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The campsite is directly behind the main beach. Tonga Island sits proudly and prominently directly out from Onetahuti beach. At the northern end of the beach is a recently constructed walkway that now allows all tide access along the Coastal Track northwards to Awaroa Onetahuti Bay campsite is a sheltered, grassy, campsite close to a big beach. Nice one. category. . . Great Walk campsite . camping fee—peak. . . 1 October - 30 April | NZ residents $15 per adult, free if under 18. NZ non-residents $30 for all Onetahuti Bay Campsite. Enquire. Onetahuti Bay Campsite Abel Tasman National Park. 65. 1 Rankers Review. 0 Face-to-Face . Analysis. All Reviews. Write Review. Phone Enquiry. Online Maps. FREE. Camping NZ NEW. Welcome to New Zealand's most comprehensive database of freely available camping information. This is the only travel map of its kind in NZ Reviews and travel ratings on Onetahuti Bay Campsite - Abel Tasman National Park in New Zealand (65% from 1 reviews Onetahuti Bay Campsite (20 sites) Awaroa Campsite (18 sites) Waiharakeke Bay Campsite (10 sites) Totaranui Great Walk Campsite (20 sites) Anapai Bay Campsite (6 sites) Mutton Cove Campsite (20 sites) Whariwharangi Bay Campsite (20 sites) Tent site prices are as follows: In the peak season 1 October - 30 April

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  1. Onetahuti campsite has also lost a fair amount of each sand dune, maybe also 5 m, and the campsite now has 500 mm depth of loose sand deposited over the previously grassy areas. I found a better campsite up under the mahoe and tree ferns that was reasonably sheltered, and it came accompanied with the usual quota of pesky wekas
  2. Onetahuti Bay to Anapai Bay. Accessible by road and catering for up to 850 campers, Totaranui comes as a bit of a shock to walkers heading north of Onetahuti, and is best avoided if possible. Likewise, Awaroa - while breathtaking from above - is an extremely tidal inlet, and the beach is a long walk from the campsite
  3. Bark Bay as we made our approach. The pristine bays of Abel Tasman National Park are divided by fingers of land that reach out into the ocean and range in width from pinky to palm size. Walkable beaches do not exist the entire way, and so the trail tends to cross the beaches at the bays before climbing up and over a finger or two and descending back down to sea level
  4. Atct - Bark Bay to Onetahuti is a Great Walk in the Tasman region of New Zealand. Find out the latest weather and track details here.. ️ Accommodation ️ Huts ⛺ Campsites. Equestrian Lodge Motel 2 Avalon Court From $246 NZD . 9.1. 39 reviews. Book. Ratanui Lodge 818 Abel Tasman Drive From $391 NZD . 9.0. 18 reviews.
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  6. Day Two: Onetahuti Bay - Te Pukatea Bay. The next day the sun rose beautifully and we hit the trail not long after 6:30 am. The first point of interest was crossing the estuary at Bark Bay. While Tiernan was putting his boots back on, a DOC employee checked our campsite bookings (even though it was barely 8 am) — so have those booking.
  7. Onetahuti Bay Campsite 40 campers Tonga Quarry Mosquito Bay Campsite Boat access only Water taxi not available 40 campers Waiharakeke Bay Campsite 20 campers Awaroa car park Tōtaranui Campsite and car park Great Walk campsite (one night only) 40 campers Awaroa Hut and Campsite 26 bunks 36 campers Whariwharangi Bay

Itinerary: Day 1: Marahau - Te Pukatea Bay Day 2: Te Pukatea Bay - Torrent Bay Day 3: Torrent Bay - Onetahuti Bay; Day 4: Onetahuti Bay - Tōtaranui Day 5: Tōtaranui - Mutton Cove Day 6: Mutton Cove - Tōtaranui (via Gibbs Hill) Day 7 (Optional): Taking another crack at this whole sea kayaking thing... This was largely based off of availability of campsites, distances between each other, and. Onetahuti Bay campground 8. Tonga Quarry campground 9. Bark Bay Hut and campground 10. Anchorage Hut and campground 11. Observation Beach campsite 12. Akersten Bay campsite 13. Apple Tree Bay campsite 14. Coquille Bay campsite 15. Tinline campsite. There are a number of private accommodation options available as well: 1. Meadowbank Homestead. A short walk further, we reached the Onetahuti Bay campsite right when it was starting to pour. We took shelter in the kitchen hut for a couple hours until the rain subsided, and then set up our tent as quickly as possible. As soon as we finished, we realized it was hailing! The weather in NZ is crazy Awaroa Bay- Onetahuti Bay (or reverse), 1.5-2.5 hours, 7.1 km, $79 per person. You can hike between Totaranui and Awaroa bay (or reverse) if the tide times work in your favour. Remember you can only cross the Awaroa inlet 1.5 hour before or up to 2 hours after low tide Day 2: Torrent Bay to Onetahuti Bay. 12.5km // 5.5 hours. Day 3: Onetahuti Bay to Totaranui Bay. 15.4km // 6 hours. Day 4: Totaranui Bay to Separation Point & back. 12.6km // 5.25 hours *all times include snack & lunch breaks (and an extra long lunch break on Day 2 while waiting for low tide). *Campsites were $14pp/night & must be booked online.

The campsites at Te Pukatea Bay, Onetahuti Bay and Mutton Cove looked especially inviting to me. I always worry about toilet access but there are so many on this trail that you're really never far from one. Every hut and campsite has toilets (plus a few others in-between), and the only ones I didn't appreciate were at Bark Bay campsite Anchorage was, in a word, wonderful. It was much larger than the Onetahuti campsite and there were more backpackers of the same age. There were small hiking trails around the bay, and the beach itself was stunning. We arrived in Anchorage by mid afternoon, so we had plenty of time to explore

Onetahuti Bay Campsite. Beautiful beachside campsite by the Tonga Island Marine Reserve. Read More. Save. W. Campground in Abel Tasman National Park. Waiharakeke Bay Campsite. Walk- or boat-in beachside campsite at pretty Waiharakeke Bay. Read More. Save. B. Campground in Abel Tasman National Park Bark Bay does have a terrible sandfly problem, which kind of ruined our stay here, but maybe it was just the day. Another thing to keep in mind when booking your campsite is that Barks Bay is a much larger campground which means more people and more noise. Personally, I loved Oneatahuti much more and wished we had just stayed there for two nights

Descend into the bay where a hut and campsite awaits. Day 2, Anchorage > Bark Bay, 12.1km. The campsite at Onetahuti Beach is one of the best; with the added attractions of glow worm caves and a fresh water pool. Reservations are required for all huts and campsites Campsites and huts between Bark Bay and Awaroa. Mosquito Bay Campsite; Onetahuti BayCampsite; Awaroa Campsite; Awaroa Hut; Awaroa to Whariwharangi Bay. Awaroa to Totaranui. Time: 2 hr 20 min Distance: 7.1 km (tidal) Totaranui to Whariwharangi Bay. Time: 3 hr 15 min Distance: 9.8 k You have 25 minutes from now to complete the payment process. If you already have an active Shopping Cart, you need to ensure you have enough time remaining to complete the booking and payment. If you have less than 3 minutes remaining when completing this form, you will be prompted to 'Extend Time' to start the new booking again. First Name * Freedom Tonga: Spend 2 days kayaking north from Marahau - Onetahuti beach staying at a campsite of your choice. I would recommend Anchorage Bay. Then, catch a water taxi from Onetahuti bay back to Marahau

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Onetahuti Bay Campsite which offers views of Tonga Island, especially breathtaking during sunrise and lastly my favourite; Mosquito Bay Campsite which is just stunning with the large variety of wildlife and swimming lagoon The Torrent Bay campsite is a bit rough and ready but provides tent spots for about 15 tents in a grove of Manuka trees. Hut warden in residence from 1st October to 30th April each year. Tidal crossing at Onetahuti Bay and Torrent Bay so check the DOC tide charts when planning your trip. There is a 2 hour, 5 km high tide track around. Beach at Medland Bay campsite. Our tent was pitched just above the bay (Onetahuti) before too late. We were actually there quite early, so given that the day's walking was relatively short, we decided to make hot chocolate on the beach! After a further hour of walking we got to the Awaroa Lodge, where we enjoyed an apple strudel :-). This. From Onetahuti to Bark Bay is 4km (2.5 miles) and the estimated time is 1 hour 45 minutes, but it took us 1 hour 15 minutes. It was a lovely walk through native bush past a few little waterfalls, over a suspension bridge, and ending with good views of Bark Bay lagoon from above

Anchorage is much busier than Onetahuti, with a kitchen shelter, toilet block and DOC hut all present. This meant there were dozens of other campers, but it was still easy to find a quiet spot near the beach. Jezza started cooking dinner, and suggested that we all go for a walk to Te Pukatea Bay, which was only 20 minutes away Bark Bay was my favorite campsite of the two I stayed in. From then, I got a bird's eye view of the foliage, curved around the mountainside, and got spit out onto Onetahuti Bay, my second favorite beach of the national park. It was a beautiful morning and I got to walk the stretch of beach, over tiny sand deltas and seashells, until.

The perfect week in Abel Tasman National Park. Wainui Falls are well worth the diversion. Photo: Ray Salisbury. Ray Salisbury. 1 January 2016. 1 Jan '16. There's more to this little park than golden beaches and enticing trails. Ray Salisbury shares his favourite campsites, trails and hidden gems. At only 22,530ha, New Zealand's smallest. The photos below are from Onetahuti (except the silhouette is at the campsite is from Tonga Quarry). After a very quick 2.5 hours, we arrived at Bark Bay and relaxed. Everyone told us that the walk from Awaroa to Bark Bay would take 5 hours. Even the sign in the park said 3 hours from Awaroa Lodge to Bark Bay Sunrise, Tonga Quarry Campground, Coast Track, Abel Tasman National Park. Like Onetahuti Estuary/Bay, Bark Bay is a tidal crossing, so you will have to plan your day accordingly in order that you will not be stranded on the track. Unlike the crossing at Onetahuti, there is an alternative high tide route at Bark Bay.. Trails: Take water taxi from Marahau to Totaranui Beach - Totaranui Beach campsite - Abel Tasman Coast Track south access to Goat Bay and Awaroa - Awaroa Inlet low tide cross - Awaroa Hut and Camp site - Onetahuti Beach - Bark Bay campsite. Car Park: Yes on Totaranui Camp but no road access on Bark Bay. Set -40.822546,173.004009 in your GPS, 135km 2.5 hrs drive from Nelson. ABEL TASMAN COAST TRACK - Abel Tasman National Park The fairly easy 3 hr 15 min, 9.8 km walk from Totaranui to Whariwharangi takes us through what most visitors describe as the best part of the Abel Tasman. Comparatively few people explore this northern part of the park because of the way the park is marketed by business operators at the Marahau end of the track

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Bark Bay to Onetahuti Beach. Heading north from Bark Bay, there is a high tide track or low tide track. We woke up with high tide waves hitting the shore about 20 feet from our tent. The high tide track skirts Bark Bay and again goes into the bush. The trail tends to climb and then drop back down into another bay or onto a beach The Route: The trail is well marked and maintained by the New Zealand Department of Conservation. The boat will drop you off at the Awaroa landing, and from that point, the trail will be readily apparent and marked. From the Awaroa landing, it is 4.9 miles (7.9 km) to Tonga Quarry, and you will have to cross the Onetahuti Estuary, which is a tidal crossing

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Mosquito Bay Campsite: Only accessible by private boat, this beachside campsite has 20 non-powered tent sites. No trails lead here, so make sure you arrange your boat before booking. Mutton Cove: Only accessible by foot or boat, this lovely beachside campsite has 20 non-powered sites and flush toilets. The campsite is located off the Coast. Campsite 312 Nydia Bay Campsite 154 Onetahuti Campsite 173 Pandora Campsite 60 Pelorus Bridge Campground & Cafe 157 Perry Saddle travel seasons 218 Campsite 177 Port William Campsite 309 Routeburn Flats Campsite 264 Saxon Campsite 178 Scotts Beach Campsite 180 Tapotupotu Campsite 6 Bark Bay to Onetahuti 1 hr 30 min. There are multiple operators that offer kayak rentals from one to 5 days, with prices starting at NZ $ 85, as well as guided tours for those who are inexperienced. Most offer the possibility of taking the kayak in one area and leaving it in another to hike back the Coastal Track We took about 4 hours to get from Torrent Bay Village to Onetahuti Bay where we broke for lunch and a swim. After a 2 hour break we put our packs back on and continued to Awaroa campsite. We took the high tide track because we were not aware there was a low tide track Onetahuti Bay. 20 tent spaces. Awaroa. 18 tent spaces. Whariwharangi Bay. 20 tent spaces. Backcountry campsites. Expect to pay about $7 per night. Adhere to standard leave-no-trace camping and hiking. Do not stray from the beaten path as this practice causes permanent damage to the landscape. Be sure to carry out all trash and pick up after.

Sea kayaking is not recommended north of Onetahuti Bay (Tonga Bay) due to the remote and exposed coastline. Sea kayaking is more weather dependent than walking along the Coastal Track. You need to book campsites that are within your kayaking ability and plan for the worst weather(-head winds and rough seas) Hiking the Abel Tasman Coast Track is a wonderful experience. It is the most popular hike of the nine Great Walks. This 32-mile trek takes walkers to crystal-clear bays perfect for snorkeling, secluded coves and through coastal forests The section between Onetahuti Camp to Bark Bay is 4.3 km and took 1 hr 40 min. The track starts from the southern end of the beach. After 3 minutes of walking, you can look back and get a fantastic view of the Onetahuti Camp and beach. We arrived at the Bark Bay Campsite at 2.50 to find a steady stream of campers arriving to pitch tents; it. You do need to book campsites in Abel Tasman National Park. My recommendation is to book where there are no huts - then you get the quietest nicest areas. Although they also dont have as many vacancies such as flush toilets or covered cooking areas. Our favourites are watering cove and onetahuti. It is a very busy day Totaranui Campground, Abel Tasman National Park: See 43 traveller reviews, 35 candid photos, and great deals for Totaranui Campground, ranked #3 of 4 Speciality lodging in Abel Tasman National Park and rated 4.5 of 5 at Tripadvisor

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Tonga Island Tonga Island is a small island in Tasman Bay, off the northern coast of the South Island of New Zealand.It lies within the Abel Tasman National Park, about 1 kilometre off Onetahuti Beach On guided tours we carry additional drinking water in the kayaks. Freedom rental clients should aim to have 4 litres of water with you when departing from our base. Filtered drinking water is supplied at Anchorage, Bark Bay, Awaroa, Totaranui and Whariwharangi campsites for refills during your trip

100% Pure New Zealand Specialist Programme New Zealand Famil. In this section: 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist Programme; New Zealand Fami freedom Kayaking. Freedom kayaking Abel Tasman gives you the independence to see the wonders of the coastline at your own pace.Kahu Kayaks will equip you with everything you need to have an enjoyable and safe sea kayaking experience, NOTE: for two or more people, Double Kayaks used unless group has uneven numbe

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A steep climb takes you through stands of mānuka. Return to the coast at Tonga Quarry and it's a short walk from there to Onetahuti Bay, where one of the longest beaches in the Abel Tasman stretches before you. Cross the channel north of the campsite 4 hr either side of low tide Search and overview Search and overvie Campsites for adults cost $15 per person per night. Children (under the age of 18) of NZ residents are free and children of international visitors pay $7.50 per night. Your reward for all that effort first thing in the morning is an exquisite view over Onetahuti Bay. This is another of the best views in the entire national park

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  1. Onetahuti Beach is a long, thin ribbon of white sand separating protected crystalline waters from thick woodland. Facing the stunning Tonga Island, Onetahuti Beach lies within its marine reserve, ensuring a plethora of life beneath the waves. There's no vehicular access to the beach, giving it an even more tranquil setting, but meaning.
  2. Our first, and most beautiful, campsite was on the bay of Te Pukatea, just beyond the very popular Anchorage Bay Hut and campsite. Although this intimate bundle of sites is a kilometer out of the way for a thru-hiker, the extra footsteps delivers a very high reward. That second night we camped at Onetahuti Bay, roughly 39 km (23 miles) from.
  3. During Fehi, three-metre waves crashed onto the Bark Bay sandspit and half a metre of sand was deposited on the campsite at Onetahuti. At the time, the campsites had to be evacuated
  4. Then set up camp at Onetahuti campsite, a bit bigger campsite and FLUSH toilets! What a stunning beach! A bit busier with the trampers/hikers now at the same camp. We still had a sea view/beach front camp site. Day 4: We kayaked from Onetahuti to Anchorage farewelling the Guppies on the way
  5. g in to the bay we had to take off our walking boots to cross some shallow water and walk along a long beach covered in bits of broken trees (from a recent flood)

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The Abel Tasman National Park, one of the most beautiful places in New Zealand.We'll try to give you some advice to enjoy your visit. Introduction: it is a large protected area, from Marahau (South boundary) to the Golden bay on the North.The forest is almost uncontaminated, bays are marvelous, many seals can be seen on the islands facing the coast Onetahuti to Bark Bay 4km (2.5 miles) Max elevation 120 m (400 ft) From Onetahuti DOC campsite, follow the Coastal Track South through Tonga Quarry historic site, then up to Tonga Saddle. On the downhill from Tonga Saddle choose the track to suit the tide. High Tide Track: signage directs to the right before you reach the Bark Bay estuary. Thi DAY 2: TORRENT BAY - ONETAHUTI BEACH. The second day started with an uphill climb, and the trail took us more inland, but before we disappeared in the forest, we got great views of Torrent Bay and later of Frenchman Bay. Then the trail led us inland, and we had to cross an impressive 47 meters long suspension bridge

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Abel Tasman Circuit. From beach & tidal estuary crossings to undulating over roots, the Abel Tasman circuit has the variety of terrain for all trampers to experience. Our 6 day tramp through Abel Tasman National Park was both relaxing and taxing but most of all it was a fantastic hike! The circuit consists of two separate tracks Camping at the DOC campground in Mutton Cove is a fantastic experience. You will pass golden beaches, a crystal clear ocean, and even an occasional seal. It is possible to do a roundtrip from Totaranui via Mutton Cove, Whariwharangi Bay, and the Gibbs Hill track, back to Totaranui Decide how much of the track you want to walk and what direction you want to walk in - shuttles service the northern end of the track at Wainui, and water taxis run between Kaiteriteri and Marahau at the southern end of the track to the main beaches of Anchorage, Torrent Bay, Bark Bay Onetahuti, Awaroa and Tōtaranui.; Decide what huts or campsites you want to stay at AquaTaxi runs scheduled services up and down the Abel Tasman throughout the day dropping off and picking up passengers at the six main coastal access points within the Park. Starting from the south, these coastal access points are Anchorage, Torrent Bay, Bark Bay, Onetahuti, Awaroa, Totaranui. See our Map & Timetable to plan your trip hiking the Abel Tasman Trail. The trail is located on the North West coast of the South island in New Zealand, and is considered one of New Zealand's Great Walks. The track is extremely popular, with thousands of visitors hiking parts of the trail, or kayaking the coastline each year. There are many different routes you can take when hiking.

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  1. Onetahuti Beach. This wide golden-sand beach is home to probably the most beautiful camping site on the Abel Tasman Coastal Track. Kayak, swim and snorkel the calm waters and explore glow-worm caves. Spot wading birds in the small estuary behind the beach and watch the breeding colony of New Zealand fur seals at Tonga Island, which anchors a.
  2. Turns out the camping fee was only $4 per site - not per person, like most campsites in NZ - and the creepy bathroom had a mirror, two nice sinks, and full-on flush toiletssimple pleasures these days. There were even a few apple trees with apples still on em, not that we ever want to eat apples again
  3. Wainui Bay to Whariwharangi Bay almost 6 km / 3.7 miles - Shuttle service is necessary. Whariwharangi Bay to Awaroa 17 km / 10.6 miles - Note the tidal times. Awaroa to Bark Bay 13.5 km / 8.4 miles - Note the tidal times. Also, popular for day-trippers to visit the Onetahuti Bay beach and the Awaroa beach on a non-Doc track

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So many options. I prefer the northern end. Totaranaui to mutton cove. But its the most expensive to get too. But then all areas on the Abel Tasman have stunning beaches. Recent king tides have caused extensive damage in some areas bark bay campground is closed and there are only two toilets there so try and avoid that area After Onetahuti Beach the track leads over 150 m high Tonga Saddle to Awaroa Inlet. Awaroa to Totaranui (2.5 h, 7.1 km): The wide Awaroa Inlet can only be crossed up to 2 hours either side of low tide! After that the track winds along Waiharakeke Bay and Goat Bay. Totaranui has a huge campground, but there is no filtered water or electricity. A. The Onetahuti campsite is 50 metres from the tidal crossing: it is very nice and has an excellent kitchen shelter with tank water. I stopped for a brew, some early lunch and a sit in the sun for about 45 minutes. The camp site is roughly half way between Awaroa and Bark Bay. My olde pal Woderick the Weka stopped by for lunch at the same time.. Waiharakeke Bay. After the tidal crossing it was only a small stretch to Waiharakeke Bay, where I aimed to camp. It was a nice enough campsite tucked away in the forest behind the beach, perhaps a little sloped, but fine. The beach was a delight to swim at after a long days hike The Abel Tasman National Park is the ideal holiday destination for anyone, whether you are looking for some trekking adventure or a lazy day relaxing on the beach. Since it is easily accessible from Nelson by rental car, you can choose to visit the area for the day or plan to stay for an extended time

Established campsites, from crowded urban to remote backcountry. Photographs Get inspired. Photographs. Members' captures. Our favourites. As voted by our members. Add yours! Map Get the lay of the land. Map. Explore a map showing huts, tracks, and more. GPS files. Download and share GPS data. Place finder Next up the coastline is Onetahuti Beach, a beautiful long stretch of golden sand that is very popular. We could not believe the vivid colours of the water here, and almost felt like we had arrived at a tropical island. The campsite here is large and is the furthest north that you are able to reach by rental kayak The Abel Tasman Coast Track winds down the coastline of the Abel Tasman National Park, on the east coast of New Zealand's South Island. It's an area of lush native forest and wide, sandy beaches.

Begin at the beautiful bay of Onetahuti Beach, glide past the seals at Shag Harbour, visit the remarkable rock formation known as the Arches of Tonga and tuck into a delicious lunch with freshly brewed coffee.For those with less time to spare, you'll still get an amazing rich experience exploring the nooks and crannies on our half-day guided. Arch Point is a locality in Nelson. Arch Point is situated north of Awaroa Head. Arch Point from Mapcarta, the open map The Abel Tasman Coast Track is a 60 kilometres (37 mi) long walking track within the Abel Tasman National Park in New Zealand. It extends from Marahau in the south to Wainui in the north, with many side tracks. It is one of two main tracks through the park, the other being the Abel Tasman Inland Track, which stretches for 38 km between Tinline Bay and Torrent Bay off the main coastal track

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  1. Top trails ( 25) Abel Tasman Great Walk: Takapou to Marahau. #1 - Abel Tasman Great Walk: Takapou to Marahau. Abel Tasman National Park. hard (83) Length: 33.8 mi • Est. Multi-day. The easiest and most popular of the Great Walks, this hike still provides a challenge that is well worth it
  2. utes to Awaroa Hut and campsite
  3. New Zealand is all about nature and the things you see while exploring on one of the many DOC trails and hikes. And that rings especially true for Abel Tasman National Park. The Abel Tasman is located on the top of the South Island and the region is blessed with the most sunshine hours in New Zealand.There are many great ways to explore this area, but I think five really stick out and will.
  4. Kayaking in Abel Tasman. Abel Tasman, the smallest of the national parks in New Zealand, is a stunning area with a temperate climate where verdant mountains rise from granite strewn shores. The sea, shades of deep green, steely blue and brilliant emerald, is studded with rocks and densely wooded islands
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