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The 3k include the 20% import tax, however that still leaves ~600 EUR of import duty - 6,5% of the total value due to the precious metal import. So to make it clear: the additional costs related exclusively to Brexit are around 600 EUR for just a small package of scientific sample material. 457 The fish fished in british waters always went to 100 percent on the mainland and the fish from Norway the Mediterranean northern france etc was imported. So it basically was a fish exchange. It simply made sense to have common fish quotas and grounds for exactly that reason. 2. level 2 UK voters might regret Brexit but they don't want to reverse it - although most voters now believe the UK was wrong to leave the EU, only around a third say they would vote to rejoin Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. level 1. Score hidden · 9 minutes ago Brexit fallout should be discussed in the news just as much as the pandemic. Why, why, WHY did this have to happen, no more freedom of movement, no more customs-free trade, the insane, massive, utterly devastating economic consequences of it all and ALL FOR ABSOLUTELY NOTHING

r/brexit. A place to debate and discuss the UK's exit from the European Union. Please debate general UK topics (non-brexit related) elsewhere, such as r/ukpolitics. 47.2k. Members. 623. Online. Created Sep 19, 2014. help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts Brexit from an Austrian perspective. I am from Austria but I love the UK, travel there every year and therefore I follow Brexit quite closely. Unfortunately Brexit causes to give up my retirement dream of moving to Scotland. But other than that I do not feel Brexit on a day to day basis. Except one thing

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A statement from the R/soccerstreams' moderator detailed: We've officially reached critical mass. I regret to inform you all that a few days ago the Reddit Admins got in touch with us about an impeding ban of this subreddit if changes weren't made. The only way to save it, from our perspective, was to cease all user-related activity. Type a subreddit name to list its overlaps with other subreddits. The scores listed are probability multipliers, so a score of 2 means that users of the inputted subreddit are twice as likely to post and comment on that score=2 subreddit. 7.94 brexit. 7.63 techsupportgore. 7.34 antimlm. 7.13 finanzen. 6.43 femboy. 6.19 askanamerican. 6.13. On March 25th, 2017, the subreddit /r/LeopardsAteMyFace launched, gaining over 312,000 subscribers over the following three years. There, people post examples of Trump and Brexit supporters expressing regret for their actions. For example, on July 8th, 2020, Redditor i-like-to-be-wooshed posted an example of a Brexit voter upset at facing an. With Brexit done and the Leave constituency largely those who experience regret over transition generally do so because of negative social repercussions. the detransition subreddit and social media is full of heartbreaking stories of young people dealing with the consequence of a system that encouraged them to medicalise their gender.

Covid rules are destroying our humanity. A mum was tasered at her son's football match for not wearing a mask. And no one intervened. There is not much special about Logan, Ohio. Sure, there's. I regret to inform you all that a few days ago, the Reddit Admins got in touch with us about an impeding ban of this subreddit if changes weren't made. blow as MPs block no-deal Brexit. The clip ends before Moore claims they will come to regret the decision, comparing it to the Brexit vote in the United Kingdom. Spread That same day, the video reached the front page of the /r/The_Donald [5] subreddit Brexit is more popular among Britons than what is happening in Hong Kong is among Hong Kong residents. There was a vote for Brexit where a majority of voters voted for Brexit, but there was absolutely no vote in Hong Kong for any of the things happening in Hong Kong.. To draw a parallel between these two events as if something that was actually voted on by the people who live there to do to.

Type a subreddit name to list its overlaps with other subreddits. The scores listed are probability multipliers, so a score of 2 means that users of the inputted subreddit are twice as likely to post and comment on that score=2 subreddit. 2.94 instant_regret. 2.94 seattle. 2.94 movies. 2.91 makemesuffer. 2.90 libertarian. 2.90 undefined. REDDIT SOCCER STREAMS was effectively shut down in January and led to the website giant losing more than 400,000 subscribers. But why was the Reddit streaming banned - and how can you watch.

Latest Reddit news on Ask Me Anythings & subreddits such as The Donald, politics & world news plus more on Alexis Ohanian and Serena Williams' relationship REDDIT Soccer Streams have been shut down following a Premier League crackdown. Express Sport explains why the site has blocked links to live games and how to live stream action legally

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Hundreds of Reddit communities go private after company hired controversial politician. Reddit has announced that it is evolving a number of relevant internal policies after a debacle over. The subreddit's short-squeeze of GameStop helped shoot up the price of the video game retailer's stock a mind-boggling 1,700% from the beginning of January to Wednesday (before it fell again. WallStreetBets, a subreddit that describes itself as like 4chan found a Bloomberg terminal, has long banned cryptocurrency discussion. It lifted this ban on three cryptocurrencies - bitcoin, ether and dogecoin - though it continued banning crypto spam on Wednesday, after Coinbase's direct public listing Reddit, which announced a $250 million Series E earlier this month, has added over $116 million to the financing event, upping the round's most recent total to $367 million, according to a new SEC filing. The document shows that Reddit is aiming to raise up to $500 million in this capital raise. A Reddit spokesperson confirmed the news, saying that the new capital is from new and existing. The latest data I could find was from last year, when Reddit turned 10 years old. The post says that Reddit received a total of 1,715,454,785 comments in these ten years. Divided by 3650 days, this accounts for a total of 470,000 comments per day.

The general manager of Reddit has apologised for the online community's controversial attempt to crowdsource the search for perpetrators of the Boston bombings.Three people were killed and more. REDDIT SOCCER STREAMS - Find out why Reddit streaming was banned and how you can watch Premier League games legally This flag map of Europe is a thing of beauty. Here at indy100 we love our flags. We made a flag map of Europe, so you can tell we're not just throwing that about. We've made quiz after quiz. However, someone's gone and bettered us in flag nerddom. Recently a reddit user called Drac-Henry submitted a flag map of some European, African and Middle. Astrological predictions - a few musings. 6th March 2021. 6th March 2021. by Marjorie. The knotty question of how astrological predictions work is an imponderable which practitioners tend to push to one side. No one pretends it is an exact science or art since in any given situation there are a myriad of complexities - different planetary.

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  2. A 4th-year computer science student who goes by the name Donthitsubmit3 posted his heart-breaking confession on the r/tifu subreddit. At the time of writing, the story has garnered 59.0k upvotes and some 2.3k comments. The Typical Student team shares this extremely embarrassing story. Never Miss The Deadline On Your Final Pape
  3. Sometimes you need to re-establish your balance. Perhaps you've just gone through a traumatic situation, or you're feeling a little lost and don't know where your life is headed. The real strength you need to find, ultimately rests within you alone. No one else can give you this clarity, and it's foolish to live your [
  4. Strangely, though, nearly 40 years later — in the run-up to Britain's Brexit campaign — the corner shop was utilized in the complete opposite way. On anti-EU brochures and pamphlets, corner shops were lionized as a symbol of British patriotism, providing aesthetic proof that some immigrants were hard-working contributors.
  5. I was awake at 5am. And I never get up early. I sat in my kitchen staring out at the twilight sky as Taylor Swift's voice played through my headphones. 'I don't know how it gets better than.
  6. Consider an investor who invests $50K a year for 30 years and the investment makes 8%. She pays an advisor 1%, so it's really like the investments compound at 7%. After 30 years, she has $4.7M. If she had not used an advisor, and so got to keep the entire 8%, she would have ended up with $5.6M, or 20% more

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Today, the news is largely distributed by some of the largest American corporations: Google, Facebook, and Twitter, Rick said, drawing attention to the fact that social media sites have the potential to shift people's thinking and even influence elections. Think Brexit or the 2016 American Presidential election Ministerial Statement (Virtual): The impact of Brexit on Scotland's rural economy - 21 January 202 Ermine from Simple Living in Somerset discusses the lack of Santa rally and Brexit. The Top 25 Memes This Month On Reddit's 'Memes' Subreddit. Collection. Reddit's /r/memes is the place where many viral memes make their first appearance. These are the best of the subreddit for June 2021. July 11th, 2021 5:00 PM. 0 comments. 0. The Endless Journey Of Memes About Maps So when someone put up the question Which is the worst single decision in history ever made by a person? on AskReddit, it immediately became a hit on the subreddit. 47.3k upvotes and 17k comments later, we've got the most illuminating replies that may, in fact, make us change our perspective of things. Welcome to the land of historical.

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Short selling is a tactic used by hedge fund managers and investors who are predicting that a stock's value will go down. Short sellers borrow shares of a stock, usually from a broker-dealer. Jun 20, 2021 - I'm Prudence, a 28-year-old illustrator and comic artist from Belgium. I first started my comics on Instagram years ago as a way of journaling and keeping a diary in the form of drawings. I wanted to remember my progress by keeping some sort of collection online even though I was unaware of how Instagram really worked Ivan Bayoukhi, a banned member of the Reddit forum WallStreetBets, stated that members of the subreddit are tired of talking about GameStop Corp. (NYSE: GME) and at least up to 40% of the.

Can I make a request for the video of a suicide bomber failing over while riding a hover board and killing himself? So reads a comment in the subreddit r/WatchPeopleDie, an online space which is exactly what it sounds like. For five years, the forum has been a place for people to watch videos and gifs of strangers dying, and has now accumulated 240,543 subscribers New subreddits by date (How Reddit grew over time). Group by: Day Mont TikTok asked Twitch co-founder Justin Kan if he regrets selling his company and users loved his thoughtful response. Kan is an entrepreneur and investor who is best known as one of the founding members of Twitch. The streaming platform originally launched as Justin.tv, named after Kan himself

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I regret to inform you all that a few days ago, the Reddit Admins got in touch with us about an impeding ban of this subreddit if changes weren't made. Brexit The Government is planning. According to VAERS, a five-month-old baby died of TTP, a rare blood disorder caused by low blood platelets, the day after the child's mother got the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine. The transmission of the vaccine in some form via breastmilk is believed to be the trigger.I am actually familiar with TTP Ray Dillinger: If I'd Known What We Were Starting | Hacker News. wyc on Sept 21, 2017 [-] What really upsets me is that most of the whitepapers pumped out by ICOs today are emphatically not the way we best understand how sustainable new companies come into existence. Many contain big grandiose plans that stretch years and don't admit the.

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The fundamental truths of fiction. The slow atrophy of the English novel is contributing to a decline in empathy and the rise of stay in your lane identity politics. Features. By. Kit Wilson. May 2021. This article is taken from the May 2021 issue of The Critic. To get the full magazine why not subscribe The Young Turks, or TYT, is an online progressive news show founded by internet hothead pundit Cenk Uygur featuring commentary, analysis, and snarky critiques of conservative and authoritarian politics and personalities.. Beginning as a radio program hosted by Uygur in 2002, TYT jumped to CurrentTV and covered the 2012 presidential election.Among the more notable moments was an interview with. No, Jane Austen isn't getting canceled for drinking a nice cup of tea. We return now to the ongoing culture war. This time we will take a close look at the alleged cancellation of Jane Austen for the crime of drinking tea. The whole controversy, such as it is, began with a wildly misleading story in The Telegraph last month declaring (in its. Fighting the Financial Independence demons. by The Accumulator on February 2, 2021. L ike other solitary human endeavours, the road to financial independence (FI) is long and daunting. The perfect conditions for demons to materialise and siphon away your confidence! Catching you off-guard, they snicker in your ear that it will all be for naught The latest articles about marine le pen from Mashable, the media and tech compan

Photos: Budding skiers hit indoor slopes ahead of China's 2022 Winter Olympics. Howard Schultz once described Starbucks as a third place.. Unlike home or work, both of which are full of. The heavily pro-Trump subreddit r/The_Donald has become one of the most powerful forces on the Internet, with almost 400,000 highly-active subscribers and tens of millions of readers each day. The result is a dangerous disconnection between what we're being told is going on and the beliefs of a substantial portion of the citizenry The Princess Diaries actress Heather Matarazzo might be best known for playing Princess Mia's best friend Lilly Moscovitz in the 2001 movie and its sequel, The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement, but there is so much more to her than that (admittedly iconic) role.Matarazzo has been acting ever since she was a little girl, and she has proven her talent over and over again with dozens of roles. 19. At least half of states send every voter a mail-in ballot in 2020 presidential election: 20%. 20. PredictIt is uncertain (less than 95% sure) who won the presidential election for more than 24 hours after Election Day. 20%. 21. Democrats nominate Biden, and he remains nominee on Election Day: 90% When the world's best prediction experts are saying there's a 23% chance that Britain will choose Brexit, it sounds to me like the best model of the real world is a (double) coin toss. It's fine to say we should really be able to do better and get close to either 100% or 0% but unless you have a proposed method for actually doing.

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Lexico is a collaboration with Oxford Dictionary hosted by Dictionary.com offering definitions, meanings, and grammar in both English and Spanish. Translate from English to Spanish and Spanish to English with Lexico.co A few Antifa fools couldn't handle the open conversations so, they slinked off to put on their masks. They spent more than an hour on multiple cameras with n..

Sarah and Mike return to Camp You're Wrong About for another Satanic Panic story hour. This time we're talking about Mike Warnke's 1972 memoir about joining a demonic cult and the California hedonism that made him do it Another Followup To Economists On Education. Last month I argued that a news article misrepresented the feelings of economists on school vouchers. I got a bit of pushback from people who thought I had just misread it, and that it wasn't deceptive at all ( 1, 2, 3 ), and wrote an addendum post sticking to my guns The rational argument is: we don't want to live in a society where the private is potentially intruded by other outside actors, because in our notion of liberty the individual shall be able to live a life without having to fear these intrusions. Whether this fear is rational doesn't matter The Brexit referendum to leave the EU and Trump's success in the US general election in 2016 sparked new waves of discussion on nativism, nationalism, and the far right. Within these analyses, however, very little attention has been devoted towards exploring the transnational ideological circulation of Islamophobia and anti-establishment. Or the way a 33-year-old woman who runs a secret TaylorSwift stan account can't sleep on Fearless (Taylor's Version) Eve. The album appeared online at midnight Eastern Time. I had spent the.

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Economic effects of Brexit. Oppose with regret, The WP:RS mentions reddit but cites small investors in general as opposed to something organized in a subreddit. As a market phenomenon though this is interesting, and extreme, and I'd love to see it featured in the box in some capacity LIKE many teens, at 12 Cale Firgren felt uncomfortable in her developing body. But feeling that she was actually meant to be a boy, she underwent gender transition, removed both her breasts and to First, there is a non-refundable application fee for the retirement visa that cost over 5,500 Euros. Second, there is reference to a reasonable tax rate of 15% under the special RV program, but in the application, it states that at a minimum each year the tax will be 15,000 Euros Reddit, an online comment forum that is one of the internet's most popular websites, has banned a forum that supported Donald Trump, as part of a crackdown on hate speech Recently, a subreddit devoted to maps uploaded a graphic featuring Europe, coded by ranking in the Human Development Index. The Human Development Index (HDI) was created by the United Nations Development Programme to emphasise that people and their capabilities should be the ultimate criteria for assessing the development of a country, not economic growth alone

About Software: UnrealIRCd & Anope IRC Services Bots: Limnoria (SupyBot) & KVIrc scripting More info: https://redd.it/4iqyrd Rules NO account trading or selling NO invite trading or selling NO invite giveaways NO invite begging NO ban evading NO trolling Official Channels #opentrackers.org (main channel) #pre (pre + nukes/modnukes/unnukes) #pre-cburns (relay of #pre & #pre-spam & #pre-info. Now that all these issues are laid out before me in black and white I'm starting to regret my decision just the tiniest bit. Maybe I'm being overly critical. After all, if I had bought a car I'm sure I'd be complaining about its lack of a holographic heads up display radar, or its underpowered cockpit ejection system With the Brexit cloud removed and the economy rebounding as virus restrictions ease, investors are turning back to domestic stocks and those that are cheap relative to earnings.The ability to.

Americans Want to Ban Hate Speech But Can't Define It Two-thirds want social media platforms to ban harassment and racist, sexist, and other offensive speech Tulpas are sentient beings imagined into existence using meditation-style exercises. Their creators, known as tulpamancers, form the internet's newest subculture, meeting online at tulpa.info and the subreddit r/tulpas. Ya don't say. I have three tulpas, says Jick Clinton, a game design student from Plymouth Jun 21, 2021 - We might brag about the scar on our faces having come from rabid velociraptors that we fought off with our bare fists, but our friends know that we really slipped on a banana peel and crashed into our fridge handle We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us

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A backlash to the readmission of Chris Williamson to Labour was always inevitable, and so it has proved: 116 MPs and peers, including deputy leader Tom Watson and several other frontbenchers, have put their names to a statement demanding Jeremy Corbyn immediately withdraw the whip from the Derby North MP. The signatories say the decision to lift Williamson's four-month suspension for an. On Brexit, the entente cordiale and becoming French 1 week ago Some Sizzling Scintillating Speculations. Gratitude Death comes with regret of the things your could of done and could have said. Death comes with thoughts of unfinished conversations and broken promises. Moving the site to a subreddit REDDIT SOCCER STREAMS are no more following action from the Premier League. Express Sport is here to reveal why and explain how you can watch Liverpool vs Burnley, Arsenal vs Manchester United and. mwsherman on Aug 1, 2016 [-] A little meta-civility goes a long way, too. If one is inclined to call people jerks, bozos and assholes, perhaps one is not understanding people very well. It's much more effective to work learn about people, their predilections, biases and experiences. No one is a checkbox asshole The West was the first region to industrialize and realize those were the gender norms that worked for industrial societies, and as China and Arabia industrialize they're going to find the same thing. Caplan writes: A big part of the West's strength, I hasten to add, is its openness to awesomeness

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Roaming village peacocks score new roost and avoid death sentence. A band of peacocks who have merrily roamed a village for two years have scored a new roost and are set to avoid humane. China's former No 2 diplomat in Pakistan, known for taking to Twitter to defend his government in bellicose terms, has been handed a senior role in Beijing's foreign ministry.Recently updated. Mar 2, 2021 - The verified Instagram account exposes influencers in their natural habitat, sharing their crazy behind-the-scenes moments with the rest of us

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CNN blows lid off Trump tweet. CNN dispatched the head of its leading investigation team for the social, mobil generation- Andrew Kaczynski of the so-called KFile unit — to blow the lid. 8.42pm EST 20:42 We regret to report Trump is at it again on Twitter 7.54pm EST 19:54 Parler suspended from Google Play store 6.26pm EST 18:26 Donald Trump's account has been permanently. Return Of Kings Is Going On Hiatus. Daryush Roosh Valizadeh created ROK in October 2012. You can visit his blog at RooshV.com or follow him on Twitter and Facebook. After six years of continuous operation and 5,800 articles published, I'm putting ROK on an indefinite hiatus so I can take a break from the daily grind of maintaining the site

One of Jeff Foxworthy's You might be a redneck jokes involves the rare nonoffensive use of the words nipple and beaver in the same sentence. note ; George Carlin had a list of things nobody would ever say.. They included Hand me that piano, which actually was used in an episode of The Goon Show.One of his books features a paragraph-long sentence entitled, No One Ever Wrote This. Section 230 does not grant blanket immunity to services. An employee of the service who has a hand in creating or publishing defamatory speech puts the service in legal jeopardy, for example. But. Mike tells Sarah how a false rape allegation became a right-wing rallying cry and a left-wing conspiracy theory. Digressions include JonBenet Ramsay, 24 and The Vagina Monologues. Mike regrets not commenting on the metaphorical significance of being trapped in the closet throughout the episode Some say that when you're looking for love, the larger the net you cast, the more likely you'll find a match

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New details emerge in crypto kidnapping of Norwegian millionaire's wife. Anne-Elisabeth Hagen, wife of a wealthy investor, disappeared from the small town of Lørenskog, Norway, in October 2018 Online conspiracy theories turned my charming boyfriend into a violent gun hoarder. 'He said he was going to fight for his life and fight for ours,' Anna said. 'That he wasn't going to go. A series of interviews and keynotes presenting a decentralized alternative to the web structure of the internet. Wikileaks, Data Justice and a New Internet: Interview with York University Democracy vs Cambridge Analytica and Facebook: Interview with Monash University Response to the EU Commission on fake news We have free software. We need free databases. In The World Turned Upside Down, Christopher Hill studies the beliefs of such radical groups as the Diggers, the Ranters, the Levellers and others, and the social and emotional impulses that gave rise to them. The relations between rich and poor classes, the part played by wandering 'masterless men,' the outbursts of sexual freedom and. A DARK piece of software allows users to superimpose the face of their favourite celeb onto an actress in a porn film. Emma Watson, Arianna Grande and Taylor Swift are just some of the famous face

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I. Albion's Seed by David Fischer is a history professor's nine-hundred-page treatise on patterns of early immigration to the Eastern United States. It's not light reading and not the sort of thing I would normally pick up. I read it anyway on the advice of people who kept telling me it explains everything about America Links 11/14/2020. Cat Who Lived In A Church For 12 Years Passes Away, The Church Gives Her An Entire Memorial Service Bored Panda. Monarch butterflies' spectacular migration is at risk, and an ambitious new plan aims to save it PhysOrg (David L) A Newly Discovered Tick Germ Is Sickening Dogs in the U.S., Vets Say Gizmodo (David L In this episode, I talk with Andrew Torba, CEO of Gab.com. We discuss free speech, censorship, the First Amendment, the deplatforming of Gab.com by Silicon Valley giants and payment processors and why Bitcoin is free speech money The advancement of technology and furthering of knowledge is a noble endeavor, but only in pursuit of a higher goal. Advanced technology not used, or great knowledge never applied, is of no value. It is only with a higher intention for the use of these things that they have any value at all

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1 week of use and no regrets at all. Excellent pedals & actually costs less than Virpil and current retailers of the TM TPR. Surprisingly quick delivery for an international item - got it at my front door 10 days after payment. With Milan's no-nonsense youtube videos, it's very easy to set up, mount, and adjust to your liking LUCIFER season five won't air until next year but viewers are simply dying to know what storylines are going to be explored in the upcoming final series of the show. However, some may have figured. The mannequin is a perfect specimen, and a not-so-subtle cue to the trainees. This is what we expect. Which is why I start to regret requesting to be subjected to as many pieces of monitoring.

Scott Bok-- Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Thank you, Patrick. We reported second-quarter revenue of $56.1 million and a loss of $0.53 per share. For the first half, we had revenue of $107. A little show about big ideas. From the people who make Planet Money, The Indicator helps you make sense of what's happening today. It's a quick hit of insight into work, business, the economy, and everything else. Listen weekday afternoons Sarah Toth, 26, was addicted to OxyContin. She tried methadone to get clean. But it wasn't until the Pennsylvania mother found the YouTube trend of ASMR videos that she kicked the habit