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Plum trees are grown by grafting the variety wanted onto a special plum that just makes the root system. These grafted trees can be of different sizes depending on the roots chosen. So dwarf trees will reach 8 to 10 feet tall and the same across, while standard-sized trees will be twice as big A wide selection of Victoria Plum trees offered for sale at Raintree Nursery. This Plum comes in such a variety of colors, shapes, sizes and flavors Get free shipping on qualified Plum Tree Trees or Buy Online Pick Up in Store today in the Outdoors Department A cultivar of Japanese plum, Methley is a handsome tree that is small, upright, and spreading. It produces heavy, annual crops of juicy, sweet, red-purple fruit that ripens from late May to early July, depending on location. The fruit is juicy, sweet and mild with a distinctive flavor—good for fresh eating or jelly. The Methley plum also.

Plum trees provide food and cover for butterfly larva, birds and mammals. Planting Instructions. Related products. Methley Plum. Starting at Member Price $18.99 Regular Price $25.99 . Damson Plum. Starting at Member Price $18.99 Regular Price $25.99 . Santa Rosa Plum Ty Ty Nursery offers a big selection of plum trees, every color and size. Our low prices make planting a back yard plum orchard a reality today. Plum Trees are hardy and can be planted throughout the USA. Call our orchard pros at 888-758-2252

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Sweet plum trees for every backyard orchardist's dream come true! Grow fresh, juicy plums in your backyard or orchard that ripen in summer year after year. You can buy plum trees online! Some plum varieties are self pollinating but will produce a better crop if planted with other fruit trees for maximum cross pollination Thundercloud Plum Trees for Sale Online. The Thundercloud Purple Leaved Plum Tree is a stunning landscape specimen. Its coppery purple foliage holds its color well into fall. Pale pink, flowers blanket the branches in the spring before the foliage emerges. This flowering tree is a strong accent in any landscape or garden, so it is best used as. Plum Trees. Santa Rosa Plum (125) Starting at $54.99 Bubblegum Plum® (40) $54.99 Easy to Grow! Shiro Plum (48) $54.99 Ozark Premier Plum (21) $54.99. Growing your own plum tree is a great way to enjoy fresh, nutrition-packed plums that will ultimately cost much less than those you would buy at the store. Our selection includes two kinds of. Online Orchards Double Plum Twist Bare Root Tree with 2 Different Plum Varieties Growing On 1 Tree. (1) See Lower Price in Cart. $ 69 98. Online Orchards Dwarf Honeycrisp Apple Tree Bare Root. (771) See Lower Price in Cart. $ 37 98/box. Online Orchards Dwarf Bartlett Pear Tree Bare Root

The Bruce plum tree is a hybrid produced by crossing a Japanese and a US plum. These early-bearing trees are very popular and produce very large wine red skin over sweet yellow flesh. The Bruce plum trees grows to a height of of 10 to 15 feet and requires a pollinator. They flourish in the warmer climates of the south. Typically ripens in June Willis Orchard Company offers our customers a wide variety of sizes on many fruit trees to buy online. Most varieties of fruit trees will start as a small whip, which is only one main trunk. Often times the whip is described as just a stick. These are young trees that one can enjoy watching grow and then prune to a desired shape or size Plum trees are easy to grow - usually easier than apples and pears - and require very little training or pruning. The only horticultural challenge is that plums flower quite early in spring, so locations that are prone to frosts are best avoided (or choose a late-flowering or frost-resistant variety) Morris Plum Tree. $ 34.95. Multi-Graft 3 N 1 Fruit Salad Tree [Gold Dust Peach, Independ. Nectarine, Late Santa Rosa Plum or Blenheim Apricot] $ 79.95

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  1. Loquat tree live seedling 8- 12 edible yellow fruit Evergreen Japanese Plum. $10.00. $5.65 shipping. or Best Offer. 6 watching. Citrus Yuzu Tree Reticulata VAR. Live Trees Plant Austera 3 Starter Small Plants. $55.95. Free shipping
  2. Frost-Friendly Plum Tree. Dubbed the California plum tree of the pf-midwest, Black Ice plum trees can withstand cold weather up to -30 degrees Fahrenheit! This means your tree won't die well below freezing, so you can continue to reap the reward of sweet, juicy plums without ever having to worry about replanting after a cold winter.. Add Surprising Interest to Your Landscap
  3. The AU Rosa Plum zones are perfect for growers in the United States plant hardiness zones 5-8. Plant this fruit tree in full sun for the best fruit production. The AU Rosa Plum chill hour requirement is 700-750 hours below 45 F. Keep soil moist during planting and water well throughout the first year to establish a strong root system
  4. European plums come in all kinds of colors and flavors to choose from! From green to yellow to purple to red, there are so many possibilities. These plums are excellent in jam, sauce, dried as prunes, or fresh off the tree! Smaller, semi-dwarf trees are easier to harvest and maintain. Compatible cultivars are offered if cross pollination is needed
  5. The Santa Rosa is a variety of the Chinese Plum tree Prunus salicina, and was developed in 1906 by prolific California breeder Luther Burbank. It's a medium sized tree that can grow up to 25 feet high and the same wide. It's quite an open tree that develops additional side branches as it matures, and simply for its appearance it would be a.
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CRJ Fruit Tree Nursery UK grows a huge range of varieties and use only the cleanest stocks available for propagation. Buy Dwarf Plum Trees online is after all a sound financial investment that will reward for many years to come so it makes sense not only to select from a specialist nursery in fruit trees, but also to have the pleasure of choosing from the widest range possible CRJ Fruit Tree Nursery UK grows a huge range of varieties and use only the cleanest stocks available for propagation. Buy Yellow Plum trees online is after all a sound financial investment that will reward for many years to come so it makes sense not only to select from a specialist nursery in fruit trees, but also to have the pleasure of choosing from the widest range possible Buy Superior Plum Trees Online. Superior Plum tree description. The Superior Plum tree is a Japanese-American cross that is grown sucessfully in cold regions and is hardy to -30. The Superior fruit is fire red with yellow flesh, clingstone, ripening the first days of August which are ideal for eating off the tree and is also excellent for jam. Buy delicious plum trees at Nature Hills Nursery, America's largest online nursery. Shop now for Chickasaw, Damson, Santa Rosa and more for your yard. Nature Hills is a complete garden center offering trees, shrubs, perennials, rose bushes, other plants, flower bulbs, and seeds

Plum Tree are available for sale from the following specialist nurseries. STARK Bro's NURSERIES& ORCHARDS Co - phone: 1-800-325-4180 fax: 573-754-8880. PO Box 1800 Louisiana MO 63353. 191 year ol d, family-owned nursery. Originators of Red and Golden Delicious apples Methley plums will reach an overall height of 15-20 feet tall and mature width of 10-15 feet, growing at a rate of 12-18 inches per year. The Methley plum is also a great pollinator for many other types of plum trees. Choosing a location: All plum trees need a full sun exposure location so be sure to pick a bright spot for the trees new home.

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Boek het Plum Tree Club, Bridgetown. U krijgt direct een bevestiging. U krijgt Direct Een Bevestiging. Reserveer Online, Laagste Prijzen Satsuma plum makes some pretty awesome jam, one of our favorites. The Santa Rosa plum is a self fertile tree and one that will pollinate all other sweet plums. Find them all on this page. Ambra Plum Tree. Burgundy Plum. Caramel Kiss Plum. Catalina Plum Tree. Crimson Delight Plum. Elephant Heart Plum Tree Effortless Plum Tree with Versatile FruitItalian Plum Tree is a fruit-bearing tree that provides a harvest of versatile fruit of superior quality. Plant one in a spot with good drainage and full sun (although it will tolerate some shade). Buy Quality Plants, Trees & Flowers Online

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  1. There's nothing like eating a fresh plum right off the tree! Check out our wide selection of plum trees including Japanese plums, European plums, Pluot hybrids and Flowering and Ume tree types. Plant a plum tree in your yard so you can grow your own fresh, delicious plums. Scionwood for grafting is also available for many of the varieties listed
  2. The Bruce plum tree is a hybrid produced by crossing a Japanese and a US plum. These early-bearing trees are very popular and produce very large wine red skin over sweet yellow flesh. The Bruce plum trees grows to a height of of 10 to 15 feet and requires a pollinator. They flourish in the warmer climates of the south. Typically ripens in June
  3. Buy your organic plum trees from Grandview Orchard & Nursery Stock in Antigo. Many plum tree varieties to choose from. Pre-Order now or See Our Inventory
  4. g Chickasaw Plum Trees to beautify your landscape. The benefit of growing it as a tree is that it allows for a breakup of greenery at eye level since it is a small tree. Creating a light shade will also enable the birds to make their nests high off the ground safely. The wind will also be able to carry the fragrance from the flowers.
  5. Please note that when placing an order online your cc is charged immediately. If you prefer delayed billing please call (800) 733-0324 and place your order. Generally ships from January through April. The Persian Green plum tree (Goje Sabz) yields fruit that is a small to medium tart plum with a dark yellow flesh. If eaten while small and green.
  6. 2-in-1 Cherry Plum/Sprite Delight. A grafted combination of two Plum varieties, the 2-in-1 Cherry Plum/Sprite Delight tree is an independent cross-pollinator and produces a combination of sweet and tangy fruits. Both are great for jam and jelly recipies, and can be infused into a deliciously flavored cocktail
  7. Burpee fruit trees for home gardens including apples, cherries, peaches, pears and plums. Trees ship at proper planting time for your region. Burpe

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Latin: Prunus americana. Zones: 3-8. Other common names: American Plum, wild yellow plum, red plum, wild plum. Mature Height: 20-30 ft. American plum grows as a large shrub or small tree. Soil / Climate: likes moist soils, The shrub is winter-hardy, but has little tolerance for shade, drought, or fire. Notes: white flowers in spring Prunus is easy to grow and adapts to most conditions. Feed once a year with a slow release fertilizer. To give your plant the best start possible, we include free fertilizer with every order. Interesting Notes. Our 2 gallon potted Plum trees are generally 3 years old, 4-5 ft tall, approximately 1 inch caliper trunk and likely will produce fruit.

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  1. It is slightly acidic and loaded with sugar, giving it a spicy sweet flavor. One can detect both plum and nectarine traits with ease. Spice Zee is a beautiful ornamental tree with a tremendous spring bloom followed by dark red leaf in the spring that matures to a rich green-red in late summer. This variety is self-fruitful and very productive
  2. Plum trees are delicious, summer fruiting plants that are delightful for fresh eating and with some varieties, drying as Prunes. Many varieties exist including Green Gages, Damsons, Plums and Italian Prunes. European Plums will produce some fruit on their own, but will produce far more if pollinated by another European Plum in the area
  3. Green Gage Plum Tree - Rare green dessert plum with endless culinary uses! (2 years old and 3-4 feet tall.) Green Gage Plum Tree - Rare green dessert plum with endless culinary uses! (2 years old and 3-4 feet tall.) Sold out. Dwarf D'Anjou Pear Tree - Citrusy flavor and aroma make D'Anjou famous worldwide! (2 years old and 3-4 feet tall.
  4. Buy Waneta Plum Trees Online Waneta Plum tree description Another N.E. Hansen hybrid cross introduced by the South Dakota Experimental Station in 1913, it is considered to be the best all around, all purpose American plums

Buy the best fruit trees for your backyard orchard from Grandpa's Orchard fruit tree nursery! The nursery at Grandpa's Orchard® offers a huge selection of varieties of apple, pear, cherry, peach, nectarine, apricot, plums and prunes on a diverse selection of rootstocks--- dwarf, semi-dwarf and semi-standard. Make Grandpa's your choice for. They will stand up to summer conditions in the South and are one of the best evergreen plants for growing under shade trees. Rest assured, when you buy plum yews for sale online from Wilson Bros Gardens, we safely ship the highest quality container-grown specimens that are ready upon arrival to plant and thrive for years to come in your gardens. Mayhaw Tree (2'3') $9.95 Mayhaw plants produce fruit that is delicious and is commonly made into jelly. PECAN TREE (6'-8') $59.95 Desireable, Elliott, Candy, Cape Fear, and Sumner. Pecan trees may live and bear edible seeds for more than 300 years. GO TO CITRUS PAGE BERRIES AND VINES PAGE FLOWERING TREE PAGE SHADE TREE PAG

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012 Plum Trees - Japanese & Blood Plums Home / 012 Plum Trees - Japanese & Blood Plums Plum trees in this category come from Asian origins, rather than European, and tend to be a little more sprightly and less fully sweet Plum Trees. Toka. Is a zone 3-4 easy to grow fruit, also known as the Bubblegum plum. It is a high-yielding tree producing moderately vigorous medium to large size plums. These plums are red skinned with a luscious yellow flesh. They have a rich sweet taste, they are clingstone and ripens late August. Toka is a cold hardy , beautifully. Bare Root Plums & Prunes The majority of our plum offerings are Japanese varieties, which include many different colors, shapes and flavors. The most familiar and popular is Santa Rosa with its tart purple skin and sweet, juicy, amber flesh.The tree is usually very productive and, if the plums are picked when still firm, they are more useful for cooking and baking

Fruit Trees. Honeycrisp Apple (245) Starting at $52.99 Bartlett Pear (100) Starting at $52.99 Easy to Grow! Redhaven Peach (221) Starting at $59.99 Easy to Grow! Stark® Montmorency Pie Cherry (122) Starting at $59.99. Fruit trees can be planted any time of year as long as the soil is not frozen and the temperatures have not reached their peak. Some plum tree varieties are self-pollinating, and some require another plum tree as a pollinator. Stanley Plum, a European variety that produces freestone fruits, does not require a pollinator. In its product descriptions, Gurney's lists whether a second plum tree is needed as a pollinator. Plum trees are some of the easiest fruit trees to.

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The Sand Plum tree is an excellent pollinator for most varieties.] Delivery Time: Deciduous Fruit Trees are shipped dormant usually December thru April, weather dependent, arriving 7-10 to business days from when the order was placed, while in the current shipping season. Delivery time can not be guaranteed, if a package needs to arrive prior. The most cold hardy of Purple leaf Plum varieties, 'Newport' is a small tree 15 to 20 feet tall and wide featuring deep purple leaves that retain their color throughout the season. In spring, rose-pink buds open to soft-pink flowers that contrast beautifully with the deep reddish-purple stems and the new reddish-purple leaves that begin to.

Robe de Sargent prune plum. $ 32.00 inc. GST. Robe de Sargent prunes bear small elongated fruit, with dark blue to purple skin, yellow juicy, very sweet flesh. Details. Quick View. Out of stock. Sale Fruit Trees. We Have Many Varieties of Top Quality Fruit Trees to Choose From, which include the Following: Apple Trees, Apricot Trees, Cherry Trees, Fig Trees, Hackberry Trees, Mulberry Trees, Peach Trees, Pear Trees, Persimmon Trees, Plum Trees, Serviceberry Trees and Many Others! To Purchase Our Fruit Trees Please Use The Pull Down Menu in. Old Green Gage plum tree. Old Green Gage is the definitive gage, and often considered the best flavored of any plum variety. It is described by Victorian fruit enthusiast Robert Hogg as tender, melting, and very juicy, with a rich, sugary and most delicious flavor , whilst H.V. Taylor in 'The Plums of England' (1949) rates it as For all. Plum Trees for Zone 3 (Spring 2022) Fruit trees are shipped in March and April, but shopping before spring gives the best selection. See our annual schedule, pricing charts, and wholesale info.Refine your tree search below

Prunus - Plum 'Methley'. (Japanese Plum) Enjoy the homegrown sweetness of Methley Plums. Methley Plums are part of the Japanese plum family known to be a fast grower that produces tons of fruit that form clusters throughout the tree. The medium to large sized fruit juicy and sweet. Methley produces red skinned and red fleshed fruit from late. Bower & Branch offers a large selection of larger, potted fruit trees for anyone looking to produce fresh fruit from their gardens. Apple Trees, Peach Trees, Nut and other types can be ordered online and picked up in a garden center near you with an available 3-Year Guarantee Order trees, plants, and supplies online now. Contact for fast-growing evergreen trees and fruit trees. Raintree Nursery offers quality nursery products. Order trees, plants, and supplies online now. Methley Asian Plum Prunus salicina x 'Methley' Methley is the most reliable and easiest-to-grow fruit tree we offer. Every year in July. Mimosa Tree There is nothing better than having the most unique tree on the block. The Mimosa Tree's tropical pink blooms and fern-like foliage is not a fan favorite of deer, but is a fan favorite of butterflies, hummingbirds and other pollinators. Place this tree in a sunny area for a little extra shade underneath its wide spreading canopy

A Japanese blood plum with dark red flesh and large fruit if thinned. The flavour is excellent, the skin glossy red and it has a egg shaped fruit. Will crop over a wide range of climates. Pollinator Satsuma. expand_more Choose: $37.00;2.5L. Grafted. Price. $ 37.00 The Best Plum Tree Varieties. Plum trees and the rest of the Prunus domestica family (Bullace, Damsons, Gold & Greengages, and Mirabelles) carry the vast majority of the stone fruit that one can grow in the UK. Plums are essential in any mixed orchard, the rest of which you can find in our range of fruit trees.. Plums and their relatives in Summar Santa Rosa Plum Tree. The Santa Rosa Plum tree is a Japanese plum variety which produces delicious reddish-purple plums with radiant white flowers in the spring. Not only is the fruit large with a fine-textured clingstone flesh, but it also has a juicy and sweet flavor. This product is currently out of stock and unavailable

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  1. Buy Victoria Plum Trees For Orchards & Gardens. Juicy Plums for Eating or Cooking. Grow Your Own Plums. Free Delivery on Orders Over €7
  2. Ruby Queen Plum Tree. $ 20.00. The Ruby Queen Plum tree is a Japanese plum variety which produces delicious reddish-black plums with good disease resistance. Moreover these plums will ripen in the late season, about three to four weeks after the Santa Rosa plum. Not only is the fruit large with a firm texture, but it also has a juicy and sweet.
  3. Plum Tree Products Online Store India - Buy at FirstCry.com. Added to Cart. Shortlisted. Already Viewed. Plum Tree Sets Of 2 Cap... Multiple Sizes Available. 1011.6 2248. Club Price: 966.64. 2 - 3Y
  4. A wide selection of Plum trees are offered for sale from dessert to culinary varieties. Plums ripen from July until September. Buy plum trees online

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Plum Deluxe Online Tea Shop: Buy Loose Leaf Tea Online. Spend $45+ get 1 iced tea free, code 1FREEICED. Spend $65+ get 2 free iced teas plus free shipping, code 2FREEICED. Search & Filter The brilliant red blossoms of the plum tree have been a richly symbolic subject of Chinese art and poetry for over a thousand years. Master artisans working in this tradition have painted and gilded these screens by hand, and no two are exactly alike. Each comes mounted on four panels, bordered with silk brocade, and set in a lacquered wooden.

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Plum Trees. Plum trees are an excellent option for beginners as they need very little pruning and training compared to other fruit trees; and their tempting fruit is fantastic at encouraging wildlife into your garden.. Plums are packed full with nutrients that rival other superfoods such as blueberries, making them a healthy addition to your diet. Home grown plums are renowned for being much. Plum Trees. Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items. Methley Plum Tree. Starting at $99.99 Growing Zones: 5-9 Santa Rosa Plum Tree. Starting at $119.99 Growing Zones: 5-9 Sold Out. 2-in-1 Plum Surprise Tree. Sold Out. Growing Zones: 5-9 Amazing Variety, Curated Just for You. Buy Plum Trees Fruit Trees For Sale in Los Angeles Southern California - santa rosa, persian green plum, burgundy plum, golden plum, weeping Prunus saliciana The Golden Plum tree produces a very delicious, yellow, medium sized plum with sweet and juicy flesh that is golden in color. Select options Makes a great privacy screen. Covered with yellow-red fruit in late summer. You get two plants for pollination, but plant more for an attractive screen—8-10 ft. tall. 2- to 3- ft. trees. Zones 3-8. SKU: 13133. $19.99. For each offer ordered, get two 2'-3' bareroot. Grows in zones: 3-8 Ornamental Qualities. The Indian Plum is a highly desirable ornamental for native gardens. The Indian Plum produces small, beautiful, white flowers in early March that become pendant with the lengthening days. The flowers and leaves have a rich almond fragrance. The small fruits are a deep purple color

Superior Plum. The Superior Plum's fruit is large with a dark red skin. The flesh is yellow, firm, meaty and of the finest quality. This fruit tree is a good pollinator for several other varieties. This juice fruit works great when used for jam or fresh eating. White blooms in May. Mature size is around 15-20' high and wide A Plumcot is a unique plum-apricot hybrid, a fruit that will deliver a very good taste. Like it sounds, the fruit takes some tendencies from both the apricot and the plum tree, but the fruit that results is truly unique. Harvest your plumcots mid August in Central Calif, a naturally small tree with fruit needing 500 to 600 chill hours. Choose the Flavor Supreme, Santa Rosa or Late Santa Rosa. The Underwood plum is a medium to large plum with an oblong or conic form. The skin is a red and moderately thick with a slightly tart flavour. The aromatic flesh is golden yellow; tender, sweet and juicy. It is almost completely freestone but with still a little cling Grobe's offers European and Japanese plums for home gardeners. For best fruit pollination, European types should be crossed with other European, and Japanese with Japanese. Available European varieties for 2021 are Damson, Stanley and Early Italian. Available Japanese varieties include Yellow Egg, Shiro and Early Golden Plum trees are very shallow rooted, with extensive growths suckering and widely spreading. The leaves of an American plum tree are dark green with a lighter underside. In the spring small, white five-petal flowers bloom in small clusters. The fruit, or the plum itself, is merely one inch in diameter when fully grown..

We are open for sales at the nursery 10AM to 5PM, 7 days a week. We will be closed Monday, 9/6, Labor Day. Face masks are optional for those vaccinated June Plum $67.00. Size Small Box - $67. Large Box - $97. Extra Large Box - $147. Bulk Box - $247. Quantity-+ Add to Cart This is a relatively small variety of June plum that packs a lot of flavor! The experience of biting into one can be spicy, sour, and savory..

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American Plum Prunus americana. The American Plum is a fast growing selection with many wildlife benefits. This plum will grow as a small tree or large shrub which will readily sucker from the ground up around the root zone. When suckers are not trimmed regularly, it will transform into a large erect shrub and form a dense spreading thicket as. These plum trees can survive in a variety of growing zones, which makes them an insanely popular choice in the United States. Where to Buy Newport Plum Trees? Many people purchase their flowering plum trees from a variety of online and local retailers Plum Trees. Firm and tangy or soft and sweet, plums are delicious and full of nutrients. Enjoy your plums straight from the branch, or bake them into desserts. You can also dry them and eat them as a snack. Bob Wells Nursery has plenty of variety, so explore your options when you choose your plum tree

Product Description. Gulf Rose Plum Tree - Low Chill Tropical Plum! Another University of Florida patented release (USPP 12833). Gulfrose has heavy crops of medium-sized fruit. Rich flavor, purple red skin and rose red center. About as beautiful as a plum can get! Needs another Plum Tree for pollination. We recommend another Gulf Series variety Purchase Trees for the 2022 Spring Planting Season. Pick-Up/Delivery Dates to be announced. Click to Enlarge To ensure your order will be filled for next year, you may now order online for 2022. Please note Spee-Dee shipping zone upon checkout. Shipping Trees will be shipped out during the months of April & May. Choose Your Correct Plant. Prunus americana - Other common names: American Plum, Native Plum, wild yellow plum, red plum. Mature Height: 20-30 ft. American plum grows as a large shrub or small tree. Soil / Climate: likes moist soils, The shrub is winter-hardy, but has little tolerance for shade, drought, or fire. Notes: white flowers in spring The roots are shallow, widely spread, and send up suckers

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These self fertile Cherry, Plum, Apple, Peach, Apricot, Pear, Nectarine, Asian Pear, Almond, and Walnut trees will always produce fruit, regardless of whether there is another cultivar planted nearby! Italian Plum Tree - Cold hardy, heavy producing and everbearing! (2 years old and 3-4 feet tall.) Italian Plum Tree - Cold hardy, heavy producing. America's Favorite Plum One of the most popular trees for commercial plum growers is also available for home orchardists. The Santa Rosa Plum tree's dark, reddish-purple fruits are just as easy to grow in your yard as they are on a farm. Aside from bearing delectable fruit, the tree is pretty enough to be a focal point in your landscape. The fruit from this tree is the classic ideal for a plum. European & Asian Plum Trees: prunus domestica Plums show great diversity of color, form, size, taste and use. European plums are the blue plums, including prunes, with firm flesh, that mature late in the summer. Most will freely interpollinize. Japanese plums bloom earlier, mature earlier and are juicier in the fl The delicious fruit of the Java Plum is small and oblong. As it matures fruits change from pink to red and finally to black when ripe. All trees produce a slightly different shape fruit. In stock. Black Java Plum Tree (syzygium cumini) $ 54.99. Black Java Plum Tree (syzygium cumini) quantity. Add to cart Plum Trees can are one of the easiest and most popular of the stone fruits that we grow in our gardens. These free-growing Plum Trees and Gage Trees need very little pruning, and most Plums are self-fertile meaning you only need one tree in your garden. They have very attractive blossom and can easily be grown as a fa