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Pediatrics CME/CE. The AudioDigest Pediatrics CME/CE program helps you manage the broad range of information you require to provide the best patient care you can. Our CME online library contains timely topics, trends and developments curated from the best lectures, world-class institutions and Pediatric experts PEDIATRICS NURSING AUDIO LECTURES Pediatrics Nursing Audio Lectures The Pediatrics Nursing Audio Series titles focus on the role of the utilization of the nursing process to meet the human responses of child-bearing families and children from infancy through adolescence with actual or potential health problems. This 7 hours and a half Comprehensive Lecture Series with illustrations series explor

Our 9 th Edition Core Audio Pearls contains shiny new, reinterpreted content, aligned with the 9 th Edition Pediatrics Core. Study on-the-go with focused, convenient instruction on every topic for pediatric board review, with 38 hours of streaming audio. Accessible through your internet browser or the MedStudy app. With the Pediatrics Core Audio Pearls, you'll get Peds Reviews and Perspectives Monthly Pediatrics podcast with CME. Peds Qbank Adaptive Qbank with 1250+ ABP®-format questions. Peds Foundations Comprehensive, on-demand video course. Peds Residents Video lectures & adaptive Qbank for residents 1Bowel Sounds: The Pediatric GI Podcast. Bowel Sounds is a podcast on all things related to pediatric gastroenterology, hepatology, and nutrition. This podcast is brought to you by the North American Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition (NASPGHAN) A comprehensive pediatric review featuring engaging, high-yield video education to help you brush up on key topics. Get 10-20 minute videos served up in a relatable, conversational style. Works well as a core content refresher or as a supplement for board review. Learn More

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  1. Hello! My name is Ashish Goyal and I've written the Pediatrics Board Review Study Guides to provide you with ALL of the information you'll need to pass your board exam. The PBR is a phenomenal resource to help you do very well on the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) initial certification exam, ABP MOC recertification exam (100% pass rate for 3 years) and the pediatric residency in.
  2. To accentuate your learning there is a series of audio lectures which can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Overall experience of joining this course will be amazing!!! HIGHLIGHTS - Modules of theory notes General pediatrics. Systemic pediatrics. Neonatology. Social pediatrics & National programs Statistics
  3. Neonatal / Pediatric Specialty. $225.00. Neonatal/Pediatric Specialist (NPS ®) HomeStudy. $95.00. NPS Audio Lectures. $40.00. NPS Flash Cards - Normal Values and Calculations. Pay only $30 if purchased with the NPS HomeStudy. Pulmonary Diagnostic Technology
  4. PEDIATRIC LECTURES & PEDIATRIC CLERKSHIP LECTURES WTIH CASES Pediatric Lectures with Text, Images, Video/Movies & Audio/Sound. PEDIATRIC VIDEO LECTURES (QUICKTIME) - IME Video Library, Innovations in Medical Education, University of Wisconsin School Medicine and Public Health, University of Wisconsin Multimedia Pediatric Video Lectures (Text, Images, Videos/Movies & Audio/Sound)

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Free Medical Video lectures. These lectures cover the most high yield points about each topic in a very simple and easy way which makes studying actually fun and enjoyable. Please enjoy these FREE Medical Video Lectures and share them with your colleagues and friends so they too can benefits from them Sample of Audio Lectures. As pH goes, so does my Pt! Except for K pH ↓ Pt goes ↓ (HR, RR, all vitals) K goes ↑ pH ↑ Pt goes ↑ K goes ↓ Except for K-it does the opposite. pH ↑: Alkalosis. Seizures, hyperactivity, borborgemy (↑BS 198 LECTURES. 95+ HOURS OF LISTENING. Best Lectures CME Collection for Emergency Medicine includes: Allergy and Immunology. Management of Severe Asthma in Children. Diagnosis of Food Allergies. Treatment of Food Allergies. Caring for the Immunosuppressed Patient. Distinguishing Urticaria from Urticarial Vasculitis International Pediatric Neuroradiology Teaching Network; Interesting Case Sessions (No Audio) Lectures (No Audio) ASPNR Meeting Case of the Day. 2020; 2019; Research. 2022 ASPNR - GUERBET RESEARCH GRANT; ASPNR Research Award Recipients; Training. Fellowships. Overview; Pediatric Neuroradiology Fellowships; ASPNR Supporters; Resources. Links. The AudioDigest Pediatrics CME/CE program helps you manage the broad range of information you require to provide the best patient care you can. Our library contains timely topics, trends and developments curated from the best lectures, world-class institutions and Pediatric experts

Pediatrics CME/CE Silver Membership. Revolutionize your learning experience with first-class Silver Membership. The AudioDigest CME/CE Silver Membership will keep you informed on advances and key topics in your specialty, with access to the latest and most relevant lectures. Each lecture comes complete with a detailed written summary, suggested. Pediatrics Nursing; The audio lectures series give students the technological edge as they review or prepare for their exams. The greatest benefit is that they provide the convenience of studying literally anywhere such as through your car stereo player, iPod, smartphone,.

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The Real Original Free Mark Klimek Nclex Review Audio Downloads. The ads are kind of a pain. Just close the tab that opens and come back here to access the files. Sometimes it will do the ad 2 or 3 times but I promise it will work. When the link is clicked you will either be prompted to download or open an mp3 or pdf file Microbiology Audio Lectures The Microbiology audio Lectures titles covers the principles of General Microbiology. Microbiology set has 2 CDs covering the study of microorganisms, which are unicellular or cell-cluster microscopic organisms. Microbiology is a study of microorganisms and their association with other living thing INTERNATIONAL PEDIATRIC NEURORADIOLY TEACHING NETWORK. In this unprecedented time of the COVID-19 pandemic, we would like to let you know about this International Pediatric Neuroradiology Teaching Network Initiative.The goal of this initiative is to support the educational development of our community and our trainees, who are seeing their in-person teaching vastly diminished

Principles of Pediatric Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics Lecture Series The Principles of Pediatric Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics Lecture Series, launched in 2012, addresses the fundamentals of clinical pharmacology from a pediatric perspective. It is designed to meet the needs and knowledge gaps of those pediatric clinical pharmacology students who lack a formal educational. Audio podcasts. Audio podcast recordings on basic principles, controversies, tips, the latest research, and expert opinion on the most important topics in orthopaedic surgery. Listen while going to work, at home, maybe in your party playlist EMT Review Audio - EMT Lecture Series. USD $34.99 Add to Cart. The EMT Lecture Series includes 30 relevant and insightful lectures to supplement your class or prepare for the NREMT exam. Each audio is dynamic and in a discussion format (not simply reading from a book or script) for easy listening. Presented by EMS authors and educators Dan. Lectures Recent Selected On-Line Syllabi. our medical decision-making. Chances are, you'd be right to chalk up the pain to functional constipation — 90% of pediatric constipation is functional, multifactorial, and mostly benign — as long as it is addressed. Top 10 [details in audio] Set the stage - exude confidence and be. The audio is focused and high-yield, covering the most important topics you might expect to learn in a typical Medical school Pediatrics course. Included are both capsule and detailed explanations of critical issues and topics you must know to master Pediatrics. The material is accurate, up to date and broken down into bite-sized sections

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  1. Mark Klimek Audio/Notes links. Here is probably the most important thing that I pulled from r/NCLEX. These will be stickied to the Frontpage, whereas I always had to search for them on the original subreddit to find them. Mark Klimek Lecture Notes (Updated)
  2. View Mark Klimek Lectures.docx from NURSING FU NURSING at Darton State College. Mark Klimek Lectures: o Audio #1: ABG & Ventilator Alarms (92:21) o Audio #2: Alcoholism, Overdose vs. Withdrawal
  3. KISSPediatrics is the perfect study companion whether you are preparing for your Pediatrics rotation, on the wards, or getting ready to review for your Pediatric NBME Shelf Exam, or preparing for Step 1, Step 2 or Step 3. KISSPeds, helps you to master the highest yield info in neonatology, growth and development and the various pathologies of.
  4. Ch 02 02 Early Overgrowth With Associated Defects. 02:20. 12. Ch 02 03 Unusual Brain and or Neuromuscular Findings With Associated Defects. 03:04. 13. Ch 02 04 Facial Features as the Major Defect. 01:46. 14
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This video describes etiology, types and management of neonatal seizures PNP Home Study. Our Home Study package is the perfect study tool for those who want to learn the content at their own pace! It includes our most updated comprehensive course manual, designed by nationally recognized faculty, which will guide you every step of the way through lecture after lecture. You will also be able to select your audio. After students complete this lesson and the related course work, they will understand the origins and present-day structure of emergency medical care deliver.. 1. Lawrence F. Nazarian, MD, Editor-in-Chief Those of us involved in the Pediatrics Review and Education Program (PREP) are excited about a new learning experience being made available to pediatric clinicians. PREP Audio presents monthly critical conversations on a variety of pediatric topics. Far different from a lecture, these teaching sessions are spontaneous discussions of interesting and. Audio Lectures Series $ 799.99 $ 499.99 TAKE THIS COURSE; Sale! Fundamentals of Nursing Audio Lectures $ 179.99 $ 99.99 TAKE THIS COURSE; Sale! Maternity Nursing Audio Lecture $ 179.99 $ 99.99 TAKE THIS COURSE; Sale! Medical Surgical Nursing Audio $ 179.99 $ 99.99 TAKE THIS COURSE; Sale! Microbiology Audio Lectures $ 179.99 $ 99.00 TAKE THIS.

2021 and 2022 Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Conferences. 2021 Recordings and 2022 Live Event. May 1-4, 2022, Isle of Palms, SC. Wild Dunes Charleston's Island Resort. 83.25 AMA PRA Category 1 CME Credits ™. 24 ABPN ® -Approved Self-Assessment Credits. 1 PIP Unit included 2021 US News and World Report ranks UW School of Medicine. US News and World Report ranks UW School of Medicine: #2 in Primary Care. #13 in Research. #7 in Pediatric Programs. UW Medical Center ranked Best Hospital in Washington state and Seattle Children's Hospital nationally ranked in 10 Children's Specialties. Read More Most pediatric cardiopulmonary arrests begin as respiratory failure or respiratory arrest. Decrease respiratory reserve + Increased O2 demand = Increased respiratory failure risk . Respiratory Emergencies in Pediatrics Airway Diseases •Croup, epiglottitis, asthma, bronchiolitis Apollo Audiobooks, LLC provides audio review material in the fields of medicine, nursing, allied health, and dentistry. These audio products are scripted, read, proofed, and produced by a licensed physician in order to maintain a high standard of professionalism and accuracy

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The AAP National Conference & Exhibition (AAP experience) is the forum for member and non-member physicians, residents, medical students, nurses and allied health members to convene for practical updates and reviews of pediatric practice, research, and advocacy. Choose from hundreds of sessions in nearly 60 content areas in varying educational. Audio Digest publishes audio clinical lectures that physicians and other healthcare professionals can listen to earn CME credits and further their medical education. How CME Credits are Earned: To earn CME credits, users must take a pretest and earn at least an 80% on a post-test after reviewing the audio and written content The four lectures in this audio and video package provide an intersecting view of how stress affects health, including for pediatric patients, those with pain, and those with addiction and/or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Each talk has a specific focus within the theme of stress. See details below. Note: These lectures were recorded at. EM:RAP The #1 EM audio program, with cutting-edge updates. Listen Now; C3 Approaches to common patient presentations. Listen Now; EMA Reviews of 30 papers and a series of rants and opinions. Listen Now; HD Beautifully-presented videos of procedures and more. Watch Now; LIVE Live streaming educational events with the leaders in EM. Listen Now; LLSA The best and fastest way to breeze through LLS


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Online content includes online discussions, small group work, self-testing exercises and audio/video lectures. PEARS. Pediatric Emergency Assessment, Recognition and Stabilization (PEARS®) is a classroom, instructor-led course that helps healthcare providers develop the knowledge and skills needed for emergency evaluation and treatment of. Companion Notes (400+ Pages) 30 unique files per month with rollover. QBank (1,200+ Questions) Flashcards (10,000+) Whiteboard Snapshots (260+ Reference Images) 30 unique files per month with rollover. Downloadable Audio Lectures. Active subscriptions come with. access to the OnlineMedEd App

USMLE Step 2 CK Course. Stop stressing about boards. This is the best investment you will ever make. Join thousands of medical students who have used SmashUSMLE reviews, aced the boards with 97% pass rate and matched into residency. Select your membership to get started now We make learning medicine easier. Internal Medicine board certification and Pediatric board review resources. A study system to ace your ABIM certification, ABIM MOC, ABP Pediatric Board Certification and MOCA-Peds. AOBIM and AOBP Board Prep. CME credits and MOC points. Study Strong with MedStudy The Osler Institute is so confident that our program is the best that we guarantee: if you have attended an Osler course or subscribed to an online review and then within the following 9 months failed the examination for which that course was designed, you may re-enroll in an Osler course or resubscribe to the same term online review until you pass tuition-free Pediatric IV Tips and Tricks February 1, 2021 Top 10 [details in audio] Set the stage - exude confidence and be prepared Choose the right cannula size - a smaller working IV is infinitely better than none Feeling is better than looking - trust yourself Mark the site - things get wonky when you take your hands off to disinfect.

MSII Dermatology Pathophysiology. This is the nine-lecture course given to the second-year medical students at Mount Sinai. 2013 - MSII Dermatology Pathophysiology. These are videos; more time consuming to view but delivery is more inspired (better anecdotes, less monotone, etc). Lecture 1: Skin Structure, Function, and Embryology Audio content can only be downloaded within the APEA app. Audio content is accessible for 2 years after purchase. However, the Course Manual, practice questions, and evaluation must be accessed within 6 months of purchase. The purchase of audio or video access to APEA courses or lectures provides access rights to the purchaser only The Pediatric Residency at Penn State Health Children's Hospital features a balanced and individualized training curriculum executed in a supportive and resident-driven learning environment.. The program is ideally sized to offer a family-like atmosphere. As the only children's hospital, pediatric intensive care unit and Level IV neonatal intensive care unit in the region, Penn State. Pediatric cataract cases are normally examined on the first postoperative day. The next follow-up depends on the amount of inflammation but is most often at 1 week after surgery. Once both eyes are operated on, periodic examinations are required to determine refraction, IOP, and retinal evaluation

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  2. al Exam, Gastroenterology, Digital Rectal Exam (X-Ray Exam of the Colon, Upper GI Series, Esophagram, etc.
  3. Department Grand Rounds The University of Pittsburgh Internet-based Studies in Education and Research (ISER) website hosts past lectures for viewing. For more information about accessing lectures, please consult our Grand Rounds/Journal Club User Guide. UPMC Division of Obstetric & Women's Anesthesia Grand Round

> nursing audio lectures. Tag: nursing audio lectures. Nursing. Download Mark Klimek NCLEX Audios And Lecture Notes [Updated] Download Updated Mark Klimek NCLEX Audios and Lecture Notes For Free File size : 1.5 GB What does NCLEX stand for? Atlas of the Pediatric Emergency Medicine 3rd Edition PDF; Al-Rokh's Pacemaker of the Paces 2nd. Video Eye Lectures. Here is my collection of lectures given live at various ophthalmology conferences. The slit lamp exam video is most useful for new students, while the exploding eye lecture is the most entertaining NAJEEB LECTURES. World's Most Popular Medical Lectures. Trusted by 80% of Medical, Dentistry, Nursing & Pharmacy students. Master Medical Sciences with crystal clear concepts. All our videos contain hand-drawn illustrations. We have 800+ videos on Gross Anatomy, Neuroanatomy, Embryology, Histology, Physiology, Biochemistry, Genetics. Kettering National Seminars has been providing exam preparation seminars and self-study courses for the TMC (CRT, RRT), PFT, NPS, CCT, and RTR for 40 years. Exam reviews cover key concepts and test-taking skills. We hold numerous seminars throughout the country and we also offer self-study courses and webinars. If you need to prepare for your credentialing exam for Therapist Multiple Choice. MP3s are audio only.) Online + USB + Printed Syllabus. In addition to online access and USB flash drive, get a spiral-bound book including all course slides and visuals. Audio MP3 CDs. MP3 format audio discs that allow you to listen to lectures in your car. The discs can be played on devices that are MP3 compatible

Holistic Pediatrics for Parents and Practitioners. Voice America Health and Wellness. These weekly shows were broadcasted live at the Voice America Health and Wellness website from September through December 2005. The shows are hosted by Randall Neustaedter, OMD and Lawrence Palevsky, MD. About Dr. Palevsky Learn heart murmurs and other abnormal heart sounds using these courses. Over 60 lessons present systolic and diastolic murmurs, third (S3) and fourth (S4) heart sounds and congenital conditions. Each lesson includes audio, text, phonocardiogram and cardiac animation.Use the Quick Links panel to select a course

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  2. Audio-Digest Pediatrics Volume 66, Issue 29 August 7, 2020 A Practical Approach to Menstrual Disorders - Diane K. Tanaka, MD Motivational Interviewing to Reduce Health Risk Behavior in Adolescents - Diane K. Tanaka, MD From The 76th Annual Brennemann Lectures, Presented By The Los Angeles Pediatric Societ
  3. Presented as a series of cards, this podcast asks more of the most common causes of pediatric imaging findings and diseases making it ideal for a quick review. Can be used as either an audio only or audio/video podcast.; Complements Video Flashcard Podcasts 15, 21,25, 38, 42 and 4
  4. Oct 3, 2018 - Download NCLEX Audio Lectures by Mark Klimek Free Sample of Audio Lectures As pH goes, so does my Pt! Except for K pH ↓ Pt goes ↓ (HR, RR, all vitals) K goes ↑pH ↑ Pt goes ↑ K goes
  5. ation. The lectures are based upon several of the current comprehensive review sources and past testable material

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  1. This online CME program features pediatrics experts who shed light on the entire gamut of issues related to both common and uncommon pediatric diseases. UCLA Pediatric Board Review Course includes case-based continuing medical education lectures on a wide array of topics, including adolescent medicine, orthopedics and sports medicine.
  2. 2021 US News and World Report ranks UW School of Medicine. US News and World Report ranks UW School of Medicine: #2 in Primary Care. #13 in Research. #7 in Pediatric Programs. UW Medical Center ranked Best Hospital in Washington state and Seattle Children's Hospital nationally ranked in 10 Children's Specialties. Image
  3. Comprehensive: All Audio Recordings from a recent Live Certification Review/Clinical Update Course are included. Topics can be listened to in any order and repeated. Pause, fast forward, and rewind the lectures as needed so that you can make sure you master the material. Versatile: Listen in the car, at home, or wherever you like
  4. audio suppression per week for everyone. If you sign up using this link to get a free one-month trial for Krisp (otherwise a 14-day free trial): FREE Krisp AI trial. If you find it useful, you can check their paid plans which are quite affordable and start at 3.33 USD per month
  5. CTisus.com is the premier radiological website dedicated to computed tomography (CT) scanning. Founded by Professor Elliot K. Fishman, MD, this website has an expansive library of content ranging from CT scan protocols, lectures, and case studies to medical illustrations and a monthly quiz. CTisus.com provides the latest in radiology technology.

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August 14-19, 2021: Online Our live 6-day Pediatrics Review Course is long enough to invigorate your review but short enough to fit into your busy schedule. Improve your testing chops and gain professional expertise alongside other Pediatricians at our online course! Course purchase includes: Expert speakers cover Pediatric Anesthesia Courses, Lectures, Lessons with Text, Images, Videos/Movies & Audio/Sound. PEDIATRIC SEDATION (QUICKTIME) - Department of Pediatrics, School of Medicine and Public Health, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, Wisconsin Multimedia Pediatric Sedation Course (Text & Images)

The Live Course Audio Streaming includes: Streaming audio recordings with 90 days of access. Renewable 90-day subscriptions available for $ 34. 95. Comprehensive. All Audio Recordings from a recent Live Certification Review/Clinical Update Course are included. Topics can be listened to in any order and repeated Use in the Clinic or Provide to Your Patients as Part of a Home Program. Enjoy 30% off: Get 48 Total Videos for Just $40.50! 360 Neuro Health. %. COMPLETE. Virtual Concussion Health Summit. Available until. Learn the Latest Knowledge and Technology Diagnosing & Treating Concussion Audio lectures provide technological edge to students to learn at their own convenience of home or car using mobile devices, iPods, stereo etc. <style>.woocommerce-product-gallery{ opacity: 1 !important; }</style>

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ECG/EKG Lectures, Lessons with Text, Images, Videos/Movies & Audio/Sound EKG: 12 LEAD EKGs (QUICKTIME, REAL PLAYER) - W. Harb & S. Moser, Physician Assistant Program, College of Health Professions, University of Detroit Mercy Multimedia EKG Video Lessons (Text, Images, Videos/Movies & Audio/Sound) OnlineMedEd is the most complete med school resource to make medical knowledge more understandable and easily accessible. Our videos are always free In this presentation from the Academy's Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Exam Review Course, Dr. Laura Enyedi discusses congenital glaucomas, pediatric cataracts, ocular tumors and trauma Pediatric Dentistry by Welbury 5th Edition. Key. Youtube → lecture on Youtube. Video Reference → 2 min video to understand topic. Slide + Audio → Powerpoint slides include recorded explanation. Audio → audio was sent on E-learning only. TO CONTACT THE DOCTOR. Dr. Ahmad Jafari: a.aljafari@ju.edu.jo. Dr. Hawazen Sonbol - Clinic Only

Pediatric cataract cases are normally examined on the first postoperative day. The next follow-up depends on the amount of inflammation but is most often at 1 week after surgery. Once both eyes are operated on, periodic examinations are required to determine refraction, IOP, and retinal evaluation A free CME site with online education and webcasts for physicians and sonographers from the American Society of Echocardiography. Search for live and on-demand courses offered by the Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography. SCA offers the most current educational content from three of our live CME events Courtesy Assistant Professor of Pediatrics Nemours Children's Specialty Care, Jacksonville. Target Audience Primary care physicians, Specialty Physicians, Physician Assistants, Nurses. Program Description This CME activity consists of an educational component (slides, audio lecture) in an electronic format, followed by an online post-test Following are the features of USMLE Step 2 CK Lecture Notes 2021: Psychiatry, Epidemiology, Ethics, Patient Safety PDF: The official Kaplan Lecture Notes for USMLE Step 2 CK cover the comprehensive information you need to ace the USMLE Step 2 and match into the residency of your choice. Up-to-date. Updated annually by Kaplan's all-star faculty

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Email Address. Nickname. Password. Show password. Login - CTisus.com. All Sections Journal Club Lectures Pearls Protocols Case Studies Medical Illustrations. Search. Everything you need to know about Computed Tomography (CT) & CT Scanning. Toggle navigation Trauma On Demand offers 15 trauma-focused lectures and 16.5 hours of CME. This is the perfect online audio course to help you meet your trauma CME requirements. The trauma audio program features over 10 expert faculty to listen to at your own pace. Take notes and listen at your convenience. You will also have access to the course syllabus for.

The Healthcare and Religion Lecture Series (HRLS) was initiated to raise awareness of the intersection of spirituality, faith, and religion with the practice of medicine and healthcare more generally. (audio only): 412-447-5295 Donald N. Medearis Jr. Lecture and Department of Pediatrics Ethics Grand Rounds Video recorded, audio recorded and live lectures were found to be equally effective for providing basic knowledge. Video recorded and live lectures were more effective than audio recorded lecture at assessing higher levels of analytical thinking. Students attending video recorded lecture performed as well as those attending the live lecture

IVUmed Team Returns to Trinidad for Pediatric WorkshopEndometriosis - OB/GYN Case Studies - CTisus CT ScanningNormal Placenta and fetus s/p Trauma - OB/GYN Case StudiesTurtle Who Ate a Lobster the Day Before - Veterinary CaseAblative CO2 laser resurfacing - American Academy of