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If the contacts from the flip phone are on the SIM for the flip, you would be able to import them to the iPhone, if the SIM from the flip fits into the iPhone. If not, then check with your carrier, many of them have software and devices that would read the old flip SIM, or the phone itself to transfer this content First, copy the contacts stored in your LG phone to SIM card. Then, remove the SIM card from LG phone and put it into iPhone. If the card doesn't fit, please cut it at the phone store. After the card is inserted into iPhone, go to Settings app and tap Contacts

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  1. How to transfer pictures from samsung gusto 2 flip phone to laptop? How do i transfer pictures from an samsung galaxy 3 to my new iphone5s: how to transfer pictures form samsung galaxy s6 that can't be turned on: Transfer pictures old phone: How do I transfer pictures from my razor phone to my pc withoput a cord or being able to access the menu.
  2. Tap Transfer from [Device] to begin transferring your data from your previous iPhone or iPad to your new device. If you're using the wired method, the transfer icon indicates that your devices are connected. You can also choose whether to transfer some settings, such as Apple Pay and Siri, from your previous device to your new iPhone or iPad
  3. If both flip phones are supported by BitPim, you might be able to get it done. But it might take a little work. My final suggestion is to take both phones into a Vzw store, smile real pretty at the employee, and maybe they'll transfer the contacts for you, lol! 06-18-2013, 09:22 AM #6. diddlydudette
  4. You can not simply move your SIM card on your old LG phone to new iPhone in order to transfer contacts. The first way to transfer these contacts on your LG phone to iPhone might be through some accounts like Gmail. You can upload data to those accounts then sync to your new device
  5. Your question: Is there any way at all to transfer contacts from 10-year-old flip LG phone to an SE model iPhone? I have tried for a week, and Verizon said it is impossible, and that I have to manually add in over 300 contacts. What should I do?..
  6. Transfer Contents of LG via a USB Cable. Step 1 Once you download and install the LG data transfer, you can launch the app from Menu and go to the LG phone and choose the USB cable transfer mode on your LG phone. Step 2 Connect Android phone or iPhone to the new LG phone with OTG USB connector. If there is a prompted, select the Send option for.
  7. To change the option, slide the Notification panel down from the top of your LG phone, tap it in the Notifications window to open the USB settings, and then tap the desired option from the USB PC connection window. For most transfers between PC and LG mobile, you'll want to use File transfer, such as the transfer of documents and media files

Make sure the destination device is the target LG (otherwise, simply click Flip button to switch their positions). Then mark the data that you need to transfer from the file list and hit Start Copy button to proceed. Your phone data will be transferred across soon, and there will be a prompt in the end when the transfer is finished Click the Filp button if the Destination phone is not the iPhone. Step 2 Select the Appropriate Mode . After constant updates, this program has been embedded two powerful data transfer and data backup functions, Backup and Restore can help backup all data from your phone to pc and restore backup to your phone with a click

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There are many kinds of data types in the LG phone, if you don't have a professional transfer tool, you will not transfer all the data types from LG to computer. Fortunately, with the help of LG File Transfer - Samsung Messages Backup , you can transfer various types of LG data to PC in 1 click Phone Transfer is a powerful program that allows you to easily transfer files between iPhone and LG phone. By using this program, you can migrate video, music, photos, calendar, messages and contacts from one device to another in a quite comfortable way

IOS data switch can safely and professionally switch any files between two phones. By using this program, you can transfer photos, videos, contacts, contact blacklist, messages, call history, bookmarks, calendar, voice memo, music, alarm records, voicemail, ringtones, wallpaper, and notes from iPhone to LG phone. This software is suitable for all iPhone devices and almost all Android brands. The second way to transfer contacts from LG to iPhone is via Google. With a Google account, you can transfer phone numbers to iPhone from LG phone easily via the backup feature. Let's see how to transfer contacts from LG to iPhone. 1. On your LG phone, go to Settings > Accounts > Turn on Google and sign in with Google account > Toggle on. Method 1: One-Click to Transfer Android to iPhone with Transfer for Mobile [Recommend!] The first method I introduced must be an easiest and efficient one - Transfer for Mobile, a mobile transfer designed to transfer all kinds of data, such as contacts, text messages, call logs, music, videos, photos, documents and so on, from Android to iPhone.It allows you to clear the data from your.

How to Transfer Data from LG to iPhone Seamlessly [SOLVED

  1. FaceBook Fan Page: http://on.fb.me/fv6sQ1 Twitter: http://bit.ly/h5Kwu8Jailbreak Verizon iPhone: http://bit.ly/gjm1lvEasy Transfer Verizon ContactsEasy Tran..
  2. Is there any way to retrieve/transfer contacts off an old Samsung flip phone to a new Samsung Convoy 2 flip phone when the old phone only powers up but won't give me a menu option (or anything for that matter - just a blank white screen). This was an 81 y.o. woman whom I doubt used Backup Assistant,..
  3. Solution 3: Copy Contacts from iPhone to LG Phone via iTunes. iTunes also can do a favor when you want to transfer contacts from iPhone to LG phone. Step 1. Launch iTunes on your computer and click the icon of your iPhone on the top left column. Step 2. Tap on the Info tab on the summary page and tick off the options of Sync Contacts with.

How to move contacts from flip phone to smartphone. Depends on the basic phones but the majority allows you to send them via Bluetooth. You first have to go and pair up the basic phone to the smartphone. Then go to the contacts and select all. Then share via Bluetooth. I've never been able to transfer to an iPhone but your experience may differ Perfect Phone Manager. Whether you need to Transfer Data from LG to iPhone 7 Plus safely or just utilize your phone data efficiently in Android and iOS platforms, you need the help of an effective phone manager such as dr.fone - Phone Transfer.. This highly recommended smartphone manager is capable of data management, backup, and transfer between the devices via your computer How to transfer WhatsApp chat history from LG to iPhone using software. You can transfer your WhatsApp chat history from your LG to your iPhone using FORecovery - WhatsApp Transfer in a secure and automated way. This tool will allow you to transfer WhatsApp data with no OS restriction, and it will save you lots of time Lg Phone Data Transfer free download - Phone to PC, Phone to Mac, Send To Phone, and many more program

@lizdance40 Unless the OP has prepaid, only postpaid plans require data on smartphones. If the OP does have postpaid, then the iPhone 5 SIM card is provisioned with a data plan and it should work in the LG I have a LG VX5600 flip phone from Verizon and need to transfer my picture files to my PC, running on 64-bit Windows 7. I can connect the phone, it is discoverable by the computer, but I can't transfer files to the PC If you break your LG phone, don't panic. While you might be out of the cost of your device if you don't have insurance on it, there are ways to restore and recover the valuable information that was on your phone. If you are trying to recover data from a broken LG phone, be sure to try all of the methods mentioned here before giving up The flip phone broke in half - literally top came apart from bottom. The bottom powers up but nothing to see of course since can't reattach the screen half. And before someone says take out the sim card - this is a very old phone (not even a camera on it) and there is no sim card

How to Directly Transfer Files from LG Phone to iPhon

Step 1 Launch the Wondershare TuneGo. Connect your LG Android and iPhone 7 to your computer. Since the transfer should be channeled from your LG phone to the iPhone 7, select your LG phone to be the source device to transfer data from LG Android to iPhone 7. Step 2 Click on the Phone to Phone Transfer tab present in the home interface Note: In this case, LG will be shown on the left while the iPad will be on the right. If not, click the Flip button to make it right. Step 3: Just get the contents just like photos, music, and videos checked, and then click the Start Transfer button. And the program will start copying files you selected from LG to iPad Try MobileTrans to transfer more data from android to iphone within one click. Download here: https://bit.ly/3lc7KfLUsing following coupon code to get 20% of.. I can't transfer files from my LG flip phone (model LG B470) to my laptop (Macbook Pro, OS version 10.13.3). They can do it at Best Buy (using a program they call Cellebrite) but they won't give me a copy of the program. There must be some way to do this Choose Bluetooth, then the Bluetooth menu appears. You can select a Bluetooth device here to send the media files to. Tap your computer name and pair LG phone to PC to start the transfer. If the computer to receive your file from phone was already paired, it would be on the list of PAIRED DEVICES. Tap the computer name to start the transfer

LG mobile phone data transfer can be simplified using iSkySoft technology that has specifically been designed to transfer content. Whether you're backing contacts from your LG device to an iPhone or transferring a few old pictures from one Android to another, this phone-to-phone transfer tool is quick, reliable and efficient Restore Backup Files from Android Phone & iPhone. Backup all phone files to your PC/Mac in just one click. With help of Phone to Phone Data Transfer, the only thing you need to do is chose the files you need, which is very easy handling. Backup all phone contents to computer in 1 Click; Professional iOS whatsapp transfer, including all media. The easiest way to transfer data from iPhone to Android is to use the smart iPhone to android transfer tool, Dr fone ios data Switch.It enables you to easily transfer all data both in phone memory and cloud account, like iCloud, Exchange and others, text messages, video, photos and music from iPhone(iPhone 6S Plus/iPhone 6S included) to Android phone or tablet When clicking Flip between the phones, you can change their places to transfer contacts, videos, text messages, photos and music from iPhone to LG phone or tablet. Note: Tick Clear data before copy, and the current contacts on the iPhone will be removed to save the contacts from LG phone or tablet

Android File Transfer starts, if it's not already running, and opens a window that displays the contents of your phone, along with storage space details at the bottom of the window. Work with this window much as you do in the Finder window: open and close folders, create new folders, and drag files to or from it and other Finder windows How to Backup and Restore Data on LG Phones. Step 1.Connect LG Phones to Computer and Run Phone Transfer. To begin with,launch the Phone Transfer on the computer.Use USB cables to connect your LG phone to the computer.Then the phone will be quickly detected and shown in the primary window. Step 2.Select LG Data to Backup on Computer

The data transfer methods shown here works perfectly with iPhone, Samsung, Google, Xiaomi, Motorola, Sony, LG, HUAWEI, Nokia, OPPO, Vivo and more. Keep reading ahead and find out how to transfer data from old phone to new Samsung Galaxy S21 5G/S21 5G Plus 1.Run the Android to Download and install this iPhone Data Transfer tool on your computer. 2.Connect Android and iPhone to the computer via USB cables. Once connected successfully, click Flip to make sure the iPhone be the destination one. 3.All the contents that can be transferred are listed in the source phone panel

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It's a built-in feature of Windows Media and the standard choice for most smartphones when a USB cable is used to transfer files. MTP keeps your LG phone in total control of the process instead of your computer. To transfer LG photos to PC, you have to: Connect your LG phone to the computer using the USB cable that came with your device To transfer contacts, photos, music, videos, text messages, bookmarks, call log from iPhone to LG G6, enter the Phone to Phone Transfer section to begin. Step 2. Connect Your iPhone and LG G6 to Computer. Next, connect both your iPhone and LG G6 phones to the software via USB cables Android to iPhone. On your Android, download the Move to iOS app. On your iPhone, select Move Data from Android, then Find Your Code. Enter the code from the iPhone into the old Android device. Select Messages in the transfer window and hit Next. iPhone to Android. Back up your iPhone by, first, connecting to your computer. Choose File. The quickest way to transfer data to your new phone is with dr.fone but you can still transfer data from the iPhone to the Android device. You can press the Flip button to easily. The Android Switch data transfer software is compatible with more than 8000 smartphones and tablets, and it support brands such as Apple, Google, Motorola, OnePlus, Samsung, Huawei, Sony, LG, HTC, OPPO, ZTE, Vivo, Asus, Xiaomi, Lenovo and more.. So, if your old is from any of the above mention brand you can very easily transfer data from them to your OnePlus Nord

When you arrive, tap the 'Move Data from Android' option. On your Android phone, open the Move to iOS app and enter the code displayed on your iPhone. Then, select the content you want to move to your iPhone and let it perform the transfer. Depending on how much content you're moving, this could take a long time Transferring data from LG to a new Android phone will be easy as both the phones are running on Android. If you will be using the same Google account for a new phone, then your emails, contacts, and calendar can be synced instantly without any efforts. However, there are freeways and another better way to transfer data from LG to Android Make a full backup of an old phone when switching to a new phone could be a better choice if you are reluctant to lose any data of your old phone. With Syncios Data Transfer, you are also able to choose backup old phone on computer and restore to a device in future. Step 1: Connect Phones to Computer. Open the Syncios Data Transfer program. Under the Android to iPhone Transfer software,it is very easy for you to transfer Android phone data to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. Here I would like to recommend a fastest solution to transfer all data from android phone to iOS 9 iPhone 6S, iPhone 6, including photos, music, documents, contacts, videos. Easy and simple

You need a Syncios Mobile Manager. It provides free management to mobile devices. Open this program, and connect your LG to computer. Then go to Contacts. Choose contacts you need and tap Backup to save the selected contacts to computer. You c.. Gizmodo Australia - Lavender Baj • 2h. Getting a brand new iPhone is always an exciting time, but having to transfer all of your old data from the previous phone is anything but enjoyable. . Read more on gizmodo.com.au Step 1 Launch TunesGo LG to LG Transfer on your computer and connect both LG phones to the computer via USB cables. Step 2 Choose the old LG phone as the source device from which you are transferring data. Step 3 From the four options listed in the main interface, click Phone to Phone Transfer.. Step 4 The devices will be displayed in the. Transfer iphone to Nokia 2720 Flip contacts using an application . As generally, there is an application that will allow you to transfer contacts from the Iphone to your Nokia 2720 Flip. There are many, however we'll be interested in the Transfer Contacts / Backup application

Transferring contacts from old LG Flip Phone to iPhon

Should you want to save those files to your LG phone, you may transfer data from your computer. Choose Files to Extract--3. Part 4. Conclusion. Although today's devices have large internal storage capacities, data loss is inevitable. That's why LG backups are essential for smartphone users How to transfer all data from old phone to a new Android phone. With the help of Google and its cloud services, you can almost instantly restore most of your important data from your old Android. Our favorite cell phone deals this week come from Verizon (up to $800 off iPhone 12 series w/ trade-in + $200 virtual gift card when you switch) and Visible (unlimited data for just $40/month). Our team pores over the wireless market each and every week to bring you the very best cell phone deals Photo Transfer App . Photo Transfer (iOS, Android) allows you to move photos from your iPhone or Android device to your computer via Wi-Fi.If you're using the free version of the mobile app, you. Step 3: Next, on both Android/iPhone and new OnePlus Nord phone open AirMore app. Step 4: After that tap on More then on Phone Transfer that will detect your smartphone. Step 5: Now, on old phone hit to avatar of your new OP phone. Step 6: Once both devices get connected then select the relevant files and tap on Send

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How to transfer contacts from LG B470 to Windows 7 PC. I have an old LG B470 flip phone. It has been discontinued. I would like to transfer all data from my phone memory and SIM card to my PC so I can move this data to a newer phone. I have paired my phone and my PC via Bluetooth. They can see each other. However, I cannot browse my phone's files Tap & Go—Uses the near-field communication (NFC) feature to transfer data from your old Android phone to your new one. Get Your Apps & Data—Lets you restore your new phone with a backup from your old one using your primary Google account. Android to iPhone. Apple® makes it easy to switch over to an iPhone with its Move to iOS app. The app. Step 1 Install TunesBro Phone Transfer and Open it . First, install the latest version of TunesBro Phone Transfer on a Windows PC or Mac. Then launch the program on your computer and follow below steps to transfer select data from your old phone to the new LG G6

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Step 3 Transfer Data from Huawei to LG . Select all the file types you would want to shift from Huawei to LG phone. In case, the LG phone is not new, you can even check the box under the LG phone to clear all data before copying. Finally, hit 'Start Transfer' to start the data transfer process Download and Install Switch Mobile Transfer software. After a clean install launch the software and wait for the Home Screen window to appear. From the Home Screen, select Phone Transfer. Win Download Mac Download. Win Download Mac Download. Step 2: Connect the Flip Phone and the iPhone to a Computer. Connect both the phones to the laptop at. Way 1: Transfer LG Files to iPhone via the USB Cord. You can connect your LG phone to computer via its USB cord and then transfer files from LG phone to computer. Then link your iPhone to computer and export the files from the computer to iPhone. But, what is worth your attention is that the repeated steps will cost you a lot of time A guide to transfer data from LG to iPhone. Step 1: Launch Phone Transfer. First and foremost, you need to open up the software. Click the Phone to Phone Transfer tab to open transfer window. Step 2: Connect both the phones to the computer. Secondly, plug in your devices via USB to your computer. The program will show you the devices.

How to Copy Contacts from LG Phone to iPhone Step 1. Download, Install and Run the Transfer App. Go to download DoTrans and install it on your computer. Then double click the icon on the desktop to run it. Step 2. Connect your LG Phone and iPhone to the Computer. Now, connect your LG phone and iPhone to the computer via USB cables There will be 4 options, select Move Data from Android. Now on your Android device, open Google Play and search/install Move to iOS app. After the app is installed, open the app. Select continue on both phones/tablets. Now, click Agree and Next on your Android. A 12 digit code will pop up on your iPhone Transfer data to new iPhone: How to transfer your data to your new iPhone using macOS Mojave and older. Make sure you're running the most recent version of iTunes. Plug your old iPhone into your Mac or Windows PC. Launch iTunes. Click on the iPhone icon in the menu bar when it appears

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I really appreciate it. - Via USB or Bluetooth, export the contacts from the flip phone to the computer as a .CVS file. Then, import the .CVS file to Gmail--and when the Android is getting set up the Gmail contacts will sync with it. - Explore the possibility of transferring the contacts directly from phone-to-phone via Bluetooth Get the details. 1. Back up your content. Make sure you do this before you turn on your new phone. Get started. 2. Set up your new device. Current T-Mobile customers upgrading to a new device: Use the new SIM card that came in the box with your device. If you bought an iPhone, the SIM may already be installed Transfer SIM card to new phone running Android Nougat: Step 1: Open Contacts settings. Swipe up from the bottom to access the menu screen on your new phone, choose Contact app, tap More option, then select Manage Contacts option from the drop-down list. Step 2: Turn to Manage Contacts interface. Tap on the Import/ Export Contacts option in. Your Feature phone will show you the list of Bluetooth devices nearby ready to pair. Step 4: Select your Android phone and the transfer will start when the two phones are paired. Step 5: All contacts will now be transferred to your Android phone in the form of Individual VCF Files or VCards. Step 6: Open contact apps from your Phone and open.

Step 3 Transfer Data from Moto to iPhone 11 . Select the content you wish to copy to your new iPhone and then click Start Transfer. When the process is complete, hit the OK button. . You can transfer almost all the personal data from Moto phone to iPhone 11 with Androidphonesoft tool. And it is much easier to get started with a single user. You will then see them displayed on the starting window with Android phone in the Source and iPhone in the Target position. You can click Flip button in the middle to change the position of two connected phones. Click Next. Step 3: Transfer photos from Android Phone to iPhone. In this panel, list all data can be transferred

Product description. This USB data cable is compatible with the following LG models : VX5400, VX8350, LG CP150, LG KC550 / KC910 Renior / KF300 / KF900 Prada II / KP100 / KP500 / KS360 / KC780. Features: Connect your cell phone with your PC or Lab top by USB port Android Data Recovery is a professional recovery tool for you to get back the loss data after factory reset LG phones, including LG G5, LG G4, LG G3, LG G2, etc. Supported files include contacts, SMS, call history, calendar, gallery, videos, audio, applications, etc. Actually, it has several features that will help you recover deleted or lost.

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To transfer your number from another company or activate your service with a new number text PORT to 611611 or click here. To check the required data needed in order to bring your phone into our company, text the word SWITCH to 611611 or click here. LG Classic Flip. Code: LGL125DL. LG Fiesta LTE. Code: LGL63BL. LG FIESTA™ 2 LTE. Code. You can use a SIM card to transfer contacts and SMS messages between phones. The exact procedure depends on whether you are using a locked phone or not. The key is to use a SIM card which is acceptable to both phones. 1. If you are moving from an unlocked phone: Take your new SIM card and place it into your old phone When you want to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone, Android to iPhone vice versa, or Android to Android or from Windows phone, this tool works simply great. Using it you can sync contacts, pictures, videos, call logs, WhatsApp Messages, and all the other data that you might have on your phone To transfer your number from another company or activate your service with a new number text PORT to 611611 or click here. To check the required data needed in order to bring your phone into our company, text the word SWITCH to 611611 or click here. LG Classic Flip Transfer data among iPhone, Android and computer. Move media files like movie, TV shows, iTunes U, etc. Save and manage messages on computer with ease. View and store photos including HEIC, PNG, JPG formats. Add, delete, modify contacts. Make ringtone for iPhone and Android phone easier. Convert HEIC format images to PNG or JPG

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Q: Question 7/15/20 - I have a Samsung CONVOY 2 flip phone. Can its sim card be inserted into the LG CLASSIC flip phone? If not, can all the data on the card be transferred to the LG CLASSIC flip phone? If so, how is the transfer done? Asked 11 months ago by Heavenlycoffee Note: The source will show the phone from where you will send the data and the destination will show the phone where you will be sending the data. If the phones positions were incorrect then click on Flip tab to reposition them. Step 3 Transfer files from One Device to Anothe To get the last four digits of your serial number, text the word FOUR to 611611. or click here. . HELP. To access a self-service menu with a list of all our help keywords, text the word HELP to 611611. or click here. . HOTSPOT. To check the current usage of your Hotspot device or for Hotspot related questions, text the word HOTSPOT to 611611 Step 2: Tick off Contacts and click Start to copy button to transfer contacts from your LG G6 to iPhone. Please do not disconnect any of the devices during the process of file transfer. Just wait for a while, the selected contacts on your LG G6 will be transferred to your iPhone quickly. Hope this tutorial will be of some help PanFone Mobile Transfer is a comprehensive data management tool for various phones, including iPhone, Xiaomi, Samsung, HTC, LG, Moto, Lenovo, Sony, ZTE, Huawei, and many more. You can not only copy data from phone to phone, but also back up phones to computer, restore backups to mobile phone and so on

iPhone to Motorola transfer: transfer data from iPhone to

If you delete some important files from your LG phone, you may need to use a third-party Android data recovery program to get the files back. MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android is a good option. This software is specially designed to recover your lost and deleted Android files as long as they are not overwritten by new data Transfer photos from an iPhone or Android phone to your PC. First, connect your phone to a PC with a USB cable that can transfer files. Import photos and videos from phone to PC Turn your phone on and unlock it. On your PC, select the Start button and then select Photos to open the Photos app To switch to a new phone and transfer phone data can be fun, but it can also be equally frustrating. Good thing there is free phone transfer software that will make the job easy. 1. dr.fone - Phone Transfer (iOS&Android) dr.fone - Phone Transfer (iOS&Android) is the highly recommended mobile transfer tool. Whether it's a new phone or an upgrade. Pantech PC Suite - Transfer Contacts From Phone To PC. I just purchased a Pantech Breeze II. I downloaded and installed Pantech PC Suite, and connected my phone to my PC via USB cable. In Contact Manager, it shows my phone contacts in the upper left panel under Phone it shows Memory and SIM folders. Below that it shows PC and a Data folder If the flip phone has a Bluetooth chip, you may be able to use a Bluetooth connection to wirelessly transfer the contacts and other files to the new Windows Phone. If you are not sure if the phone.

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