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  1. Rebound Hoof Pack® is a potent, super sticky hoof packing, formulated to draw pain, soreness and inflammation out of the hoof. Stop spending time and money on duck tape, diapers and individual ingredients - our unique formula adheres directly to the hoof, so you'll never have to wrap again
  2. To treat and prevent thrush we strongly encourage the use of a non-caustic antimicrobial hoof clay that will stay in place for extended periods. The same product can fill and protect hoof defects, nail holes, and wall separations. You can visit our website to find further information on the causes, treatment, and prevention of thrush
  3. Hawthorne's Sole Pack offers pain relief and fast healing - maintaining proper moisture levels and fighting white line and thrush. Sole Pack Hoof Packing is a paste form of the Sole Pack Dressing, and sometimes it is great to just pack the hooves with this
  4. However, we prefer not to overdo it when treating mild cases and especially like Cut-Heal's Hoof Heal and Hawthorne's Sole Pack liquid dressing for superficial thrush. These products combine effective antimicrobial action with conditioning for the sole and frog. They will also do double-duty as an effective general hoof conditioner
  5. Our packable clay is proven effective for the treatment of thrush, White Line disease, and other hoof ailments regardless of environmental conditions Effective in 1 application. Can be used for horses, ponies, donkeys and other hooved animals. Use regulalry as a preventative
  6. On the right, deep commissure's and a solid, flat sole with high bars create a cast for the hoof to disable hoof mechanism when a horse has a painful case of thrush. This horse is sound barefoot on trails - until he hits a rock in the frog area
  7. This is a new concept in thrush treatment. This is a powder that is applied after cleaning the hoof thoroughly. This product contains - All Natural proprietary mix of multiple clays and silicates, salts of copper, iron, oregano powder, and diatomaceous earth

Usnea Tincture is a fast and easy topical treatment for mild to moderate Thrush, particularly good for days when there isn't time for a hoof soak. I don't suggest using it for severe to extreme cases. Usnea is a tree lichen that has anti fungal properties and has been used as a medicine for centuries. (Wikipedia description link) If treating thrush or another hoof ailment, it sometime helps to bandage the sugardine in and then tape it all up. Leave this on for a day or two. Make sure to clean the hooves thoroughly and to pack the sugardine deep into the clefts. Sugardine can also be used as an antibiotic ointment on wounds, scrapes, and burns Hooves shod with pads and packing may also have some topical anaerobic bacteria; again this coating will disappear after cleaning and trimming the hoof. Thrush is different not only because of its foul smelling black pus but also because thrush creates infection that damages the hoof tissues Packing As A Treatment Packing is frequently used to help treat problems, making what you pack onto the hoof important. After appropriate farrier attention to remove diseased tissues, packing can be of great benefit to horses with thrush, by medicating the feet and providing a barrier against further infection While some farriers and veterinarians use poultice or hoof packing as drawing agents, I have not heard of using ichthammol on the hoof for thrush. However, I don't think it would hurt anything. Just please don't use any caustic substances like bleach or formalin because these may do more harm than good near sensitive structures of the hoof

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Horse Hoof & Thrush Treatments Page Breadcrumb; Home / Horse / Horse Grooming & Show Supplies / Horse Hoof Care / Horse Hoof & Thrush Treatments Absorbine Hooflex Magic Cushion Hoof Packing, 4 lb., 11200034. SKU: 113323399 Product Rating is 4.9 4.9 (7) See price at checkout Was Save Standard Delivery Eligible. Among the most common problems farriers deal with are thrush and white line disease. Thrush, affecting the sulci of the frog and sometime deeper tissues, is generally caused by bacteria. The most common culprit is fusobacterium necrophorum, which causes a variety of diseases, including navel ill/joint ill in foals, diphtheria in calves and foot rot in cattle

If you decide to use thrush medication, squirt it into the sulcus of the hoof, which are the V-like indentations that make up the valley of the hoof's frog. Apply clean gauze or cotton balls to the sulcus to cover the medication. Use a hoof pick to pack the gauze as deeply as possible into the sulcus Therazure is the perfect product to pack my horses' feet with because it stays cold for hours and it is so much easier than trying to get my horses to stand in a bucket of ice. It also hardens and drastically improves the quality of their feet. My farrier has noticed a HUGE difference A: A traditional homemade thrust remedy has been a mixture of copper sulfate and water to form a paste, packing the compound into the infected area of the hoof. The solution, according to farriers who utilize the compound, has worked and provided a cost-effective treatment to the thrush cases they see regularly Hoof Helper Two Pack Now for 50% off! *details Thrush? Hoof Helper is easy to apply and contains multiple antifungal, antibacterial, antiseptic and antioxidant ingredients such as Tea Tree Oil, Neem Oil, Grapeseed Oil, and Rosemary. Prone To Getting Thrush

Horsemen's folklore credits farriers with the 'secret recipe' behind sugardine, used to treat hoof abscesses, thrush, sole bruising or damage, and skin problems ranging from rain rot to burns Sugardine is a paste made from sugar and iodine with the consistency of peanut butter Forshner's Hoof Packing features the same great formula horse owners and horseshoers have depended on for over 25 years. Aids in the prevention of hardened frogs, contracted heels and hoof dryness Contains vital oils to help retain moisture Excellent for use under pads before shoeing or after hard workout R.A.T.E Hoof Packing is the cleanest and easiest to use packing on the market. This record breaking cold winter I found it pliable and when it came time for a reset the material was where I left it. The sole and frog were pliable and thrush free. I will never go back to the packing A soft, supportive instant pad/packing material providing the same protection and support as original Equi-Pak, but infused with copper sulfate (CS) for thrush.Provides durable, shock-absorbing support to hoof and bony column. May be used as a preventative during wet seasons before thrush becomes a problem.Uniform support allows for faster, thicker hoof wall and sole growth

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Magic Cushion® hoof packing is proven* to provide fast, soothing relief for overworked, overheated hooves. It helps supports hoof health in several ways, and starts working to reduce hoof heat within one hour. Magic Cushion is trusted by top farriers, and uses natural ingredients For shod horses, place hoof down in sawdust to keep hoof packing in place. For barefoot horses, cover sole with paper or plastic, then cover entire hoof with self-adhering wrap. Replace every 24-48 hours until condition improves. For use under shoes and pads, apply product prior to nailing or gluing on pads and shoes

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Thrush Treatment. If the horse develops thrush, provide the horse with a clean and dry environment to stand. Clean the bottom of the hoof and frog area by removing any debris and wash the area thoroughly. Do not utilize a thrush remedy that contains caustic chemicals such as turpentine, formaldehyde, copper sulfate, or chlorine Absorbine Hooflex Thrush Remedy 12 oz. $13.95 $19.10. *. Durvet Quick Acting Thrush Rid 2 oz. $10.95 $13.95. *. Leovet FrogMedic Thrush Hoof Care Spray 200 ml. $23.95. No Thrush First Ever Dry Formula 2.5 oz

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This invention relates to a new and unexpectedly effective method of treating and preventing the recurrence of thrush, a disease of the hoof and frog tissue, in horses. The method comprises administering a therapeutically effective amount of metronidazole in a carrier directly on a thrush infected area for a treatment period effective to cure the thrush infection With bad cases of thrush, I've always used the following concoction (sp?): - Strong thrush medicine - like foulex by tuttles - cotton roll cut into 2 hoof size pieces and 2 1 inch by 4 inch strips - duct tape - vet wrap Start off by cleaning the hoof and then take the strips of cotton and press down into the creavasses between the frog and hoof Thrush treatment and prevention is so important for happy hooves!This is a hoof that has a deep thrush infection. If you can squeeze the back of your horse's..

As thrush is a somewhat catch-all term for infection and/or necrosis of the frog and surrounding tissues, there is no one perfect treatment. It can be caused by bacteria, fungus or yeast. Regardless of the cause, it can be a real deal-killer for barefoot horses. When looking for good treatments, I looked to Tea Tree, which is known to be. Thrush Relief_16 oz_Label. Directions for Use. Directions for Use. Clean the hoof thoroughly, removing debris and necrotic material prior to application of Farnam Thrush Relief. Apply daily to affected hoofs with a narrow paintbrush (about 1) until fully healed. Caution: Do not allow runoff of excess Farnam Thrush Relief onto hair since. Absorbine Hooflex Thrush Remedy 12 oz. $13.95 $19.10. *. Durvet Quick Acting Thrush Rid 2 oz. $10.95 $13.95. *. Leovet FrogMedic Thrush Hoof Care Spray 200 ml. $23.95. No Thrush First Ever Dry Formula 2.5 oz International 740.335.5121 Toll Free 877.335.5121 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. EST, Mon. - Fri

Horse Hoof & Thrush Treatments (34) Horse Hoof Supplements (19) Show All Horse Hoof Picks (4) Horse Sheath Cleaners (1) Absorbine Hooflex Magic Cushion Hoof Packing, 4 lb., 11200034. SKU: 113323399 Product Rating is 4.9 4.9 (7) See price at checkout Was Save Standard Delivery Eligible.

Life Data® Hoof Clay is an antimicrobial packing for hoof defects. Effective against a wide spectrum of bacterial and fungal organisms which can lead to white line disease, wall separations, crumbling horn, and thrush. The sticky, clay-like consistency easily packs and stays in hoof defects, old nail holes, and cracks Farrier's Choice Soft Pack-Seal (pink) Price: $21.06. Pack, Protect, Seal, Support. Farrier's Choice Professional Pack-Seal Blend is an All-in-one fast curing urethane based adhesive designed to cushion the hoof, that cures soft and stay soft. 210ml cartridge Equi-Pak CS 210cc is packaged in an industry cartridge and holds 30% more material than prior models, giving you more material for your money. Infused with copper sulfate to effectively manage mild and moderate cases of thrush. For use as pad/packing material for Thrush. Can be used as a preventative measure during wet seasons Hoof thrush can occur whether your horse lives mainly at pasture or in a stable, especially in wet weather. In my natural hoofcare practice horse hoof thrush is one of the main causes of pain and lameness in horses. Thrush problems for horses are essentially fostered by poor hygiene. It's difficult to comprehend the seriousness of something. Thrush is only lameness causing in severe cases but the fungus breaks down sole tissue causing thinning of the soles and more prone to bruised soles, abscessing and other hoof infections. Signs: Black covering to the frog and in clefts either side, cheesy smell, black veined appearance to the sole

Hoof packing for padding horse hooves - HORSE INFO from Cherry Hill - a collection of horse articles and tips on ground training, mounted training, English and Western riding, arena exercises, horse health care, hoof care, buying and selling horses, horse grooming, showing horses, horse barns, and horse facility design and management Ships from Kelowna BC. Artimud is an antifungal hoof clay used for treating thrush and bacterial infections in the hoof. It can be used to fill shallow gaps in hooves and provides long-lasting protection against damage. It contains naturally active agents that eliminate bacteria and fungi and promote the formation of healthy tissue

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Normally a hoof pick couldn't be inserted into this area. I've place the hoof pick in there (in two of his feet) to give you some perspective on just how deep the thrush infection is. This horse is getting sand in there where the hoof pick is, and it's very irritating to him Horse hoof protection against thrush conditions is obtained by depositing onto the horse hoof bottom wall a synthetic organic resin such as a urethane resin through which a medicament that does not block cure of the resin has been, distributed for continuing hoof wall contact. The resin is suitably free flowing into place, conforms to the contours of the hoof bottom wall, and adheres to the. Thrush: That Black, Smelly, Gooey Stuff Thrush is a common hoof problem, and the best treatment is one that is individualized to your situation. Posted by Bruce Lyle, DVM | Feb 11, 2016 | Article. Hoof Stuff is generally used where the crevice is deeper and able to retain a fabric based pack. As a general rule deep & narrow = Hoof Stuff, shallow & wide = Artimud. As a test see if damp cotton wool will pack into the crack, if it will Hoof Stuff will probably work best, if not opt for Artimud Thrush Treatment Pete Ramey. Often overlooked, central and collateral groove infections cause severe lameness in the back of the foot, which can then cause chronic toe-first impact, which in turn can cause distal descent of P3, thin soles at the toe, subsolar abscesses, hoof capsule rotation, wall flare, wall cracks, navicular damage, ligament and tendon injuries throughout the distal limb...

When mud and manure are packed into the hoof, the dark, warm, wet sulci become the ideal home for bacteria to thrive. The bacteria eat away at the hoof tissue, causing the telltale black discharge. Treatment: In most cases, a horse owner can treat thrush quickly and easily by applying a commercial thrush medication to the sulci For thrush, this boot will protect the foot while infections drain, you can pad and pack the foot with medication and it also keeps the foot clean and free from dirt and bacteria. At EasyCare, we believe in natural hoof care. To keep your horse comfortable during any issues, use protective hoof boots with hoof pads Trimming protocol for thrush infected frogs When dealing with thrush, it is very important to trim away all tags, nooks and crannies in the frog tissue, trim out the center sulcus and trim away the frog overgrowth along the collateral sulci (commissure grooves) where you normally would clean out with a hoof pick. Here you can often discover deep thrush pockets eating away into the sides of the. Equi-Thane Super Fast Hoof Packing for Horses. Vettec. As low as. $25.25 View Options. Thrush Stop Horse Thrush Treatment. SBS Equine. As low as. $6.64 View Options. Adhere Hoof Packing for Horses. Vettec. As low as. $27.02 View Options. Hoof Pick Brush. Jacks Imports. As low as. $1.63 View Options Safe to handle and non-caustic, this easy to use hoof pack prevents hoof eating microbes from gaining access to the nutrient-rich middle hoof wall. Effective as a sole packing for thrush, this long lasting clay also works wonders with White Line Disease as well as other microbial and stressed caused flaws and defects

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Hawthorne Sole Pack Hoof Packing Paste 4 pack. $ 8.95 Quantity. Add to Cart * Chosen as a Horse Journal 2001 Product of the Year! * The first ever dry thrush treatment for horses* Allows you to stay ahead of... View full product details . Quick Shop Rainmaker Hoof Ointment 32oz. $ 21.9 FACTSHEET Thrush in horses This common, smelly hoof disease can affect any horse iStock. co M afterward, or pack the feet with medicated-soaked gauze squares for one to three days Hooflex Thrush Remedy by Absorbine is a highly effective treatment that kills and prevents bacteria and fungi that cause Thrush and White Line Disease in horses and ponies

Life Data® Hoof Clay® is a non-irritating and easy to apply antimicrobial hoof packing that protects against a wide variety of bacterial and fungal invasions which can weaken the hoof wall structure, causing poor hoof quality, crumbling horn, white line disease and thrush It does smell bad, and the first signs of infection should be treated with a Thrush Buster, a hoof packing paste, or an anti-bacterial spray. White line disease is similar to thrush and occurs in the hoof wall. Small cracks open up the hoof to larger infections, and your veterinarian and farrier can help clear out the bacteria

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Hoof thrush is characterized by the presence of dead, black, and foul smelling material in the affected areas. An infection of thrush can be painful and cause your horse to go lame. While there are many products available on the market to treat thrush in horses, we've selected a few of the best treatments on the market for thrush treatment Pure Sole Hoof Wax is a 100% natural alternative to chemical-based hoof putty and wax products. The Hoof Wax contains pure botanical ingredients & beeswax to effectively treat issues that require anti-microbial packing such as wall separation, deep cracks and crevices (quarter cracks, toe cracks, old access holes), and for white line areas after debriding Kevin Bacon's Horse Hoof Care Products, Thrush Treatment.Kevin Bacon's Hoof Solution comes in a Plastic container with theapplicator attached to the inside of the lid for ease and simplicity.This hoof solution is an effective and rapid treatment for smellyhoof frogs and thrush. After an in-depth joint study by farriersand veterinarians, Kevin Bacon's Hoof Solution is formulated to. A barefoot hoof trimmer, a singer/songwriter, an amateur farmer - these are some of the hats Kesia Nagata wears when she's not full to bursting with wondrous equine co-creation. ← Thrush: that dreaded fien Hoof Repair. Anvil Brand has a great selection of hoof repair and thrush medicines, including acetone, antiseptic ointment, hoof putty, and more. Protect the hooves of your horses from wear, disease, and other harmful conditions. We also offer hoof clips and staples, cooling gel for inflammation, and liniment for sore muscles

Hey, Thank you for taking the time to watch my video, I hope you find them interesting and if you are able to learn something from them then even better! Mak.. For these horses, a daily preventive swabbing can control the problem. Using straight bleach or a commercial thrush product every day can dry out the frog, however. Instead, make a gentler preparation of half bleach and half glycerin or glycerin-based hand lotion. Apply this solution to the hoof a few times a week using the hoof-pick swab. 1 cup Bentonite Clay. 1 cup Diatomaceous Earth. 1 tbsp Copper Polysaccharide Complex. Clean the hooves thoroughly, brush them out if needed. Apply small amount of dry thrush treatment to the thrushy crevices and use your hoof pick to gently press it into those areas including the frog sulcus - being careful not to hurt your horse in the process This may include packing and wrapping the hoof, antibiotics, and corrective shoeing. Preventing Thrush In wet weather and springtime, I spray my horses frogs and hooves with apple cider vinegar (after picking of course!) to help prevent thrush B Gone White Line Treatment effectively stops white line disease in horses & mules. B Gone White Line Treatment is the only product that halts white line, even on long-term cases. Created by professional farriers, B Gone is easy-to-use and affordable. Click to stop white line disease in your horses' hooves

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Apply the duct tape pad to the sole, folding the edges up over the hoof wall. Wrap more duct tape around the rim of the hoof, to secure the free edges. More duct tape can be applied around the toe as the bandage frays over time. Put the foot down and check the tightness of the bandage at the pastern. Notch the top with scissors if required To treat an abscess you will need to soak and wrap your horse's foot. To soak the hoof you will need to clean the hoof and fill you bag or tub up with 2 cups of Epsom salts per gallon of water and add a squirt of your iodine/betadine to mix in the water as well (when in doubt you can always add more of each of these) To stabilize the hoof capsule, my farrier put on a bar shoe, but she also recommended packing the area with Sugardine, a combination of 10% povidone iodine, or Betadine, and sugar. I'd certainly heard about the use of Surgardine in the past as a standard home remedy for thrush

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Equi-Pak CS Hoof Packing for Horse Thrush. Vettec. View Options. Top of Page. Here for You. Proud to be one of the oldest Animal Health Product Distributors in the US, we are here for you. Contact us at 800-578-9234 or email@rjmatthews.com. ONLINE CATALOG Thrush Buster Hoof Medication. A thrush treatment so powerful that it lasts up to 8 days without reapplication even in the wettest, muddiest terrain. A single application relieves the agonizing, crippling effects of thrush, and also creates an antiseptic barrier between healthy tissue and thrush to prevent reinfection Non-staining, deep penetrating formula is effective in treatment of thrush & odor of the hoof. A botanical oil and clay-based hoof packing that is easy to apply and remove. Cushioned comfort & full-sole support, easy to use & re-usable several times, use with medication too. Boot, hand pump & gel included Like thrush, white line disease is a fairly simple hoof ailment that is not terribly difficult to treat, provided it's caught early. White line disease is often a mixed fungal and bacterial infection, and, like thrush, it's opportunistic, said Dr. Bryan Fraley of Fraley Equine Podiatry at Hagyard Equine Medical Institute.. It likes to capitalize on any little defect in the hoof. Essential Equine Hoof Magic Thrush Antiseptic 16 oz. $22.95. Qty. Add to cart. Hoof Packing and Drawing Agents. Magic Cushion Hoof Packing 2 lb Tub Magic Cushion Hoof Packing 4 lb Tub. $57.95. Qty. Add to cart. Sole Pack Hoof Packing Patty 1 ea. $2.75. Qty. Add to cart. Horseshoer's Secret Sealant 7.5 oz. $9.95. Qty. Add to cart. Animal.

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The Homemade Hoof Conditioner Experiment. Recipe #1: Coconut oil. That's all, just coconut oil. Coconut oil is a solid at approximately 76 degrees Fahrenheit and below, but melts to a liquid at temperatures above that. While it is most commonly known as a cooking oil it is also also popular for topical use and as an ingredient in a wide variety. Blunder #2 Neglected Daily Care. It may seem obvious, but regular hoof care—including making good use of a hoof pick—can make a big difference when it comes to the long-term health of your horse's feet. Wet, soggy footing can cause the feet to become soft and unhealthy—leading to conditions such as thrush Price: $21.06. Farrier's Choice Pack-Seal Fast Seal application for Crack Repairs, Hoof Extensions, or Custom Shoes. 210ml cartridge 30 second set time A crack or separation in the hoof wall - which can be caused by mechanical factors such as long toes or a club foot - has to open the way for an opportunistic infection. White Line Disease vs. Thrush. White line disease shouldn't be confused with thrush. Thrush is a bacterial and fungal infection of the frog Finish Line® Easypack™ Hoof Packing 10 lbs. (1) #2795 -. Finish Line® Easypack™ Hoof Packing 5 lbs. (1) #429 -. Absorbine® Hooflex® Magic Cushion® Hoof Packing 8 lb. (1) #1967 -

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Best used as a soak, hoof pack or sugardine for abscess treatment. For an effective soak dilute 1 part The Sauce with 6 to 8 parts water. Can be safely used at full strength if desired. Prevention of skin and hoof ailments: Apply to the hooves and lower limbs to strengthen hooves and prevent abscesses, bacterial and fungal infections. Gentle. Another object is to provide a thrush treated horse hoof having a hoof packing material therein that is intimately mixed with particulate medicament typically a sulfate salt that migrates, seeps, blooms or otherwise rises to the interface of the hoof bottom wall and the hoof packing to treat the thrush without inhibiting adhesion between the. Make sure you have the right hoof care supplies you'll need, including dressings, like hoof oil and polish, fungus and thrush treatments, hoof hardener, hoof packing, poultice and more. Browse top brands such as Farnam®, Thrush Buster®, Effol® and others to find the right hoof care products to add to your inventory

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Thrush fighting products like the Farnam Thrush Relief provide spot specific treatment to beat that nasty bacteria. 4. On-Demand Packing . Wet feet mean softer feet, and sometimes that can lead to easier bruising. Having a great hoof packing on hand, like Absorbine's Magic Cushion , means you can be prepared to keep the soreness minimal. 5 Later, the frog becomes cheesy in texture. Although thrush can eventually cause lameness and significant hoof damage, its early stage is simple to treat. Just pouring a thrush remedy over the frog will not get the job done. Packing a hoof is potentially dangerous because excessive pressure can kill sensitive frog tissue Hooflex Magic Cushion Hoof Packing. Absorbine. View Options. White Lightning for Hooves. Grand Circuit Products LLC. View Options. Hooflex Therapeutic Conditioner for Horses. Absorbine. View Options. Thrush Stop Horse Thrush Treatment. SBS Equine. View Options. Next Page. Top of Page. Refine By. Brand. Cavallo (25) SBS Equine (10) Vettec (9. Antiseptic action preventing thrush; This horse hoof care is a spray to apply on the horse's frog in order to help prevent the bacteria to pack and seal the frog, developing into thrush, generally on horses living in muddy pastures or humid, infected environment. It can also be used to disinfect hoofs damaged by white line disease Rebound Hoof Pack. The perfect formulation of tried and true ingredients will effectively bring relief for pain, soreness and inflammation of the hoof. Super sticky formula adheres to the hoof and eliminates wrapping and taping. Easy to use hoof packing relieves sore, tender feet after work outs, sensitivity after shoeing and helps draw.