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  1. In the poker variant of Texas Hold 'em, Cowboys is a nickname for two kings as a player's two hole cards. These are usually played fast as they are very vulnerable to an ace on the board. Other nicknames for kings include kangaroos, sergeants from k company, king kong, gorillas, krispy kreme,and cold turkey
  2. American slang something regarded as western in culture as a book or film as I have fifteen war films and fifty cowboys in my video collection. (adj) 1. like, of, or pertaining to cowboys and/or American western culture as a cowboy hat, a cowboy gun, or a cowboy movie 2
  3. COWBOY SLANG, LINGO, AND JARGON. A hog-killin' time: a real good time 1; A lick and a promise: to do haphazardly. Bill just gave it a lick and a promise 3, 4 Above Snakes: If you were above snakes, you were above ground - meaning still alive 4; Ace-high: first class, respected 1, 3, 4; Ace in the Hole: hideout or a hidden gun 4; Acknowledge the Corn: admit the truth, to confess.
  4. A term used to describe someone who has no idea what the hell they are doing but dresses the part. See also: Green-horn, wanna-be, New aged country artists 8
  5. Also known as buckaroos, cowpunchers, horse wranglers, and cowhands, the cowboy name is inspired by the old term cowpoke. Today, cowboys are a symbolic icon of the American West culture that can trace its history back more than two centuries

Arbuckle's - Slang for coffee, taken from a popular brand of the time. I need a cup of Arbuckle's. Argufy - Argue, to have weight as an argument. Argy - Argue. Arikara (also Arikaree) - This term is believed to mean horns, after this tribe's ancient custom of wearing hair ornaments that stuck upright and were made of bone If your bread wallet is empty and you need to line the flue, knight the ribbons and mosey to a beanery. Your cookie-pusher will know what you mean when you order any of these 27 cowboy food and. WADDIE: Another term for cowboy, a hired man, in the western United States, who tends cattle and performs many of his duties on horseback. The term waddy is an old term that no one seems to be able to actually put their finger on the exact origin. It is more common in the Midwest and Southwest Cowboy sayings can be surprisingly insightful, but not without their sense of humor. Discover some funny cowboy sayings that'll get you thinking! Reference Just 'cause trouble comes visiting doesn't mean you have to offer it a place to sit down. Lettin' the cat outta the bag is a whole lot easier than puttin' it back Saddle Bum - A drifter.. Saddle Stiff - A cowboy, also referred to as saddle warmer and saddle slicker.. Saddle Tramp - A cowboy who spends most of his time in the chuck line.. Sadying - A simple and unaffected mode of dancing.. Sagamore - The title of a chief or ruler among some of the American tribes of Indians.. Sagebrush Men - Cowboy who worked in the arid portions.

The term cowboy can have many meanings depending how you wish to use it. A cowboy could refer to a country lad, an American, a cow herder, a wild, adventure-loving youth, or one who rides or works with horses cowboy: [noun] an employee who frequently operates in an unauthorized fashion

1. A hired man, especially in the western United States, who tends cattle and performs many of his duties on horseback. Also called cowman; also called regionally buckaroo, vaquero, waddy2. See Note at buckaro Cowboy definition is - one who tends cattle or horses; especially : a usually mounted cattle-ranch hand. How to use cowboy in a sentence. Did you know It is not always wrong to use slang and jargon interchangeably. Sometimes slang is used so much that it earns a definition/place within a set of technical terminology. When writing about the Old West, cowboy speak adds atmosphere and realism to the story. As writers we use descriptions to set a scene and build an atmosphere that will pull the.

Western Slang, Lingo, and Phrases. Ever wonder what some of them thar' words mean when you're reading an Old West novel, watching a historic movie, or maybe even digging through your grandparents' old letters?Well, here's a guide to help! From the wild and wooly mining camps to the rampages of the Civil War, to the many cowboys riding on the range, these folks often used terms and. Cowboy Bob's Dictionary - terminology, slang, jargon and useful words of the cowboy lifestyl A man who identifies with cowboy culture, including wearing a cowboy hat and being a fan of country and western music Cowboy Term Dictionary. Arm Jerker (Rodeo term) A really stout animal that bucks with a lot of power. Ball Out (Rodeo term) A horse that comes straight up on hind legs when coming out of the chute and then begins bucking. Bandana A cloth made of silk or cotton, usually worn around the neck to protect against winds, rain, and sunburn The term reverse cowgirl really starts taking a ride, though, in the 1990-2000s. Lookups for reverse cowgirl spiked in spring 2010 when American recording artist T-Pain released a song titled Reverse Cowgirl.. The lyrics are a pretty clear reference to the sex position. Here's just a taste: Just put your hands in the air / Wave em.

cowboy (n.) 1725, boy who tends to cows and drives them to and from pasture, from cow (n.) + boy. American-English sense of man employed to have care of grazing cattle on the Great Plains for a stockman or ranch, doing his work on horseback is by 1849 a man who herds and tends cattle on a ranch, especially in the western U.S., and who traditionally goes about most of his work on horseback. a man who exhibits the skills attributed to such cowboys, especially in rodeos. Chiefly Northeastern U.S. a reckless or speedy automobile driver The English word cowboy has an origin from several earlier terms that referred to both age and to cattle or cattle-tending work.. The English word cowboy was derived from vaquero, a Spanish word for an individual who managed cattle while mounted on horseback.Vaquero was derived from vaca, meaning cow, which came from the Latin word vacca. Cowboy was first used in print by Jonathan. Add slang for Cowboy. New Slang : Close Add. Cowboy. Top Definition. The steel conduit hanger is used to secure 1/2 to 4 rigid (GAL) or EMT conduit to some type of support using the hole on top of the hanger. Typically, the pipe is suspended from strut or directly from the concrete using a piece of threaded rod but the hanger is also used to.

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/ ˈkaʊ.hænd /) a person, especially in the western US, whose job is to take care of cattle, and who usually rides a horse, or a similar character in a film: The ranch employed ten or twelve cowboys. He was wearing cowboy boots and a cowboy hat American West/Cowboy - Vocabulary and Slang. Badlands - barren areas of South Dakota, as well as other inhospitable western locations. Bake - to overheat a horse by riding too fast, long, or hard. Band wagon - peddler's wagon. Bangtail - wild horse; mustang. Barefoot - unshod horse It is not always wrong to use slang and jargon interchangeably. Sometimes slang is used so much that it earns a definition/place within a set of technical terminology. When writing about the Old West, cowboy speak adds atmosphere and realism to the story. As writers we use descriptions to set a scene and build an atmosphere that will pull the. In cowboy slang, mysteries would mean sausage of any variety. Salt Horse. This one is another name for corned beef. Roastineer. This basically means to roast corn over some fire. Skunk Eggs. Skunk eggs are not eggs at all; they are onions. Saltwater Vegetables. This would be the term for oysters or clams Meaning of urban cowboy. What does urban cowboy mean? Pop-styled country music which became popular during the early 1980s, following the release of the 1980 movie Urban Cowboy. Etymology: The term is borrowed from the title of a popular 1980 movie starring John Travolta and Debra Winger and featuring several country music performances

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Ranahan - A top ranch hand or a good all-around cowboy. The word's origin is unknown; it may have originated as: 1. A fancified version of Ranny; 2. A derivative of the Irish name Ranahan, meaning sharp or keen; 3. A tribute to Thomas J. Ranahan (1839 - 1926), a well-known Pony Express rider, stagecoach driver, and civilian scout for the army buckaroo, n.; a cowboy (used by them northeastern boys), comes from the Spanish term, vaquero. Note: You'll want to be mighty careful who you call a buckaroo in Texas, some of us don't like it

Code of The WestDon't inquire into a person's past. Take the measure of a man for what he is today.Never steal another man's horse. A horse thief pays with his life.Defend yourself whenever necessary.Look out for your own.Remove your guns before sitting at the dining table.Never order anything weaker than whiskey.Don't make a threat withou Cowboy Lingo Dictionary page 3. Page 3 of our gripping series Learnin Old West Words begins with an Idaho brain storm and ends with a lynching bee. So forget the leg bail, this sounds like a fun wild western page. Indian broke - horse trained to be mounted from the right side. Cowboys mounted from the left side Cowboy Up definition. This page explains what the slang term Cowboy Up means. The definition, example, and related terms listed above have been written and compiled by the Slangit team. We are constantly updating our database with new slang terms, acronyms, and abbreviations. If you would like to suggest a term or an update to an existing one. The name cowboy for the mounted herdman of cattle is almost a direct translation of the Spanish word vaquero from vaca meaning cow. David Dary notes that the word cowboy was previously used in Ireland and although there may be some connection with that source it is more likely that the term derived from vaquero

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  1. Find 15 ways to say COWBOY, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus
  2. This means that there is slang from all different areas throughout the state. Furthermore, in this article, it's time to learn some Pennsylvania slang terms to know. There is more to the state than what most people think. Including the dividing line between Eastern Pennsylvania slang and stereotypes and Western Pennsylvania slang and stereotypes
  3. Above one's bend- out of one's power. Above snakes- above ground; still alive. Absquatulate- to leave. A cartwheel- silver dollar. Ace-High - first class. Ace in the hole- a hideout. According to Hoyle - correct, by the book. Acknowledge the corn - to admit the truth, to confess a lie. Acock - Knocked over, suddenly surprised
  4. e which calves belong to which cows. Below: A cow and her calf, or a pair. Quarter Mark - A quarter mark is a mark brushed onto a horse's hindquarters. They are created by brushing damp hair on the horse's hindquarters in a different.
  5. Cowboys loved a colorful phrase! This was another description for a horse. A bangtail was similar to a broom-tail. It was a wild mustang

Hard Money - A common term for silver and gold, rather than paper money. Hard Pushed or Hard Run - Hard pressed, to be in a difficulty, short of cash. Hard Row To Hoe - A metaphor derived from hoeing corn, meaning a difficult matter or job to accomplish. Harum-Scarum - A negative term applied to flighty persons or persons always in a hurry Old West and cowboy slang and lingo: hornwoggle meaning and similar words plus examples from the movies. | Old West Slang, Lingo and Idioms | I'm your huckle.. Cowboyup America: cowboyup meaning, cowboy defined, code of the west, riders rules, cowboy 10 commandments, cowboy wisdom Cowboyup means: rodeo life: tuff-up, get back on yer horse, don't back down, don't give up, and do the best you can with the hand you're dealt Definition of cowboy caviar in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of cowboy caviar. What does cowboy caviar mean? Information and translations of cowboy caviar in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web Mandarin Chinese term meaning white head. Baijo: Whites: Japanese term meaing strangers, used in a hostile way. Bak Guiy: Whites: Cantonese for white ghost. Bat-gwai/Bai-guei: Whites Bat-gwai is the Cantonese for white ghost; or as we more commonly hear it translated, white devil

Canadian slang can differ by region, but there are universal phrases that exist across the country. Discover several of these terms with this handy guide Cowboy Slang Trivia: Food Reference history, trivia, kitchen & cooking tips & facts, recipes, quotes, humor, poetry and culinary crossword The Slang Meaning & Why It's Become A TikTok Trend. More for You on YourTango: What The Woman With The World's Most Scientifically Beautiful Body Looks Like Cowboy definition: A cowboy is a male character in a western. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and example

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Mel Wills shares the bigger meaning behind the title of Coca-Cola Cowboy Posted by Heather Burns on June 20, 2019 For the past 75 years, the Silver Spurs Riding Club members and volunteers have worked year-round to make an impact in the community by hosting action-packed rodeos Drugstore cowboy definition is - one who wears cowboy clothes but has had no experience as a cowboy A derogatory term used as either an adjective or a noun adjective Referring to a doctor who performs surgery, but isn't fully qualified and is thus known as a 'cowboy surgeon' noun A doctor who performs a type of surgery—e.g., a hair transplant—with little experience for the procedur Rhyming slang 'undies'. Rego - Car registration. Rellies - Relatives. Richard Cranium - Short form of Richard is Dick and cranium means head, put the two together and you get 'Dick head'. Ridgie-didge - Authentic. It is possible that the original term was used during the 1st World War when the Australian troops were told to stand Ridgid. Slang and colloquialisms are prolific in Cape Town; a fact that's far from surprising in a nation that claims 11 official languages and in a city that's home to an eclectic mix of cultures. That said, locals in the Mother City and in the surrounding Western Cape, more so than, arguably, other South African provinces, have their own unique.

1. Cocaine. Probably the most commonly used slang term for this drug. 2. A fool, an idiot. Also charly. charlies : Noun. Women's breasts. charlie's dead! Exclam. A euphemistic warning for your petticoat or slip is showing. An expression rapidly becoming obsolete with the changing of fashion away from wearing such items. charver : Noun. 1. A boy. Wild fur in a cowboy hat consists of a blend of wild hare, wild rabbit, beaver fur as well as wool blends.. Now some our cowboy hat manufacturers are including the X marking on their straw cowboy hats. The higher the X marking the better quality of the straw cowboy hat. All natural straw materials are from plants that are grown and cultivated at the proper time WESTERN LEGENDS: Billy The Kid Cisco Kid The Durango Kid The Lone Rider Broncho Billy Cherokee Charlie Snake Sioto Magua George Sky Eagle Charles Brunner J. W. 'Joe' Cody Iron Eyes Cody Chris Willow Bird Broken Doll Calamity Jane Pearl Heart Henry Starr Cherokee Bill Frank Canton Tom Bear River Smith Buck Garrett Pawnee Bill Little Beavers.

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  1. In 1975, I was nine. Glen Campbell's Rhinestone Cowboy was the first song I was ever obsessed with, the first 45-rpm single I ever bought. The price of a song then was 100 percent of my weekly income, which was one dollar. Costly, but worth it. As Rhinestone Cowboy was making its way to No. 1, which it reached on September 6, 1975, another single was sputtering on the charts
  2. g mah-o-meno.. Changing grammatical rules such as not using vosotros (you plural) and replacing it with.
  3. Trench talk: a guide to first world war slang. During the first world war, troops fighting in the trenches used slang to communicate. Here's a guide to its meaning. A British soldier keeps watch.
  4. The True Meaning of the Term Cowboy Up September 9, 2017. by Sheplers. The popular term Cowboy Up can be used in many different settings to be tough and resilient in the face of adversity. In difficult times, a real cowboy will be able to bounce back from any situation and find a way to overcome obstacles
  5. A cowboy; specifically, a working cowboy who generally does not partake in rodeos. 2005, Larry McMurtry; Diana Ossana, Brokeback Mountain, 00:51:25 from the start: No thanks, cowboy. If I was to let every rodeo hand I pulled a bull off of buy me liquor, I'd have been an alcoholic long ago. Pullin' bulls off of you buckaroos is just my job. So save your.
  6. The term Western civilization is a catchall to refer to the many cultures of European heritage that share common cultural ideas, philosophical foundations, and ancestral beliefs. Basically, the idea is that these cultures all have a common heritage, which has been important in the development of each
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  1. Cool baby names that say cowboy boots and stirrups are as hot in Brooklyn as they are in Bozeman. The romanticized image of a cowboy and all that it stands for - heroism, adventure, and dashing good-looks - has inspired parents to seek out names that embody those ideals. Names for cowboys are rugged, casual, and handsome, such as Wyatt and Luke
  2. (slang, Ireland, derogatory) Fool; idiot; annoying or contemptible person (usually male).· (slang, Ireland, derogatory, offensive, used in Cork) A person from south county Dublin. 1996, Enda Walsh, Disco Pigs, →ISBN, p. 8: Give it up will ya! get a job, ja langer! 2006, September 3, Brendan O'Connor Roy: the discreet object of our desire, Irish.
  3. Hop on to get the meaning of WRJSM acronym / slang / Abbreviation. The Undefined Acronym / Slang WRJSM means... AcronymsAndSlang. The WRJSM acronym/abbreviation definition. The WRJSM meaning is Western Region Joint Summer Meeting. The definition of WRJSM by AcronymAndSlang.co
  4. Western blot. A technique developed in 1979 that is used to confirm ELISA results. HIV antigen is purified by electrophoresis and attached by blotting to a nylon or nitrocellulose filter. The patient's serum is reacted against the filter, followed by treatment with developing chemicals that allow HIV antibody to show up as a colored patch or blot
  5. Western Australian legalese uses the word poison as a term to describe all substances that interact with physiological functions of the body. It does not suggest vaccines are dangerous

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  1. dset of cowboys, cattle wranglin', and casually overlooked brothels. A romanticized and often misunderstood period of US history, the Old West utilized a.
  2. Slang meaning of cowboy outfit. cowboy outfit means: Noun. A group of people, unscrupulous and unqualified in business, working under the guise of a respectable business
  3. Jack Sorenson is a renowned Western artist, and a best-selling artist for Leanin' Tree, America's largest Western-themed greeting card company. He grew up on his father's dude ranch and movie set in Texas. I didn't have the guts to become an artist, I had the ignorance
  4. Blue Corn Comics -- Native American Slang. Terms. skin —Indian. Used mostly among the young. NDN, ndn —Indian. Used mostly among the young and on the Internet. nish, shinob, naabe —Anishinaabe Indian. rez —reservation. rezzy —something unique or special to a reservation
  5. In The UK many Indians and Pakistanis have been lumped under the same term. It's *much* more of a slur to Indians: Patel: Indians: Means Innkeeper or Motel Owner. Pal is a name of rich, land owning Indians. It means landowner. It's a slur because only the rich Indians would come to western countries years ago, a flood of patels.

25 Amazing Short-Order Diner Slang Terms You Should Start Using Daily. By Kristin Hunt. Published on 8/5/2015 at 12:37 PM. Cowboy with spurs: Western omelet with French fries GOING DOWN THE LINE - a slang term meaning to pay a visit to a brothel. GOOBER PEAS - peanuts. GREY BACK - a slang term used among the Federal troops to denote either a Confederate soldier or a louse. HARD CASE - a slang term for someone who is rough or tough. HOOF IT - a slang term meaning to march, or to be herded in the manner of cattle The term, censored by UK TV show This Morning, has an offensive slang definition — and an even nastier etymology. The street slang definition — an unattractive person, especially a woman. The United States is a large, diverse country. Not only do the 350 million or so citizens of this country come from different backgrounds and exist in all shapes, sizes and colors, they all live in vastly different areas and states. So even though most Americans speak English, they all speak it a bit differently. And that means one thing: funny slang terms from each and every state.There are. This term means it's raining heavily. For example, if it's lashing rain, you may want to just stay inside. 12. Slag. This word is used as a verb and it means to make a joke at someone else's.

Teen slang changes continuously. If you aren't sure what a slang term means, the website Urban Dictionary can help. It's dedicated to keeping up with today's slang and is a resource that parents can use. Be warned, however, as it features user-submitted content that may be crude For me, Western Civilization means the ideas that trace their way back to the Greek philosophers during the Athenian Golden Age. from here, we see the development of different and competing ideas about the definition of moral goodness, the understanding of man's relationship to the universe, and the best way for humans living together to. Another slang using verga, this time it's an exclamation. When something goes wrong, you can say ¡A la verga! The actual meaning is to cock, so it basically means the same as it went to shit or shit hit the fan in English. Tu es Chismosa - You're a Gossip This one stems from chisme, which means gossip A term widely popular in China used to describe 'ignorant and arrogant' Western Liberals. Baizuo according to the popular Chinese definition is a hallmark of virtue-signalling hypocritical humanitarians who support peace and equality only to satisfy their own feeling of moral superiority. 20 March, 2021. OpIndia Staff Glossary of Musical Terms 132 C cadence: a melodic or harmonic punctuation mark at the end of a phrase, major section or entire work cadenza: an unaccompanied section of virtuosic display played by a soloist in a concerto call and response: a traditional African process in which a leader's phrase (call) is repeatedly answered by a chorus. This process became an important aspect of many Afro.

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Incidentally, there seems to be no connection between the John Henry of cowboy slang and the fabulous John Henry of railroad lore, who was so powerful that he could outdrive a steam drill with his hammer and steel, This legend has been traced to the drilling of the Chesapeake and Ohio Big Tunnel through West Virginia in the 1870s. Drip isn't a new slang term, but it has experienced a renaissance in hip-hop over the past few years. With drip coming to the forefront of slang, the debate has turned to its meaning. yellow-bellied: 1 adj easily frightened Synonyms: chicken , chickenhearted , lily-livered , white-livered , yellow cowardly , fearful lacking courage; ignobly timid and faint-hearte A detailed definition of the term Western blotting, from Syngene; a world-leading supplier of gel documentation (gel doc) and gel imaging systems for rapid, accurate imaging and analysis of fluorescence and visible gels, multiplexed fluorescence westerns, stain-free gels and chemiluminescent blot The term second pair means that a player has the second biggest pair possible given the board. Session. The term session refers to the duration of time a player begins and ends playing poker. Set Under Set. The term set under set refers to when two players show their hands in a Hold'em or Omaha game and one has a higher set than the other..

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Learn Canadian slang from the British Columbia. This large province covers the Western border of Canada and has heavy British influences. This province includes the cities of Surrey and Vancouver along with the Fraser Valley region. Squatch - A large, hairy, unkept man Find 8 ways to say WESTERN, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus

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Stud definition. This page explains what the slang term Stud means. The various definitions, examples, and related terms listed above have been written and compiled by the Slangit team. We are constantly updating our database with new slang terms, acronyms, and abbreviations Definition broadens. The term western art might conjure up images of paintings by C.M. Russell or Frederic Remington — ultra-realistic paintings depicting cowboys, Native Americans, wildlife.

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Below each Korean slang term, we'll give you a breakdown with their meaning, explanation, the verbs, and words included so you can understand what the term means exactly. We also created a free PDF download with the 90 Day Korean team's top 20 slang picks + explanations so you can take this cultural gem with you on the go Huber's argument—that redneck, in the 1910s through the 1930s, sometimes meant Communist, or at least a miner who was a member of a labor union, especially one on strike—made it.

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Horseback Riding Terms For Beginners - Statelinetack.com. Horseback riding is an enjoyable pastime for many people. It is a way to enjoy nature and appreciate the majesty and beauty of horses. For people who are new to horseback riding it is not only important to learn how to ride, but to also learn the related terminology What Does the Slang Term I'm Your Huckleberry Mean? I'm your huckleberry usually conveyed the meaning of being the right person for a particular job. It can also mean, I'm the person you're looking for. The phrase came into vogue in the late 1800s and early 1900s. The origin of the phrase is uncertain. A common theory is that the phrase. (see also, 2-4) Central and Western Canadians usually use the term 'case' to identify this quantity, although the term flat is also sometimes used for the same thing in Western Canada. Also slab. Flat is almost never used to mean apartment in Canada, even though this usage is common in both the UK and some regions of the US, although it is. Originally nineteenth century naval slang for tinned cooked meat, from the notorious murder and dismemberment of a girl so named. The initials S.F.A. were, by the time of the Great War, also allocated to the expression Sweet F***-All, and Sweet Fanny Adams was a bowdlerised version of this phrase. SWINGING THE BANJO

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People recognize the term, but what it means depends on who's using it, and whom they're talking to, and when they're talking. So for instance in the mid-19th century, you wouldn't use a word like Western civilization to talk about, say, the British Isles, because the Irish were considered an inferior race of white people Quite a bit of Western slang is used in New Mexico but with almost no trace of the twang that usually goes with it. They also have an interesting blend of English and Spanish that's acceptable. With convertible term life insurance, you don't have to worry about tomorrow. A convertible term policy also lets you extend your coverage as it gets close to expiring. You can convert at any point while your term life policy is still active — even a few days before the expiration date, depending on the policy

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The term theory of meaning has figured, in one way or another, in a great number of philosophical disputes over the last century. Unfortunately, this term has also been used to mean a great number of different things. In this entry, the focus is on two sorts of theory of meaning. The first sort of theory—a semantic theory—is a. A sukuk is a sharia-compliant bond-like instruments used in Islamic finance. Sukuk involves a direct asset ownership interest, while bonds are indirect interest-bearing debt obligations. Both. Western medical acupuncture is a therapeutic modality involving the insertion of fine needles; it is an adaptation of Chinese acupuncture using current knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology, and the principles of evidence based medicine. While Western medical acupuncture has evolved from Ch force a term to be included by preceding it with a + sign; force a term to be excluded by preceding it with a -sign. expand search to ancestral names: meanings for names further up the family tree are included in the search. Description : ignore name meanings: the description is the meaning and history write-up for the name; separate search.

etymology - "Bust a cap" meaning and derivation - EnglishWhat The F*** Is Whisky Tango Foxtrot And Other Army LingoCowboy lingo Archives - Petticoats & PistolsThe A to Z of Northern slang - things to do - Time Out

However, the two-word expression 'Western Art' has an international significance of long standing among art scholars and must be given precedence over the more parochial use of the term. In this broader use, 'Western Art' is the art of both Europe and America, meaning Anglo America and the United States. Using this definition, a flower painting. The term Western culture is used broadly to refer to traditions, social norms, religious beliefs, technologies, and political systems. Because the culture is so widespread today, the term Western world has a cultural, economic, and political definition. The cultural definition, known as the Latin West, broadly refers to all of the countries. Another term, planquJ, has the original meaning of lying flat, ie. safely out of the line of fire; a similar term is assiettes plates (flat plates). The most insulting epithet is the opposite of poilu, JpilJ (someone who has been depilitated), implying the loss of the vaunted courage and virility of the poilu Definition. Ethnomedicine is a term that refers to a wide range of healthcare systems/structures, practices, beliefs, and therapeutic techniques that arise from indigenous cultural development. western (adj.) toward or of the west, late Old English westerne western, westerly, coming from the west, from west + -erne, suffix denoting direction.The noun meaning book or movie about the Old West is first attested 1909. Westerner is from 1837 as person from the U.S. West, 1880 as Euro-American, as opposed to Oriental