recipe will result a light colored mirror glaze. For darker glaze just replace parts of the cream or the whole of it with water. Dissolve the rubbery gelatine and add any additional sweetener if required. Filter the mirror glaze through a fine mashed sieve as a precaution

When the mirror glaze is between 90 and 96°F (32 - 35°C) , pour the glaze over the cake in a circular motion, making sure to start in the center and work your way outwards. You only have one chance to glaze the cake, since the glaze will start to set due to the cold temperature of the cake, so do not pour a 2nd round of glaze after the first one Mirror Glaze Frosting is not a new technique, it's a French traditional recipe used for frosting the Cakes and Entremets. As it looks beautiful and textured but making glaze is so simple even a novice can make it on the first attempt. Today I will share a simple mirror glaze recipe for cake frosting This chocolate mirror glaze is just what it sounds like — a glaze so shiny that you can practically see your own reflection in your cake. Pair that with its A+ taste, and this is a Man About Cake creation you've gotta try. Pour it on and see how good you (and your cake) can look! Dark Chocolate Mirror Glaze Ingredients: 3 sheets gelati Step 4: Red Mirror Glaze. 6 More Images. Combine gelatin with 1/6 cup water. Set aside to bloom for 5 minutes. In a small sauce pan mix condensed milk with water and sugar. Heat on low and bring it to simmer. Remove from heat, add bloomed gelatin and stir until melted. In a large heat proof bowl add chopped chocolate

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15 g cocoa powder. 175 g dark chocolate. 50 g shortbread to serve. Method. Bloom the 1 tsp of gelatine in 2 tbsp of water for 5 minutes. Pour the 360ml of the double cream into a medium saucepan and bring to a simmer over a medium heat. Roughly chop the 170g of dark chocolate and tip it into a mixing bowl. Remove the cream from the heat and. The target temperature for the mirror glaze is 92°F, or anywhere between 90°F and 94°F. While it cools, stir the chocolate periodically to prevent a thick layer from forming on the top. For a galaxy glaze or for a marbled look with any color combination, divide the glaze into separate containers and add 3-5 drops of food gels in your color.

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Chocolate Mirror Glaze - or Glacage Chocolat in French - is the most stunning of all cake glazes! Mirror glazes come in all sorts of wild colours, but Chocolate Glazed Mirror Cakes are the classic you see showcased in the best patisseries from Paris to Tokyo and New York This decadent hazelnut chocolate cake consists of layers of chocolate hazelnut cake, hazelnut mousse, chocolate mousse, salted caramel and a chocolate hazelnut crunch layer all covered with gold and dark chocolate mirror glaze. It takes a bit of time to put all of the components together, but the end result is worth it! A gorgeous celebration cake Adding the mirror glaze and decorating. Before adding the mirror glaze to your chocolate honeycomb cheesecake, place a cooling rank on top of a large baking tray. The glaze will drip down, and the tray will catch the excess. Place the cheesecake while still on the base or cake board onto the cooling rack center Allow the mirror glaze to cool to 95°F when tested with a candy thermometre - pouring the glaze at the correct temperature is crucial to the cake's success. If the glaze drops below 95°F, gently reheat in the microwave, 10 seconds at a time, and stir until the correct temperature. 6. As the glaze cools, place the chilled cake on the wire.

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Pillowy milk chocolate and Nutella mousse surrounds a rich cocoa brownie slathered with creamy Nutella. If that's not impressive enough, the whole thing is enrobed in a gorgeous milk chocolate mirror glaze and decorated with an edible gold splatter Bring the firmed mousse from the fridge. Remove it from the ring. Once the mirror glaze reaches 35°C/95°F, pour it over the mousse cake. Let the chocolate drips until it stops. Use an offset spatula to clean up the drips. Add some grated chocolate around the rim of the cake. Refrigerate the cake for 1-2 hours

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  1. What you'll learn. Master an amazing, unique, and breathtaking mirror glaze mousse cake. Make coconut dacquoise. Make strawberry confit. Make chocolate mousse. Make home made mirror glaze. Create beautiful and unique designs using the glaze
  2. utes. Place condensed milk, chocolate, and gelatin into a tall heatproof container. In a medium saucepan add sugar, glucose and water. Heat on low until sugar dissolves. Increase heat to medium and bring to 103C/ 217F. Pour over chocolate mixture
  3. utes.; In a separate bowl, combine the white chocolate, condensed milk and bloomed gelatin.; In a medium sauce pot, boil 150 grams of water with the sugar and corn syrup until it reaches 103*C / 217.
  4. utes 2. Heat the ¼ cup water, cream and granulated sugar over medium heat for about 10.

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Making the Lacquer or Mirror Glaze (Chocolate) 1. In a small bowl add the water and Gelatin; stir, cover with plastic to prevent evaporation, set aside. 2. In a small pan add 1/2 c. sugar and 1/4 c. water and whisk over heat til dissolved. Remove pan from heat This Chocolate Mirror Glaze Recipe post was made possible by SunCakeMom. Gelatine. We can use gelatine powder or gelatine sheets, it makes no difference. Soak gelatine (aka bloom) in water until it gets a rubbery consistency. Chocolate. Preferably in a double boiler, heat water and dissolve the cocoa powder by slowly stirring it until smooth. Heat the water, glucose and sugar to 103°C - 105°C. Tip: Constantly stir to ensure the temperature is even throughout the entire mixture. Take mixture off the heat. Add condensed milk to the mixture. Squeeze out excess water from gelatine and add to mixture and stir briefly until gelatine is melted and incorporated Make The Mirror Glaze. Mix the gelatin in a bowl with 1/4 cup of water, and set aside to let it bloom while you begin the glaze. Combine together the 1 1/2 cups of sugar, 1 cup of water, and 2/3 cup sweetened condensed milk in a heatproof bowl. Heat for 1 minute at full power, and remove from microwave. Stir, and heat for another minute Mirror Glaze, Neutral. Mirror glaze can be used straight from the bucket, but works best when heated to about 104/113F. Once heated gently mix and pour over desired dessert. This product can also be brushed over fruit to keep it fresh and shiny. Neutral mirror glaze can be colored to create a transparent color on cakes and desserts

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Step 1. Melt cocoa and butter together in a small saucepan over low heat, about 5 minutes. Remove from heat; stir in confectioners' sugar and vanilla extract. Stir in hot water, 1 teaspoon at a time, until glaze is thick and smooth. Advertisement Meguiar's M100 Mirror Glaze Pro Speed Compound, 1 Gallon . M10001 $65.99. On backorder. Out of stock. Add to Favorites. Meguiar's M100 Mirror Glaze Pro Speed Compound, 32 oz. M10032 $22.99. In stock. Add To Cart. Add to Favorites. Meguiar's M10 Mirror Glaze Clear Plastic Polish, 8 oz . M1008. Hi Ada, Ann isn't aware of one that really works well. She has met a chef made a runny dark chocolate glaze then added luster dust mixed with vodka on top for a mirror effect, though Ann doesn't believe it would give an even coverage, It would likely produce a pattern with a shiny reflective effect

CHOCOLATE MIRROR GLAZE RECIPE. 700 grams chocolate, white or dark (24.5 ounces) 400 grams water (14 ounces, 1 3/4 cups) 600 grams sugar (21 ounces, 2 2/3 cups) 400 grams condensed milk (14 ounces, 1 3/4 cups) 1 tablespoon vanilla extract. 38 grams powdered gelatin (yes, it's quite a large amount For the Mirror Glaze: Combine the water, sugar, cocoa, and heavy cream in a saucepot and bring to a boil. Add the chocolate and stir to combine. Add the bloomed gelatin and strain. The glaze is ready to use when it reaches 70°F. To Assemble and Serve: Layer genoise and chocolate mousse. Pour chocolate glaze onto the cake Milk Chocolate Mirror Glaze . Hello everybody! In this article I am going to talk about milk chocolate mirror glaze. These types of glazes are widely used in modern pastry to finish cakes/monoportions based on mousse and Bavarian cream Mirror Glaze, White Chocolate. Mirror glaze can be used straight from the bucket, but works best when heated to about 104/113F. Once heated gently mix and pour over desired dessert. This product can also be brushed over fruit to keep it fresh and shiny. White chocolate mirror glaze can be colored to create a opaque color on cakes and desserts

Irca - Mirror Glaze, Tropical 3kg/6.6lb - 01030468. $36.50. Out of stock. PA5358 Pastry 1 Neutral Crystal Mirror Glaze is clear and colorless with slightly sweet flavor. Apply to any cake or tart for brilliant shine and protective covering. Pastry 1 - Neutral Crystal Mirror Glaze - 8.8lb, PA5358. $46.90 Chocolate Mirror Glaze Recipe. June 2, 2021 June 2, 2021 liciabobesha liciabobesha 0 Comments. Is there more to our food than meets the eyes or we get what we see? Let's make chocolate glaze and see if our cakes will be the same! As I recently have a little time, I was looking on the web yesterday. Trying to find fresh, stirring tips.

Purple white chocolate mirror glaze Prepare gelatin mass from gelatine powder mixing into water and set aside. In a small saucepan bring water, sugar and glucose syrup to boil and to 103 degrees Celsius (217 Fahrenheit), then take off the heat Chocolate Mirror Glaze [print recipe] slightly modified from this recipe. 140g dark chocolate, chopped 5g (1 tsp) vanilla 30g (2 tbsps) water 7.5g gelatin powder 120g granulated sugar 80g sweetened condensed milk 80g water. Place the chocolate in a medium heatproof bowl. In a small bowl, stir the vanilla, 2 tablespoons of water, and gelatin. Whisk constantly and bring to a rolling boil then pour over the chocolate in the bowl and whisk to melt. Cool to at least 90°F before pouring it over your cake. Place your chilled cake on a cooling rack set over a parchment paper lined sheet pan. Pour the mirror glaze over the cake letting the excess run down over the sides

For the Chocolate Mirror Glaze. The secret to this recipe is using a thermometer. When tempering chocolate, noting the temperature is very important. Ingredients. 10g Agar agar - Non-vegans use gelatin for the mirror effect. We shall use agar agar. Some retail stores have this labeled as vegan gelatin Entremet Cake recipe is made with chocolate mirror glaze, decadent raspberry mousse and a white chocolate ganache filling. The bottom of the entremet is made with a shortbread cookie. You can substitute our choices by using any of the examples below to create your own entremet recipe. What is an entreme Unfortunately, you really do need the chocolate for a great mirror glaze. Are you able to find white chocolate chips perhaps? You may be able to find them online as well. It would be worth the trouble. Hope that helps! Reply. Granny Good-Food. March 22, 2018 at 10:21 pm The final touch is a glaze of melted white chocolate colored purple on top of the cake; it provides a startling white chocolate flavor, and vibrant blackberry purple color that stands out in contrast to the white chocolate mousse. **REMEMBER THE MIRROR GLAZE WILL ONLY WORK ON A MOUSSE CAKE *** An airy texture is key to the mousse's role in.

11. Joined Jun 1, 2001. Methinks glaze refers more to consistency than to composition; after all, one can have glazes composed of icing sugar and lemon juice, or thinned currant jelly, or or or. So a glaze could in fact be a ganache, simply one whose proportions of chocolate to cream lent itself to glazing action. Aug 28, 2002 Mirror Glaze. Bloom gelatin with 1/2 cup of water and set aside for 5 minutes. Heat milk, sugar and water in a saucepan over medium heat and bring to a simmer. Add bloomed gelatin and stir until dissolved. Place chocolate chips in a large heat-proof bowl. Pour hot mixture over chocolate and let sit for 5 minutes The problem with mirror glaze is that it uses gelatin to thicken. And gelatin, clearly, is not vegan, or even vegetarian. Many mirror glaze recipes also call for white chocolate, which is not vegan, so I set out to try to find a vegan mirror glaze recipe Sift flour, cocoa, baking powder, and baking soda into a large bowl. Add sugar and salt. Whisk in eggs, milk, oil, and vanilla by hand. Add water. Divide into pans and bake approx 35-38 mins until a cake tester comes out clean. Let cool -then freeze so frosting the layers will be easier

Separate the batter into 4 bowls, 2 big ones, and 2 small ones. Add black and white to the two big ones. Pink into a small one and Aztec blue in the other small one. Lighten up with white if needed. Alternately, spoon about ¼ of the colored batter into two 8 baking pans just until the bottom is fully covered Method: Mix cocoa powder and cornflour in ¼ cup milk in a small bowl to a paste. Boil the rest of the milk with sugar in a heavy bottomed pan. Add cocoa and cornflour paste to the boiling milk, stirring continuously. Add grated chocolate. Cook on low heat for 3-4 minutes till chocolate dissolves. Add coffee and remove from fire Mirror glaze cakes are not only beautiful, but they're so fun to make! I myself love art, and the process of making a mirror glaze cake reminds of a paint pour (when you pour acrylic paints onto a canvas and create cool patterns). There are a few things to getting a mirror glaze cake right though, and I've shared some tips below to help any of you who would like to give it a go

The glaze has to cool to about 34-37 °C / 93-99 °F before it can be used. Alternately, if you make this earlier, you can re-heat it in the microwave. Isabella Darby Step 8. While cooling or reheating the glaze, place the cake on either a cooling rack or a pedestal like an upturned bowl over a tray to catch any glaze that drips down For the mirror glaze. Before you start working on your mirror glaze, move your cake to the freezer to be sure it is really cold when you put on the glaze. Whisk together the cold water and powdered gelatin in a small bowl, set aside. Place the dark chocolate chips in a medium sized glass or metal bowl and set aside

Ganache is made with chocolate and cream and sometimes includes butter and eggs. Though equally delicious, ganache is a little different than a chocolate glaze. While a glaze will set up and harden, a firm ganache will remain a thick paste at room temperature and only harden when refrigerated One thing's for sure, mirror glaze cakes are an artful pursuit! Maja Vase's Delicate Mirror Glaze Cakes. Last but not least in our tour of the mirror glaze cakes around the world is Maja Vase. The Danish self-described chocolate aficionado makes glazed cakes and desserts so intricate they look like crown jewels, or modern art pieces I've made this Orange Chocolate Mirror Cake with the intention of celebrating autumn's beautiful colors with a delicious and elegant dessert. A pecan and candied orange brownie at the bottom, topped with an orange mascarpone mousse and orange jelly and then all covered with a beautiful shiny cocoa mirror glaze for a delightful and impressive look Once chilled, add a 1/2-inch layer of frosting around the entire cake with the remaining frosting. Smooth the tops and sides of the cake. Make sure top coat is straight and level. The smoother the coat of frosting, the better the mirror glaze will adhere. Chill in fridge 1 hour. MAKE THE GLAZE: Place white chocolate chips in a large bowl. Set. The Mirror Glaze Chocolate with Raspberry Bombe is a special Christmas dessert that's bursting with flavour, finished with a chocolate drip icing. about 9 - 12 Portions. Difficult 120 Minutes Print. Ingredients. Ingredients. For the recipe Mirror Glaze Chocolate and Raspberry Bombe

This recipe is a similar entremet-style dessert, but with different components: a rich chocolate brownie instead of the almond sponge, a light strawberry Bavarian mousse (distinctive in its use of egg yolks in the base), and then a chocolate ganache coating instead of the mirror glaze For The Mirror Glaze: In a sauce pan, combine sugar, water, cream and cocoa powder. In a small bowl mix together gelatin and 2 tbs of water. Set aside for 2-3 minutes. Bring the cocoa sugar mixture to boil. Once it starts boiling and the sugar is completely dissolved, remove from flame Ingredients. 700 grams white chocolate (24.5 ounces) 300 grams water (10.5 ounces, 1 1/4 cups) 600 grams sugar (21 ounces, 2 2/3 cups) 400 grams condensed milk (14 ounces, 1 3/4 cups) 1 tablespoon vanilla extract. 38 grams powdered gelatin. optional food dye for colored mirror glaze. 350 grams white chocolate (12.25 ounces Pour the mirror glaze over the mousse and let it drip off. Once set, remove any mirror glaze droplets hanging off the cake with a knife and lift the mousse of the cup using two offset spatulas under the cake and gently lift on top of the tart. Decorate along the side of the tart with some crushed caramel crunch or chopped milk chocolate

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