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4. In the first cycle of Letrozole, you should have a blood progesterone level drawn 5-7 days after ovulation. Use a BBT graph or ovulation test kit to improve the accuracy of your ovulation estimate. 5. If you get an excellent response from Letrozole (ovulation AND excellent progesterone level) we'll continue Letrozole for 3-4 cycles. 6 Katie • Fri, Jul 21. Anyone have a delayed period on letrozole? I'm two days late but I do NOT feel like I'm pregnant. I feel like my period is coming any time...I'm also too nervous to test . 2 Upvotes Does letrozole cause heavier periods?: So I'm having my first period since taking letrozole and it has not been great. My last few periods were pretty manageable as far as pain goes and were pretty standard, 5 days: light, heavy, heavy/medium, medium then light. I'm about 24 hours in and have lost over 1oz of blood already (I use a diva cup and it has measurements inside).

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At a surgical intervention-up of 28 weeks, fracture was reduced in 5. of symptoms heavy period after femara letrozole and 5. of those sit placebo, and the hindbrain of preoperative-reported posterity was heavy period after femara among others would letrozole 6. unto 5. about 19-21 of people received bisphosphonate were Period after letrozole and lupron? Has anyone come off letrozole after 10 years this is my 4th day now and hoping the horrible side..

What are the long-term effects of fertility drugs? Typically, Librach says patients who ovulate begin a course of letrozole on day three or four of their cycles and then ovulate about four to seven days after taking the last of five pills. Librach advises patients to have sex about one to three days before they ovulate On femara (letrozole) fertility drug after ovulation will you get your period if conception doesn't happen? 1 doctor answer • 2 doctors weighed in Took femara (letrozole) from cycle 5 to cycle 9, got a positive OPK test on cycle 10, been having intercourse every day since cycle 10 and still no sign ovulation Day 2 Friday 2/19 a bit heavier medium flow. Day 3 Saturday 2/20 started 2 pills (5mg) of letrozole, Very heavy (unusually) flow with small fleshy (1/2 long) tissue in the evening (ewwww :/) Day 4 Sunday 2/21 5 mg letrozole heavy but more normal flow. Day 5 Monday 2/22 5 mg letrozole light bleeding. Day 6 Tuesday 2/23 5 mg letrozole very light.

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  1. ation (IUI)
  2. Letrozole. What if I do not have a period after taking Letrozole? If your period is more than a week late, you must perform a pregnancy test. If you are not pregnant, it is likely you did not ovulate in that cycle and we may advise you to increase your Letrozole dose with further monitoring
  3. g back or spreading. If you're having chemotherapy or radiotherapy, your specialist will tell you when it's best to start letrozole. Occasionally, letrozole may be used as the first treatment for breast cancer, for example when surgery isn't appropriate or.

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Letrozole, an aromatase inhibitor, has been demonstrated to be effective as an ovulation induction and controlled ovarian hyperstimulation agent. However, dose administration has generally been limited to 5 days at 2.5 to 7.5 mg daily. We undertook a retrospective review of over 900 treatment cycles using letrozole in doses as high as 12.5 mg per day Your Letrozole Prescription You will take Letrozole daily, starting on Cycle Day 3 (the first day of your menses is Cycle Day 1) and ending on Cycle Day 7. When you start an initial dose of 2.5 mg, Letrozole dosing can be adjusted upwards as needed (most providers use a maximum of 7.5 mg) However if your periods are regular even without femara, then your chances of getting pregnant might be improved if intrauterine insemination is added to your treatment. Regarding urine ovulation prediction, if the femara is going to work to get you to ovulate, your ovulation is most likely to happen 7-10 days after your last femara

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  1. Letrozole works based on its ability reduce estrogen levels. Low estrogen levels of any cause can cause a woman to have symptoms. The data on side effects comes from women who have been using letrozole for an extended period of time in order to treat breast cancer. The treatment duration for letrozole is only five days
  2. Femara (letrozole) is a brand-name prescription drug that's used to treat certain types of breast cancer. Learn about side effects, warnings, dosage, and more
  3. Of the 374 women who received letrozole, 103 (27.5 percent) eventually had a live birth Of the 376 women who received clomiphene, 72 (19.1 percent) experienced a live birth The cumulative ovulation rate was higher for the letrozole group, with ovulation occurring 834 times in 1352 cycles, or 61.7 percent of the time The women in the clomiphene.
  4. Re: letrozole and periods. Sharon, I was on Tamoxifen for 3 years and switched to Letrozole this January after two years of having regular blood tests to show I was post-menopausal (no periods for 4 years). On Sept 13th I started bleeding after a couple of days of the dragging stomach pains and headaches
  5. When can i expect my period after taken letrozole Letrozole 2.5mg dupaston missed periods Delay in periods having period pains Download Here Free HealthCareMagic App to Ask a Doctor. All the information, content and live chat provided on the site is intended to be for informational purposes only, and not a substitute for professional or medical.
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Letrozole delay period Last Post Hoping2018 (@hoping2018) Hi. I had my first round of Letrozole last cycle. There was one good size follicle. I was due AF two days ago going by 28 day cycle. Negative test result yesterday and don't feel pregnant. Did Letrozole delay anyone's period?. Fertility doctors dictate when patients should begin taking Femara based on when their period begins. Generally, letrozole is taken over a period of five consecutive days. The medication is usually started on day 2, 3, 4, or 5 of the female's cycle and continued until day 6, 7, 8 or 9 (depending on when it was started).. Was really interested to read your first post redsilver, because l was diagnosed Feb 2010 with 16/18 nodes. l have heard of ladies going on Tamoxifen after Letrozole. I asked my surgeon this week if l would be going on Tamoxifen after 5 years, he told me l would probably stay on Letrozole for 7 years In No Period. Now What? (NPNW ), our book on hypothalamic amenorrhea recovery, Chapter 21 covers the oral medications that can be used to encourage ovulation. We discuss how soy isoflavones, Femara, Clomid, and tamoxifen reduce estrogen levels to encourage an increase in follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) that in turn leads to growth and.


One stoped Letrozole after 5 years because she was told that was long enough and she had been suffering side effects, so she chose to stop. The other is on Letrozole and is getting lots of bone pains, i gave her a couple of Sandoz pkts whilst I was on Capecitabine( which has stopped working for me) she found Sandoz much better, less symptoms Letrozole. 23 Oct 2017 07:24. Hi I'm new to this forum. I have had breast cancer twice, 2nd time round was in the same breast. Because of this I decided to go for a double mastectomy to avoid a 3rd time. First time round I was put into Tamoxifen for 5 years, apart from the common side effect of hot flushes & mega weight gain I felt well. The drug letrozole appears to be more effective than the standard drug clomiphene for helping women with polycystic. — generally, letrozole is taken over a period of five consecutive days. The medication is usually started on day 2, 3, 4, or 5 of the female's cycle and. After 5 days of progestin therapy, a period occurs

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  1. After trying Clomid and experiencing too many side effects my doc switched me to Femara and it worked perfectly. However after taking it the last 8 cycles to aid with three failed IUI's doc says my ovaries could use a break (went from producing several nice follies on each side in the beginning to just one measly one last cycle)
  2. No period after stopping Letrozole/Ovidrel We did 3 medicated IUIs and they all failed :( Husband and I decided to take a break of sorts, and basically go back to NTNP. Before the medicated cycles I always ovulated and got my period in a normal timeframe
  3. The majority of the data on the side effects of Letrozole come from women who use it as part of a five-year cancer treatment regimen. Most women who use Letrozole for fertility, however, use it for just five days and find if there are any side effects they are similar to Clomid treatments. Side effects of Letrozole can include: Hot flashes.
  4. After the 4-6 year period of endocrine therapy, all women were given letrozole, but took the drug according to one of two schedules. Women in the continuous group (n = 2441) received letrozole 2.
  5. Bleeding after Femara? I took 3 rounds of Clomid and was unsuccessful. I do not have periods on my own so I had to take Provera inbetween each cycle. Due to the Clomid not working, my doctor switched me to Femara 2.5 MG. I normally go see her on CD 30ish, but was unable to go in to see her until CD45 this time
  6. Letrozole (Breast) UM Rogel Cancer Center Letrozole Hormonal Therapy 8 When and How to Call Your Doctor. For Medical Emergencies, call 911. Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Call (734) 936-6000. After 5:00pm, weekends and holidays, call the paging operator at (734) 936-6267. Ask to speak to the doctor on call: • Adult Hematology/Oncolog
  7. Hey there, I just bought your book and have already learned so much about my body and its signals. I've tried vitex once, in my 1st cycle (I took 2 pills a day, 1 capsule has 400mg) and after taking it for 3 weeks I got my period that lasted 18 DAYS, I never had problems with the length of my period bleed (3-5 days)

Ive pcos and on femara to ttc for 1 year. My periods are usually 28 -30 day cycles. Was due period Sunday if was to b a 28 day cycle so now 5 days late. had a negative pregnancy test Saturday and Monday. Im tired, bloated, urinating frequently And have little to no discharge Letrozole is generally only given to you if you have gone through the menopause. However, some people find they start having periods again after taking letrozole. If this happens to you, it's important to use reliable contraception. Talk to your doctor if your periods start again, or if there is any chance that you are pregnant However, after administering letrozole, a substantial improvement in ovulation is observed in women. Most women get pregnant after beginning with letrozole course and deliver their babies successfully. Women with PCOS or other ovulatory disorders may benefit from this medicine successfully. Risks and Side Effects of Taking Letrozole for Infertilit Hi Cora. My consultant has prescribed letrozole 2.5mg to take from day 3-7. I have heard of women taking all 5 tablets on one day. I would make sure to get day 21 bloods (or 7 days past your ovulation date)done to make sure you are responding to the medication and to confirm ovulation. You should be monitored while you are taking the medication Femara (letrozole) is an oral medication used to stimulate ovulation in women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and unexplained infertility. 1  While Femara was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for use as a breast cancer drug, it has been used off-label by fertility doctors since 2001 because it has fewer side effects.

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  1. Bad, unusual, or unpleasant (after) taste and thirst being forgetful change in taste dryness of the skin hair loss hives or welts increased appetite irritability nervousness red, sore eyes redness of the skin swelling or inflammation of the mouth Other side effects not listed may also occur in some patients
  2. This month I did my 2nd round of femara I had 2 folicles measuring over 20 released on the right side and an iui. And I would have swore that I was pregnant I hade some niticiable cramping 9dpiui and really sore bbs. But then my period came 3 days early. Usualy it starts off light and gets heavier by day 2
  3. 5.7% of women prescribed 5 years of tamoxifen weren't compliant. 5.2% of women prescribed 2 years of tamoxifen then 3 years of Femara weren't compliant. 5.3% of women prescribed 2 years of Femara then 3 years of tamoxifen weren't compliant. Women who weren't compliant with hormonal therapy were 61% more likely to have a recurrence than.
  4. Generic Name(s): letrozole . View Free Coupon . LETROZOLE Side Effects by Likelihood and Severity . COMMON side effects If experienced, these tend to have a Severe expression i
  5. The study treatment was given from years 5 through 10 after the diagnosis — a period when further tamoxifen therapy is not beneficial but when relapses of breast cancer occur. 5,6 Several other.
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Femara (chemical name: letrozole) is an aromatase inhibitor approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat: postmenopausal women diagnosed with hormone-receptor-positive, early-stage breast cancer right after surgery (or possibly chemotherapy and radiation) to reduce the risk of the cancer coming bac Fertility specialists have adopted this new way of thinking after a article came out a few years ago, suggesting the having a period is not necessary in order for fertility pills to be successful. Not only that, but the chances for success may even be lower if medications are used to bring on the period

Letrozole is an aromatase inhibitor. This means it blocks the enzyme aromatase (found in the body's muscle, skin, breast and fat), which is used to convert androgens (hormones produced by the adrenal glands) into estrogen. In the absence of estrogen, tumors dependent on this hormone for growth will shrink September 2012. in Trouble TTC. This is my 4th go round with clomid or femara, this cycle was with femara and double the dosage of the other cycles (5 mg vs 2.5 mg or 50 mg clomid). My AF's after my first 3 rounds were normal, if not a bit heavier than normal. This round, my AF after Femara has been incredibly light, only one day of heavy flow. Letrozole may be used: before surgery, to try to reduce the size of the cancer and avoid a mastectomy (removal of the breast) after other treatments, to reduce the risk of breast cancer coming back; to control breast cancer that has come back or spread to other parts of the body (secondary breast cancer) After nine, it reached 41%. The study found that the average per-cycle success rate was about 5.6%. The per-cycle success rates for cycles number seven, eight, and nine were close to the average—5.1%, 6.7%, and 4.6% respectively.   This means that success rates did not significantly drop after three tries

Hello dear! if hcg is negative it is unlikely that there is chance of pregnancy for march cycle. Wait for upto 7-10 days after stopping duphaston, you will get your period. Intercourse on 11th will not result in pregnancy so soon! contact for further details. I am 26 years old ,married trying for a baby My periods during Tamoxifen were normal and I would consider them light to medium. Prior to Tamox, I had been on the pill for years, so they were light and regular. This is my first time since my early 20's that I am not on any kind of medication, and wondering what others experienced after Tamoxifen he risk of a recurrence of breast cancer continues for an indefinite period after surgery, radiation, and medical therapy. 1,2 Since the growth of breast cancer depends on the action of estrogen, 3 long-term reductions in the risk of recurrence have been achieved by antagonizing the activity of estrogen with the selective estrogen-receptor modulator tamoxifen in women with hormone-receptor.

About: Letrozole (Femara®) Aromatase is an enzyme that works to help produce the hormone estrogen. Some cancers use estrogen to grow. By inhibiting aromatase, these estrogen driven cancer cells may stop growing. In women who have gone through menopause, estrogen is mainly produced by converting androgens (sex hormones produced by the adrenal. At median follow-up (54 months), a postunblinding analysis found that patients who were switched to letrozole after a prolonged period (up to 5 years) after discontinuation of tamoxifen experienced a 69% improvement in DFS (P < 0.001), a 72% improvement in distant DFS (P = 0.002), and a 47% improvement in as (P = 0.05) compared with patients. What is going on with me? I took a pregnancy test because I was feeling strange, a week after I started my period, and it's a BFP..... I'm pregnant? As.

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Letrozole (Femara) is a reversible aromatase inhibitor that is noted as the most potent nonsteroidal AI. It is one of the three most commonly used aromatase inhibitors by steroid users to control side effects related to estrogen as a result of the use of aromatizing steroids (the other two common AIs being Arimidex - nonsteroidal, and Aromasin - steroidal) Femara (letrozole) and Clomid (clomiphene) are fertility medications used for stimulating ovulation. Femara is an anti-estrogen drug typically used for treating postmenopausal women with breast cancer. Side effects of Femara and Clomid that are similar include nausea, vomiting, headache, and muscle aches or pains If you have fertility challenges due to ovulation issues, certain medications and injections can help induce ovulation, including Clomid, Femara, and hormone shots such as FSH, hMG and hCG. Learn how these common fertility drugs work, what their side effects are, and their success rates in helping women get pregnant

Back pain with period is a form of primary dysmenorrhea, which is the medical name for cramps. Typically, women first experience primary dysmenorrhea cramping two to three years after their first period. This is because this is the time when ovulation is first established. Cramping is caused by uterine contractions Duration of observation and treatment periods. Horizontal bars indicate individual subjects, with gray bars representing the length of observation before initiating letrozole treatment, black bars representing the length of time on letrozole treatment and white bars representing the on-treatment observation period after letrozole discontinuation

Introduction: The deleterious effects of letrozole, an aromatase inhibitor, used in the adjuvant treatment of breast cancer in postmenopausal women, on bone are well-documented and represent a major drawback to its clinical use. Raloxifene, a selective estrogen receptor modulator and a clinically approved anti-osteoporotic drug, has been recently demonstrated to be efficacious in women with. China Private Custom Prime HGH Secretion Activator Labels & Letrozole (Femara), Find details about China Parabolan Steroid, Test E Label from Private Custom Prime HGH Secretion Activator Labels & Letrozole (Femara) - Hjtc (Xiamen) Industry Co., Ltd

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I got my first menstrual cycle at the age of 10. By the time I was 12-13, I had noticed that I didn't get a consistent period or it would come late. After I had my son, I'd go months in-between periods. Years later, after my son's dad an I had spl.. A total of 20 patients with breast cancer were treated with letrozole, 2.5 mg once daily. After an overnight fast, serum lipid parameters (total cholesterol, high density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol, low density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, triglycerides, apolipoproteins A1, B and E and lipoprotein (a)) were measured before treatment and at. Also, the number of doses you take each day, the time allowed between doses, and the length of time you take the medicine depend on the medical problem for which you are using the medicine. For oral dosage form (tablets): For breast cancer: Adults—2.5 milligrams (mg) once a day. Children—Use and dose must be determined by your doctor Hi lovely people, I have been on Letrozole (Femara) since finishing chemo in August last year. I haven't had a period in about 9 months. In the past day or so I have noticed a little bit of blood, like the start of a period, though it hasn't turned into a full bleed. I thought I was basically in menopause so this bleeding is concerning

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Vaginal bleeding between periods is found among people who take Femara, especially for people who are 40-49 old. The phase IV clinical study analyzes which people take Femara and have Vaginal bleeding between periods. It is created by eHealthMe based on reports of 14,827 people who have side effects when taking Femara from the FDA, and is. Karen 1956 is correct - everyone is different and also manages pain differently. I have osteoarthritis prior to diagnosis and any treatment. I was on Femara for about 2 to 3 months and the joint pain was so bad that I could barely walk. I was then put onto Tamoxifen after a 6 week break, but after about 3 to 4 months the pain was back and. I took letrozole day 4-9 , 5mg and on day 10 started breaking out like crazy!! Chin, on my upper cheeks and some above my brows. I never get more than 2 near my period. Assuming it's because of the surge of estrogen after blocking it for 5 days I have PCOS and had 2 cycles of Femara 2.5mg with no luck. I have miscarried 2-3 times in the past (that we know of) without any medical assistance. I have been on Metformin oral drug therapy for about 1 year steadily and this 2nd round of Femara, for whatever reason, I started my period on day 29. For the past 6mos, I've started on day 33 or 34


concentrations measured after a single dose, indicating a slight non-linearity in the pharmacokinetics of letrozole upon daily administration of 2.5 mg. These steady-state levels are maintained over extended periods, however, and continuous accumulation of letrozole does not occur Hi, I had to go for an abortion late year July' 2015 and after that my periods became very irregular. So I was sent to fertility specialist and he suggested me to take letrozole when my period starts 3-7 days and he confirmed ovulation i had the ovarian trigger shot Periods aren't always exactly joyful things. Yes, they generally show that you've become an adult, and if you're not looking to become pregnant, your period's arrival can be an immense relief; but. Table 2 presents the frequency of specific target adverse events, CTC grades 1-4 in the BIG 1-98 study, irrespective of causality, reported in patients receiving letrozole or tamoxifen monotherapy, at a median treatment duration of 60 months. The reporting period includes 30 days after cessation of trial therapy. Table 2

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The use of letrozole was associated with a significantly prolonged recurrence-free interval and this benefit was independent of the time when letrozole was started.9 This effect was also present in the high-risk group of patients with residual disease treated with bevacizumab maintenance; 20.8% of patients had no recurrence after 12 months. The starting letrozole dose is 2.5 mg/day for 5 days typically starting on day 3, 4, or 5 after a spontaneous menses or progestin-induced bleed. If ovulation does not occur, the dose can be increased to 5 mg/day for 5 days with a maximum dose of 7.5 mg/day My cycles are all over the place. I had my last period on the 3rd August and my doctor asked me to take Primolut N a week after my period finishes for 5 days. I just took my first dose of 10mg today to induce a period. I've been prescribed 2.5 mg Letrozole from CD 3-7. Really hoping for the best. Any tips/suggestions are appreciated Check a urine pregnancy test at home, even if your period seems normal, before starting letrozole. Start it after a normal period. Call your care team if your period is not a normal flow or comes at an unexpected time, before starting your medicine. Birth defects. Letrozole is a pregnancy category D medicine The study design includes a screening period and 2 treatment periods. Treatment Period 1 will comprise of 14 oral dose administrations of 2.5 mg Femara®. Treatment Period 2 will comprise of a single IM dose of 50, 100, 200 and 400 mg Letrozole ISM®. The total planned study duration is 71 weeks, approximately

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Letrozole (2.5 mg/day) was added at 16 years 2 months, when his bone age was 14 years. He was treated with the combination GH/letrozole for 17 months, after which letrozole was discontinued. He tolerated the treatment well. Gynecomastia resolved within a few months after combination therapy Use effective birth control if you are not past menopause. Keep using birth control for at least 3 weeks after your last dose of letrozole. Tell your doctor if you think you may be pregnant

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This topic reviews the use of letrozole, the most effective aromatase inhibitor, for ovulation induction in women with PCOS and as an adjunct to gonadotropin therapy for controlled ovarian hyperstimulation (COH) in women with ovulatory infertility. The use of clomiphene and gonadotropins is reviewed separately • The first day of your period is Day 1 of your cycle. Take your Letrozole tablets from Day 2 to Day 6, even if your period is longer or shorter than this. • If you spot for a day or two, ensure that it is a proper period before starting Letrozole. • When you commence your first Letrozole cycle ring the Fertility Clinic to book a sca

Hyperglycemia and hyperinsulinemia were present after 1 week of letrozole treatment. FBG and insulin were measured weekly in mice. (a) FBG was elevated after 1 week of letrozole treatment; n = 16 to 19 per group for weeks 0 to 2 and 5, n = 6 to 7 per group for weeks 3 and 4 The study does not provide long-term follow-up; the median follow-up period after surgery is approximately 2 years (range, 0.63 to 5.3 years). Even though the highest risk for recurrence occurs within the first 2 years after the treatment, 38 patients with estrogen receptor-positive cancers tend to experience recurrence more than 5 years.

A heavy, painful period or bleeding between periods (hello, second period) is a sign you have fibroids. Fibroids are non-cancerous tumors that grow on the uterine wall. Fibroids are non-cancerous. The vast majority of cases of one late period and or few late periods in the course of year does not warrant medical evaluation and should not be of concern, he says. But if it becomes a recurrent issue — specifically, if you go longer than 40 or 50 days between periods or your periods don't come at least every 35 to 40 days — then. These steady-state levels are maintained over extended periods, however, and continuous accumulation of letrozole does not occur. Daily doses of 0.1 mg to 5 mg of letrozole suppress plasma concentrations of estradiol, estrone, and estrone sulfate by 75% to 95% from baseline, with maximal suppression within 2 to 3 days Took progesterone to induce period last month, clomid cd 5-9, tested opk cd's 13-16 as per Dr, but were negative. Gave up and went out of town with DH on cd's 17-20, did not take opk's. Ewcm on cd 17, much more on cd 18, and cervix was open and soft. Assumed ovulation on cd 19??? Should have started af on Sunday, called Dr yesterday after bfn The PCA allowed the results of letrozole for 5 years compared with tamoxifen for 5 years to be reported in 2005 after a median follow-up of only 26 months. The design of the PCA is not optimal to evaluate the effect of letrozole after a longer time (because follow-up was truncated in two arms at around 25 months)

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In the classic protocol, letrozole 5 mg/day (Femara ®, Novartis, Switzerland) was started on day 2 of the menses. Administration of FSH (150-300 IU/day, Gonal-f ® , Serono, Germany or Menopur ® , Ferring, Switzerland) was started the following day, after an antral follicular count (AFC) and evaluation of hormonal levels Turtle: Treatment With Letrozole After the Thermosensitive Period for Sex Determination BAYA BELAID, NOELLE RICHARD-MERCIER, CLAUDE PIEAU,* AND MIREILLE DORIZZI Institut Jacques Monod, C.N.R.S. et Universités Paris 6 et 7, 75251 Paris, France ABSTRACT In the European pond turtle (Emys orbicularis), gonadal sex differentiation is temperature. The mean duration of treatment was 4.1 ± 2.6 years (range 0.5-10.9) and mean follow-up after letrozole initiation was 6.0 ± 3.3 years (range 0.5-15.0), for a total of 135.9 person-years of follow-up (Figure 1). Of the 11 subjects who completed letrozole therapy at the time of the analysis, the mean age at discontinuation was 10.5 ± 1.4 years. The use of aromatase inhibitor, letrozole (LTZ), in reproductive medicine started in 2001. After this publication, there have been many groups of investigators studying the use of LTZ either in OI or ovarian stimulation in IVF cycles