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  1. Naruto completely forgot all about the ramen, his attention was all on Iruka now. Iruka listened to Naruto carefully, let Naruto speak without any interruptions. Iruka was getting worried, it did not sound like Kakashi at all. He was not sure if Naruto was worried as well or affected by this, maybe it was a combination of both
  2. 392 Inu Iruka » by Inuyasha Uzumaki Naruto and Sasuke notice Kakashi likes Iruka, and Iruka possibly likes Kakashi back. Problem is, they're too stupid to do anything about it themselves. So, taking Kyuubi's advice, Naruto decides to step in and make it happen...by turning Iruka into a dog
  3. g it down on the counter, making Teuchi look over with a surprised look. Naruto started shaking, clenching his fists on top of the menus' glossy surface. After a moment he turned to glare at the dark haired male, making him shutter
  4. And then the fic starts to branch off as Iruka gets more involved in Naruto's healing process after losing his sensei. Hurt and Comfort are the main themes, but yes, this is a pairing fic, so be aware that over the course of the fic that Naruto and Iruka will have intimate relations
  5. o Iruka Adopts Uzumaki Naruto. Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence. Summary. That's a fucking kid, is the first thing that Iruka thinks. That's the fucking jinchuriki, is the second. The first thought comes back, even stronger, overwhel

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Fanfic: Naruto: Shattered Ch 1, Naruto | FanFiction. Chapter One: Shattered By Hate. Take this you piece of shit! there was a sharp pain in the small boy's side as a grown man kicked him. She died because of you! another adult yelled drunkenly as he swung his near empty clay sake bottle down on the child, shattering as it hit the balled. Please sit down, Naruto. He definitely hated Iruka more than Satsuki. Iruka finished reading out the project pairings, and the bell went. He left for break with a nod, leaving the children in the classroom to discuss their research projects. Aa! Naruto! Naruto's head shot up from its slumped state on the desk, shooting a wide grin at Sakura Bottom Umino Iruka. Kakashi would do anything for Iruka. Established Relationship. Canon Divergence. i am my own beta. Summary. Iruka builds up the courage to tell his lover Kakashi about a dark fantasy of his. Kakashi would do almost anything for his lover so he listens intently and planning ensues Naruto has his parents' students Kakashi and Iruka who raise him while Gaara is raised first by his maternal uncle and then by overly protective siblings. Both his father and his village loathe Gaara, while Naruto is spoilt and coddled by the Main family of Uchiha clan only to be despised by the rest of Konoha Nightmares - Naruto Fanfiction Fanfiction. Iruka said, desperately trying to hide the unease in his voice with a warm feeling of comfort. At this, Naruto plunged into Iruka's arms and sobbed himself into an unconscious state. I ordered Iruka to place the sleeping boy back on the bed. I began fixing the wounds that the IVs left behind on his.

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89 Apprends-moi! » by AkuriAtsuki Iruka, un jeune photographe, avec son apprenti Naruto, va entreprendre un projet avec les deux plus grands mannequins. Tout commence normalement jusqu'à ce que les sentiments et les souvenirs s'en mêle. Le passé de Naruto le garde prisonnier tandis qu'Iruka veut tout jeter en arrière pour mieux avancer Iruka said worriedly, stop it. You're gonna hurt yourself. Kakashi didn't respond, but he did squeeze his eyes shut at the weight of his bladder. Kakashi! Kakashi flinched, a spurt escaping, wetting his underwear and leaving a small patch in his pants. Please Kakashi Iruka is a dragoon. A person meant to serve the Queen, the great dragon that rules over his mountain home. When they come of age, dragoons are supposed to chosen by a draconis, a member of the flight who live under the Queen's protection. Iruka is over twenty and none of the draconis want anything to do with him (Yui's pov) I pulled my mask upward slightly for comfort as me, Iruka and Naruto walked toward the classroom, and Iruka walked in first and I stood outside, putting on a blank look. Yelling could be heard from inside the classroom and she it stopped, Iruka told me to come in. Stopping next to him and looking at the class, a few curious looks were sent my way

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  1. Chp. 1. MYReDRuMBLooD. I'm at the end of my rope, Naruto. You failed the graduation test last time and the time before that. You got another chance and your messing up again. Scolded Iruka. Hmph! Naruto pouted tied up and looked away from Iruka-Sensei
  2. Nightmares - Naruto Fanfiction Fanfiction. Naruto was a cheerful boy until the unimaginable became reality. All it took was one look for Naruto's world to come crashing down. Find out if the boy that was barely held together with a smile and a cheery facade can be put back together by the mo..
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rainbowwlsparroww: [Naruto] Fanfic - Restart. Written for this year's @iruka-week. Day 4. Ant AU. Rating: General Audiences Characters: Umino Iruka, Hatake Kakashi, Uzumaki Naruto Relationships: Kakashi/Iruka, Kakashi & Iruka & Naruto Tags: Iruka Week 2021, Iruka Appreciation Week, Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Namikaze Minato Adopts Hatake Kakashi, Canonical Character Death, Kid Fic. Shion's Point of ViewA few days have passed since Naruto's prank and today we are finally taking the test to become Genin. The first thing in the test we had to do was the writing test and then the taijustu and ninjustu tests afterwards. Iruka-sensei walks in to announce what justu we are going to do. For the genin test you are going to do the Clone Justu Mamushimi Hebinomura comes from an unusual clan with unusual abilities. Determined to become strong and avenge her fallen people and village, she joins with Kakashi Hatake, Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno, and Sasuke Uchiha on Team 7, but finds that becoming strong is easier said than done Because Naruto actually went to the Academy for roll-call, put Iruka's wariness to rest and escaped to do his prank. Now it could have been another teacher who saw Naruto escape and didn't care (which would prove that the kid was effectively sabotaged) but nothing points at it: Iruka and Mizuki seem to be the only teachers of Naruto's class

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Iruka is told by Tsunade to henge into a woman in order to win a bet. Unfortunately the henge that he uses means he is actually a woman. This is the same henge that Naruto, Sasuke, and Kakashi end up using. Secrets are everywhere and boy does pregnancy come as a surprise to all. Sasuke is back and with Naruto, Kakashi ends up with Iruka Fanfiction. While on a mission Naruto chakra is taking away from him what if the only way to safe him is for Sasuke to give some of his chakra to Naruto. but in doing this Naruto ends up pregnant with Sasuke child how will there lifes change Graduation Exam, Trouble's brewingWaiting patiently in my usual seat in the back of the room, I watched as every student was called to enter the current testing room. Boredom present in my expression. 'Good luck my child. You will do great' spoke Papa. I smiled, he is the one who taught me all I know since young. My eyes trailed to a familiar blonde boy looking nervous ejek Naruto. Ia dan Ibunya tertawa. Nih, sudah jadi, Naruto. Ibu membuat Spesial untukmu. kata Kushina sambil meletakkan panci di tengah-tengah meja, kemudian membuka tutupnya. Hm, aromanya enak! seru Naruto, kemudian mengambil mangkuk. Kushina meminta mangkuk itu dari Naruto, mengambilkannya The Interrogator. Oct 08, 11. After the graduation incident, a depressed Naruto runs into Ibiki by accident. Impressed, Naruto decides to become the newest interrogation and torture expert of Konoha. Watch as he joins ANBU after graduation and learns the ropes from Ibiki himself

The resulting story has gained quite a following; as of 2021, it is currently the most popular Naruto Fan Fic on FanFiction.Net, garnering over twenty thousand favorites.The fic can be found on FanFiction.Net here.There is also a community-maintained eBook (and PDF) on GitHub.. Team 8 was last updated on April 23, 2015. Since then it has not been updated due to the author being in long. Sarada's Real Mother (Naruto FanFic) February 11, 2018 Seolhyunie. Real Naruto Mother Fanfic Sarada. (Sasuke x Oc)This is a story of Sarada's Real Mother that was taken away when Sarada was 1 years old and found out in age 12 of her real mother her father Sasuke Uchiah didn't want Sarada be born without mother love so he asked Sakura to me her. Advent of Shadows. Recommended by SEESWildCard. SEESWildCard: who has also written an original fiction.At first wrote regular (non-crossover) Naruto fanfiction and has started writing crossovers, mainly with Fairy Tail.His newest story is a One Piece/Naruto crossover. I highly recommend this author if what you enjoy are crossovers read it on ao3 at https://ift.tt/3gkxyr2. by YukinoHana_1104. Naruto Uzumaki là một chàng trai mạnh mẽ, chuẩn menly 100%. TUY NHIÊN vì một vài chuyện xảy ra khiến cho cuộc sống của chàng trai rẽ sang một hướng khác

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  1. o, Naruto Uzumaki, Sarutobi Hiruzen (Sandaime Hokage), Shikamaru Nara Genres: General Warnings: Non
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  3. In an alternative version of the Naruto universe, Sakura grows up in a Konoha with very questionable moral standards. In her wish to become stronger to be able to protect herself in the future and to impress Naruto, she asks Jiraiya to train her. The old perverted sannin doesn't seem to think that is a good idea, in fact he seems to be annoyed.
  4. Naruto's not overly high-and-mighty, simply extremely self-confident in his perceived role in life. If he was high-and-mighty he'd just be another Pain, just another OP!Naruto. Edit 2: Not gonna lie, seeing the feedback has made me consider actually making a fanfiction based on this concept
  5. Ectoplasm and Chakra by Sholay. When Danny Phantom and Vlad Plasmius combined to create the catastrophe that would plague Amity Park for ten years, everyone assumed Danny Fenton died. But the truth is far different. Stranded in a strange new land, a world-weary Danny meets a young Naruto Uzukmaki

Boruto returns from a mission to find that his father has received a harsh punishment in order to spare the life of a civilian of Konoha. 1 Akimichi Clan Techniques 4 Epilogue 4. 1 Naruto Mar 27, 2021 · During March, the Bonanza Brand Fanfiction Library celebrates St. Boruto x Mitsuki. fanfiction +10 more # 4 Seema and Naruto are sitting in a Japanese kneel side by side on a flat rock at the edge of an 8-feet across pond, while Seema is communing with the above-mentioned magical fish. The pond is surrounded by grass. ==============. In case you're interested, the dream is in Chapter 4 of this fan fic: Linkffn (12992243 And you know its a Dark Fic when Chapter 1 has Iruka tortured, mutilated, and killed with the same happening to Naruto, who only lives due to a Deus ex Machina. Then we find out he suffers the usual gamut of beatings, burnings, dog maulings, rapes, etc. And somehow it manages to get worse once Kakashi shows up Naruto grows up in uzu fanfiction Naruto rolls his eyes, Fine. Reflections of Demons is a rather well done Alt Fic, inspired by a very good one-shot by another user, and has inspired at least one another fic based off its Canon and a challenge by Evil. 2k Discussion 699 Sakura ignores team 7 fanfi

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