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Plug in your Samsung T5's USB cable. Connect your T5 to your Mac. Your Mac powers your Samsung T5. And as long as your Mac has enough battery power you can run your Samsung T5 Before using the Samsung Portable SSD T5 (referred to as T5), please read this User Manual thoroughly so that you may know how to use the product in a safe and appropriate manner. * Only Mac OS, Samsung Portable SSD driver is required for the security functionality. If th To open Disk Utility hold down command space bar which will bring up a search window. Type Disk Utility and then double click it in the list to open it. Plug in the Samsung T5 drive if it's not already plugged into your Mac and it should show up in the list on the left under External. Select it, it should say Samsung T5 drive Formatting Samsung T5 For Time Machine On Mac. Using your Samsung T5 for Time Machine means you have to change the as sold formatting from ExFAT to Mac OS Extended (Journaled). Follow the steps 1 to 6 above and you'll do that. Then you can read this how to use article to connect your Samsung T5 to Time Machine. Use the link to the article and. Compatibility of the USB standard means that you can use your Samsung T5 with your older Mac. If your Mac has a USB A port you just need the right cable. And it's great that Samsung puts in the box two USB cables. You'll find a USB C to USB A cable for your older Mac that has a type A port on it

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Partion Samsung T5 on MAc. Ask Question Asked 1 year, 11 months ago. Active 1 year, 11 months ago. Viewed 5k times 4 I have a 1G Samsung T5 that I would like to partition into 2 partitions so I can use one of them for Time Machine backup. However the Partition button in Disk Utilities is always grayed out for the T5 disk Similar to Samsung portable SSD T5, Samsung portable SSD T7 is also compatible with PC, Mac, Android devices and gaming consoles. The major difference between them is that Samsung portable SSD T7 is almost twice as fast as the T5 SSD. This Samsung portable SSD could be a nice choice if you need to transfer large files like games and videos Just got a Samsung T5 SSD 500 GB. It's exFat formatted. Trying to get it working on my iPad Pro 10.5 with iPadOS 13.1 and using the powered lightning to USB adapter. There is absolutely not response seen in the Files app. When plugging it in. It works well on my iPhone 11pro. The disk also works on a PC and a Mac How to Format Samsung SSD for Mac/Macbook Pro on Windows PC? How to Format Samsung SSD for Mac/Macbook Pro on Windows PC? If you want to format Samsung SSD for Mac or Macbook, there are 3 methods you can try. Use a free SSD format tool (AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard), Windows native CMD or Disk Management In this video I'll be showing you a quick fix for connecting your Samsung T5 and T7 SSD to the latest version of macOS 10.15 Catalina.Link FOR SAMSUNG T5: ht..

For someone with an older Mac (2012-2015), who has only a platter-based hard drive inside, and who wants to squeeze more years of use from it, adding an external USB3 SSD is a cost-effective solution My Mac Mini (Late 2014) with 8 GB of RAM, running macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 was getting slower and slower booting and running programs. I read a couple of articles about using an external SSD drive to boot from, so I bought a Samsung T5 and used Carbon Copy to copy the native HDD to the T5

Such issue occurs when the Samsung Portable SSD Driver, instead of the SAT SMART Driver, is installed on the mac OS X. Installing the SAT SMART Driver, instead, should allow you to use your T7 Touch with such products My iMac is now 2-3x faster than before! This is a review of using a Samsung T5 Portable SSD plus how to set it up as your boot drive on your iMac.Bought it o.. I give you an overview of the new Samsung T5 SSD and how I use these portable SSD drive for my work. I have been actually using the Samsung T3 SSD for my vid.. I got this Samsung SSD to improve my work flow, so far it's working great.Buy some merchandise: https://shop.spreadshirt.com/jiayangsmerchandise/f Vlog Chann.. I'm using a 2TB Samsung T5 with my 2017 iMac as a permanently connected' external drive. The iMac has a 512GB internal SSD. The T5 is plenty fast enough and is formatted APFS. However, it is significantly slower than the internal SSD. It connects via a TB3 port but is in reality using a USB-C connection

After uninstalling Samsung T5 software (not compatable with M1), there is a folder here: Find frequently asked questions and solutions for your upgraded computing life with Samsung V-NAND SSD products. Samsung Portable SSD FAQs. www.samsung.com On a Mac PC, remove the Portable SSD from the Thunderbolt port and use the CleanupAll.scpt from. Cloning Mac hard drive to a Samsung T5 portable SSD is a good method to back up your Mac data. In some cases, before you sell, donate or discard your Mac computer, you also can clone your Mac hard drive to a Samsung T5 portable SSD, and then use a data erasure software to completely wipe all your data on Mac to prevent data leakage Hi everyone! This was fixed in November 2019 it looks like! If you go to the T5 SSD software page, the updated driver is there and - 860123 -

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The following is a review of some possible ways to wipe data from the Samsung portable SSD T5. 1. How to wipe Samsung portable SSD T5 before selling it - Formatting. This is the most common method and does not use any special software or tools. All you need to do is connect the Samsung portable SSD T5 to the computer The T5 supports Android (a compatibility list is available on Samsung's site), Windows, and MAC OS. The Portable SSD T5 uses the same USB 3.1 Type-C connector as the T3, but the two models feature. Hi - I have a an external Samsung Portable SSD T5 running over USB 3.1. this drive works great on my PC, but after the recent upgrade to build 2004, it no longer recognizes when plugging it in via USB. Device Manager shows this: Device SCSI\Disk&Ven_Samsung&Prod_Portable_SSD_T5\8&145b620a&0&000000 was not migrated due to partial or ambiguous match

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  1. Samsung just released the follow-up to its T3 line of portable, external SSDs. Sticking with the same nomenclature of the previous T1 and T3 drives, Samsung's new T5 external SSDs include USB 3.
  2. Samsung portable T5 and T7 SSD have optical password protection with AES 256-bit hardware encryption. So, if the Samsung SSD is password locked out of the box using Samsung Portable SSD Software, you can first unlock it using that specific software. Also, you can wipe the disk if you have no data on the SSD
  3. The Samsung T5 USB 3.1 SSD is a great choice if you have USB 3.0 ports; LaCie's Rugged Thunderbolt + USB 3.0 SSD is a great pick for Thunderbolt. Mac Pro: Internal + External SSD Option
  4. A more cost effective and less intrusive method is to use an external solid state drive instead, like the Samsung T5. Booting from a solid state drive like the Samsung T5 should give you a boost.
  5. What is going on here Samsung? I need technical support to solve this with step by step instructions to resolve this matter. I want cause and corrective action as to why Samsung let this happen to T5 SSD Users it didnt work with the last update in mac os mojave and now it wont work with Catalina this is going on for over FOUR Months
  6. SSD T5 in Monitors and Memory 11-10-2020; T5 1TB SSD - How to reformat as APFS in macOS 10.15.7 Catalina in Monitors and Memory 11-07-2020; Samsung M2070FW printer/scanner Mac in Computers 10-28-2020; Laptop Dock - Samsung Odyssey - NP800G5H in Computers 10-27-2020; Samsung T5 SSD Drive in Monitors and Memory 10-12-202

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I just bought a Samsung T5 SSD. I plan to only use it with my Mac, so I'm going to format it in APFS. It supports hardware encryption using a Samsung program. My question, should I use this program or just use encrypted APFS in Disk Utility You can't access a Sandisk, Crucial, or Samsung T3 when the external SSD is not recognized or detected by Mac, whether the external SSD was working for a long time or it's a new SSD you bought recently. However, hard drives not working or showing up issue is so prone to happen even when you unplug the external SSD from the Mac and later on plug in the SSD again I picked up the new MacBook Air and was planning on using it in conjunction with a 2TB Samsung T5 SSD external drive. However, whenever I plug the drive in, the LED on it randomly toggles between blue and red and the drive doesn't seem to mount After the partition table format is a list of partitions, each with a file system, a name, and a size. In the command above I have two partitions: 1) exfat as file system, Samsung_T5 as name, and 50% as size, as a cross-operating-system data disk; 2) hfs+ as file system as required by Time Machine, Time Machine as name, and 50% as size The Samsung T5 SSD doesn't support Thunderbolt 2, it supports up to USB 3.1 (although it apparently can only go as fast as a USB 3 connection). Your Mac Pro has 4 USB 3 ports, so you should just use the USB-C to USB-A cable included with the Samsung T5 SSD

The MacBook and MacBook Pros come with an SSD to store data and an OS. When you use a hard disk drive, Time Machine will take a while to back up your Mac. You can get an external SSD (Samsung T5 500GB $89.99 from Amazon) and format for a reasonable price to use with your Mac's Time Machine. The SSDs are fast, don't need any external power. Samsung is preparing a revised version of the Portable SSD Software to resolve the compatibility issues. The software will be updated, and the revised portable SSD software will be released by the end of November 2019. For further support on your SSD, please reach out to our dedicated memory support team T5 SSD not working on macOS Big Sur 11.3.1 in Monitors and Memory 3 weeks ago (C49RG94SSU) Standby-Active loop after logging in on MacOS in Monitors and Memory 04-24-2021 UR59C Curved 4K and MacOS Catalina 10.15.4 in Monitors and Memory 03-26-202

How to Format Your Samsung T7 for Mac. 1. Log in and Plug In. You'll need to sign into your Mac and plug in your Samsung SSD T7. And you'll want your Mac plugged into a power outlet. Now if you're on a Mac with limited USB C ports you should be fine. The Samsung T7 comes with a USB C cable plug. And it's a USB-C drive The Samsung T5 portable SSD isn't a new release, but is still a great compact drive that pairs very well not only with a Mac, but with an iPad Pro as well Re-connect your Portable SSD to the device running macOS system and execute the Samsung Portable SSD Software. 3. If the problem continues, delete and re-install the Samsung Portable SSD Software. 4. If the problem does not get resolved even after following the troubleshooting guidelines, please contact an authorized Samsung service center I connected a Samsung T5 500 GB USB SSD to copy Reflect File And Folder backup sets to. I copied them over and opened Reflect to start manual Verifies on the file sets to make sure they copied over correctly. That's when I noticed something odd. In Reflect's interface of available drives for imaging, the T5 was listed, but it's partition was. Is it possible to use Samsung Portable SSD T5 to boot Mac and work from it all-day-long? Reply. Eximo. I suppose you are paying for the enclosure and the interface at $200, but at $800, I would go.

On the other hand, you can get a 1TB Samsung T5 or a Sandisk Extreme external SSD with a USB 3.1 10Gbps interface for less than $300. I love NVMe, and it does makes a perfromance difference, but. I believe that the problem depends on the Samsung software and the type of formatting used, exFAT should, according to the instructions of samsung, be the best to use the memory on both Mac and windows. For the software, I would try to uninstall it from another pc and see if you can read the ssd on the M The Samsung T5 SSD doesn't support Thunderbolt 2, it supports up to USB 3.1 (although it apparently can only go as fast as a USB 3 connection). Your Mac Pro has 4 USB 3 ports, so you should just use the USB-C to USB-A cable included with the Samsung T5 SSD. Answered by Jake R from Redding Rapidly transfer and backup 4K videos, movies, graphic-intensive games, and other massive files. The T5 boasts greater speed and stronger security than cloud storage. With Samsung V-NAND flash memory and a USB 3.1 Gen 2 interface, transfer data at up to 540 MB/s,* 4.9x faster than external HDDs.**. * Performance may vary depending on host.

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  1. They will then put you through to a technician. They may tell you how to format the device, however, this doesn't work to reset the password. To factory reset, they need to send it off to their technicians. You will need to provide the Model number (MODEL:) AND Serial Number (S/N); both found on the side of the SSD
  2. The T5 supports Android (a compatibility list is available on Samsung's site), Windows, and MAC OS. The Portable SSD T5 uses the same USB 3.1 Type-C connector as the T3, but the two models feature.
  3. T5/2Tb Gutted like fish, 2Tb mSATA placed on MoBo replacing 256G mSATA for 'antique' Toshiba X75-A7290, after cloning. Tested 1st, once recognized, it's just a matter of running the software, & swapping the drives. Been running on it (& 2 other SSD's onboard) since Oct. Works like a champ. HTH. Thanks for the reply
  4. 2 LaCie Rugged SSD Pro. 6 LaCie Mobile SSD. 3 G-Technology G-Drive Mobile SSD. 7 Minix Neo Storage. 4 WD My Passport SSD. 8 Samsung T5. Jump straight to our full best ssd for mac list. Solid-state.
  5. You can use it to shred a file on Samsung portable SSD, wipe all data on Samsung portable SSD and erase deleted data on Samsung portable SSD. Here are three Samsung portable SSD data erasure modes. Mode 1. Permanently delete files on Samsung portable SSD. This mode can help you permanently delete files and folders on Samsung portable SSD
  6. Today Samsung introduced two all-new designer finishes for the T5 SSD — Rose Gold and Metallic Red. The new colors join the existing Deep Black and Alluring Blue finishes to round out the lineup

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  1. Samsung T5 2TB Portable SSD For the stylish and modern professional, this is one of the best SSDs for your Mac! With a USB 3.1 interface, the T5 provides transfer speeds of up to 540 MB/s depending on your system
  2. T5 Portable SSD is an External Solid State Drive from Samsung that transfers your data at lighting speed upto 540 MBPS and supports the powerful USB 3.2 ports.It allows you to conveniently store downloaded files and backup your documents. Recommended: Scan Your SSD Drive with Clone Files Checker and delete 1000s of duplicate files
  3. Samsung T3, T5 and now also T7 SSD are NOT compatible with Linux, if encrypted. The proprietary unlock software only comes for Mac or Windows. I tried a long time to unlock an encrypted drive in Linux, even manually by capturing raw USB unlock commands in windows and then attempting to replay in Linux but it is more difficult than I imagined and failed to unlock in Linux
  4. The Samsung T5 SSD (left) compared to the Samsung T7 Touch SSD (right) For the first time, configuring the drive is done using setup app for Android, Mac, or PC. You have the option of using.
  5. Samsung T5 portable SSD's hardware specifications USB-C with real USB 3.1 speed. The T5 has one USB-C port but includes both a USB-C to USB-C cable and a USB-C to USB-A cable, allowing you to use it with new computers that have USB-C (or Thunderbolt 3) port as well as those with the regular USB-A port
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The previous generation Samsung T5 SSD Benchmark On paper, the Samsung T7 Touch is rated at close to twice as fast as the previous model, which boasted speeds up to 540MB/s read versus the T7's. Samsung Corp. is one of the most popular SSD manufacturers over the world. Samsung SSDs earn their own reputation due to high performance, better techniques and long warranty time. More and more people purchase Samsung SSD, install Samsung SSD, and use Samsung SSD, which could result in the demand of Samsung SSD factory reset tool Samsung Portable SSD T5 (Blue SSD) at Amazon Singapore for $129.99. The drive measures 74 x 57 x 10.5mm and weighs only 51g, making it small and light enough to be shoved into even a tight front. Samsung at CES unveiled the T7 Touch SSD, a follow-up to its super popular T5 SSD. The T7 Touch is now available for purchase, and Samsung sent us a 500GB model for review purposes I understand that unlike Mac, Windows has to be installed separately for each and every computer, I can't use some other laptops ssd to boot this laptop. Any help or comments are appreciated. Thank you! Edit: Im gonna use the ssd as an internal ssd on the HP laptop, not as an external with an enclosure

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The Samsung T5 SSD reached write speeds of 467.8MB/s and read speeds of 490.2MB/s while the Seagate OneTouch SSD got write speeds of 219MB/s and read speeds of 372.8MB/s on an average. That's a fairly big difference in speeds on both the SSDs, and it's all thanks to the fact that Samsung is using USB Type-C 3.1 Gen 2 in the T5, while. Card-Size Drive. As just 0.4 by 2.3 by 3.0 inches (HWD) and 1.8 ounces, the T5 is imperceptibly heavier and the same size as its predecessor, the Samsung Portable SSD T3. The 1TB ($399.99) and 2TB. SAMSUNG T5 Portable SSD 1TB - Up to 540MB/s - USB 3.1 External Solid State Drive, Black (MU-PA1T0B/AM) 4.8 out of 5 stars 10,281 #1 Best Seller in External Solid State Drive To use the drive, Samsung's T5 SSD works with Windows 7 or later, Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) or later, and can even be used with an Android phone from as far back as Android 4.4 (KitKat). PERFORMANC The Samsung Portable SSD T5 improves the data transfer speeds to the next level and gives users a new experience. The Samsung Portable SSD t5 comes with a compact and durable design. It has the password protection. The Samsung Portable SSD t5 is able to carry and store data security

SAMSUNG T5 Portable SSD 2TB - Up to 540MB/s - USB 3.1 External Solid State Drive, Black (MU-PA2T0B/AM) . Samsung's T5 external SSD offers superfast read write speeds up to 5x faster than a traditional hard drive, while providing up to 2 meters of shock-resistance in a palm-sized drive With the Samsung T5 SSD smashing speed, that thought disappears, because here is a drive you can comfortably work from if you have large files and a minimal amount of space left on your computer. Value. While speed and portability reign supreme on the Samsung T5 SSD, value may not Before using the Samsung Portable SSD T7 (referred to as T7), please read this User remaining in your computer, which was designed for T3, T5, X5. 10 Select Samsung Portable SSD Software 1.0 application icon on Desktop. * In case of Mac OS, Samsung Portable SSD Software 1.0 may not operate without device (driver How to Recover Deleted Files from Samsung SSD? We have found the best Samsung SSD data recovery software for you. Just download and install it on your PC or Mac. Then use it to start recovering deleted files from your Samsung SSD immediately. Here are the data recovery steps. Step 1: Select the Samsung SSD to start recovering your deleted files Finally, the Samsung also offers an Android App as well as Mac and Windows software for its Portable SSD T5. This software is also used to help encrypt data on the disk. Samsung relies upon a hardware-based 256-bit-AES encryption

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A good choice if you plan on using your drive in challenging environments. Samsung T5 SSD. Here is another SSD drive that comes in sizes from 250GB up to 2TB. It features a distinctive aluminum casing and is extremely portable, weighing in at 51 grams. Fast transfer speeds are a hallmark of Samsung SSDs and this model is no exception I recently upgraded my Mac to Catalina and would like to transfer my system from the internal hard drive to an external Samsung T5 SSD - the same way you could previously create a bootable clone with SuperDuper but it seems that Catalina makes this a bit more complicated since it separates user data from the system I am trying to connect Samsung T5 SSD, 500GB, to back of router, USB 3 port. But, cannot see it connected, in ReadyCloud, or access from any other device, such as a Samsung Smart TV or my iPhone, etc. I have tried to follow the directions, but they are woefully inadequate. Model: R8000|Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Smart WIFI Router. Message 1 of 4 After that, you need to gently unscrew former SSD using Torx T5 screwdriver. Next, you need to insert new SSD into adapter. Make sure the connector has slid all the way inside the adapter

Step 2. Plug in the USB drive. For this example I'm using a USB 3.1 drive. So I can plug it into the USB 3.0 ports on the Raspberry Pi 4. They are the USB ports indicated by a light blue interior. Step 3. Run the lsblk command. To see what storage devices you have on your system you can run the lsblk command Microsoft exFAT/NTFS for USB by Paragon Software ( Play Store Link) This app can be found in the play store and is one of the few apps which actually works. I was able to Mount my 500 GB Samsung T5 SSD on my Xiaomi Poco F1 using this particular app. Although the app is paid one and you will require to purchase, it is for around $3 ( or Rs 159) A few weeks ago good mother @vowe made me aware of an Amazon.de special offer for the external Samsung Portable SSD T5.Since one of my SuperDuper! backup drives failed a few days ago, my wife also needed some new backup drives, and the Arlo Pro 2 base station for continuous video recording, I ordered four of them.. The latter one worked flawlessly after I formatted it with FAT - yeah Disc 3 (New Samsung SSD - 500 GB) - with Active Recovery partition (N: 9.6 GB) plus a NTFS primary partition with a copy of the OS. Although I have specified in the BIOS to boot from the Samsung SSD, the machine is still booting from the original hard drive. I think my questions are Step 2: Connect the unrecognized external SSD. Launch the downloaded software. Step 3: On the Select What To Recover screen, select the required file types, then click Next. Step 4: On the Recover From the screen, select your unrecognized SSD, and press Scan. Step 5: Let the application to complete the scan

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I recently bought the Samsung T5 SSD. Everything works fine. When I eject it, I do what I normally do: right clicking the ICON and clicking eject. The SSD light turns red, then turns off and I unplug it from my MacBook. However.....when I reconnect it, it opens the software Samsung Portable SSD I type in my password to unlock it Samsung Portable SSD not mounting to MBP M1. Anyone else having this issue? Very happy with my new MBP so far, but I had an external ssd with all my work stuff on it, and it won't mount. I've tried a different external HD and it was fine, and I plugged the ssd into my old 13 MBP and it mounted fine. I've swapped out the cables, but still no luck Erased everything and formatted the drive to Mac OS (Journaled). Reinstalled everything. Batch re-saved everything. External SSD is now quick and functioning perfectly.-----I recently purchased a Samsung T3 500gb SSD to store my sample libraries when I am running Logic. All of my sample libraries were previous stored on my internal SSD

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If you are running a Windows computer (or the latest Mac OS X), check to see if TRIM is enabled — this can make your garbage collection more efficient and maintain SSD speeds over time The Samsung T5 The Seagate Fast SSD and Lacie Portable SSDs are both made mostly of plastic, but they feature an aluminum top plate, and use dense, high quality plastic that should hold up well. We are not using encryption or password protection, but we should. This small drive could be easily lost. As it encrypts on the fly, there is little overhead. It is a 5-out-of-5 - no worries. Price: Samsung T5 SSD. Samsung RRP for 250/500GB and 1/2TB is $129/169/339/629. From 51 to 31 cents a GB Samsung just didn't reach high enough with the Portable SSD T5 to make it an amazing product. The product fits with user's needs today, but we would have liked to see a Thunderbolt 3 / USB 3.1 Gen.

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Comparing the speeds of the Samsung T5 SSD (left)and the new T7 Touch SSD (right) In our testing using the Blackmagic Desk Speed Test, we saw read speeds of 886 MB/s and write speeds of 809 MB/s. That is quite a bit higher than the 519 MB/s and 476 MB/s we saw on our T5 -- which makes sense, given the faster USB bus A 1TB T7 Touch SSD will set you back about $210 while the 1TB T5 goes for $198. We really want to tell you about how fast the T7 Touch is but we also want to discuss a lot before we get there. That's because this drive is a lot more than just a speedy little race car. The first thing you'll notice about the Samsung T7 Touch is the square. The sleek, expensive Samsung Portable SSD X5 offers the fastest single-drive external storage money can buy, but it's suited mainly to well-heeled content-creation pros using late-model Macs (03-07-2021, 11:55 PM) irishtigger Wrote: My daughter put a password on her external Samsung T5 SSD and now she cannot remember the phrase she used and her social studies project is on it. I am trying to find a way to crack it since it has little security in terms of the phrase but I am not that technical

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1 - Samsung Portable SSD T5. Samsung's T5 SSD is a slick and compact drive, that's arguably the most stylish drive around. Plus, at 51g and smaller than the average business card, it's also one of the lightest. Released in the fall of 2017, it's a drive aimed at users looking for maximum speed and portability If you need completely format Samsung T1/T3/T5 SSD to protect your privacy or restore SSD to factory, you need a Samsung SSD format tool to securely erase all the data on it. Samsung t3 factory reset tool. Actually, some SSDs come with the secure erase utility, like Samsung Magician, SanDisk SSD Toolkit, Intel SSD Toolbox

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Samsung T5 SSD; stopped recording after 30 minutes on one live and multiple test recordings then was not recognize by the ATEM. Reformatted (on a Mac) using ExFAT - recorded indefinitely (tested to 2 and 3 hours with no stop). Then not recognized by ATEM, back up and running properly after another reformat to ExFAT The Bottom Line. Offering excellent performance and easy-to-use security, Samsung's credit-card-sized, fingerprint-reading Portable SSD T7 Touch is a versatile external solid-state drive Samsung MU-PA500R. The new T5 portable SSD takes transfer speed to a new level and brings a new experience in external storage. With a compact, durable design and password encryption protection, the T5 is very easy to carry and is also secure. WD My Passport. My Passport SSD, is a portable storage disk with ultra-fast transfers

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Generally speaking, any Samsung SSD, Western Digital, Seagate, or LaCie drive should work with the GNARBOX 2.0 SSD. If you experience any difficulty with your hard drive, feel free to chat with our team for troubleshooting help. Some of our portable hard drives that work with GNARBOX 2.0 SSD include (but are not limited to): Samsung T5 SAMSUNG T5 Portable SSD 500GB - Up to 540MB/s - USB 3.1 External Solid State Drive, Blue (MU-PA500B/AM) SanDisk 2TB Extreme PRO Portable SSD - Up to 2000MB/s - USB-C, USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 - External Solid State Drive - SDSSDE81-2T00-G2 The Samsung T7's starting price of $129.99 is only $32 more than the MSRP of the T5. For that price, you're getting nearly twice the speeds of the T5, a newer SSD inside with a tough outer.