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How can I tell if the filter on my Israeli gas mask is expired? The writing is in Hebrew I believe. I suspect it is expired but have no idea how to verify, or get a new one that is not expired. I would upload pic if subreddit allowed. 14 comments. share. save. hide. report. 56% Upvoted Hey guys, so I have an Israeli 40mm gas mask and a few filters. I've been getting used to the mask at home, however my 2 filters are dated 04/08/15. Would you guys feel comfortable wearing an expired filter out and about? I can always buy some more filters if they're not ideal The above guide gives some pretty good info on expiration of individual masks, as well as other general info... I have found it to be very helpful. As a pdf, you can print or save it and it is a little over 200pgs. Hey Chili, got any suggestions on Israeli gas mask filters. One i have has a code of 111-76-318. I can't find any info on. The newest variant of the filter is a black filter made in 2014, the black filter is known to have an expiry date about 8 years after the production date. The Israeli 4A1 was issued to over 4 million Israeli civilians during the Gulf War. It is still issued today due to the high threat of nuclear/biological/chemical attacks

Early gas mask filters and devices were very simple: Gas Masks do have expiration dates, just like canned Food Goods. I have included one that does. There are different brands that offer this, but the one I have included is the Israeli Respirator Gas Mask. Conclusion Israeli Gas Mask Filter, Black • New, Unused Filter • Fits standard 40 mm gas mask • Made to NATO Specifications • 25 Year Shelf Life (Manufactured in 2020) This product is ITAR Restricted, and cannot be shipped out of the United States. We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for understanding. NBC FILTER CANISTER


We bisect a gas mask (*ahem) a protective Mask to see whats inside and answer the following questions1) How long will a gas mask last?2) Are expiration dates.. So, I assume that we're talking about military protective mask filters when we say gas mask filters, right? US military protective mask filters don't really expire, but they are periodically inspected every so many years. I think usually 5 years..

Up until 2014, Israel's government distributed free gas masks to its civilian population. As late as 2013, Israelis routinely lined up to collect their gas mask kits and for demonstrations on how to use the gear correctly New Army Gas Mask Gasmask Hose 40mm fits NATO Israeli. The filter seems new. I just dont see an expiration date on it to confirm anything. I did buy new cbrn 40mm filters for it ahead of time. I will keep this filter as a back up for it just incase . It does NOT come with a drinking straw or canteen but im sure I can find one that works for. High-End NBC/CBRN Multipurpose Gas Mask Filter NATO 40mm >EXP 07/2025 or Better

What I suggest for the chemicals you mention is to get any serviceable mask that uses 40mm thread for filter and get a 3M adapter (part no. 701 or 701B), which allows you to use 6000 series filter cartridges for the 7800 series 3M masks Durable One Sealed NBC NATO Filter Canister may last up to 8 hours dependent upon level and type of contamination. Gas masks and filters have expiration dates. Includes: Brand New, Unissued Gas Mask and sealed filter <p>The mask is a tactical gas mask. It can help protect against pesticides, other chemicals, pandemic, and environment issues. All gas masks are designed to help filter oxygen from harmful substances such as dust, debris, and chemicals. </p> <p>Maybe they won't filter everything but will offer some degree of protection? Enclosures for dog crates to filter air during an attack: The website. The filter is supplied with a standard Nato thread (40 mm x 1/7) and is thus compatible with almost all military and industrial respirators. The Type 80 filters are supplied sealed with leak-proof plastic caps, assuring a shelf life exceeding 15 years So I picked up an Israeli M-15 Gas Mask last week, and thought I'd post a little review. The one I got was (obviously) surplus, and came packed in a clear plastic bag, it included one sealed Israeli Filter of an unknown age, and a drinking tube, but no canteen adapter. After a few minutes of figuring out how to don it, I managed to get it on my.

Once my order arrived I was very happy to open up the box and see that the Israeli gas mask filter was all brand new and not expired. (See pictures) (you also see in the pictures that the MFR is the gas mask and filters Manufactured dates and expires 15-20 years from the manufactured date unused per shalon.co.il / supergum.com website Issued to Israeli military personnel. Mask only, no filter included. GAS MASKS AND FILTERS ARE NOT RETURNABLE. WE MAKE NO CLAIMS AS TO THE EFFECTIVENESS OF ANY OF THE GAS MAKS AND FILTERS, NOR TO THEIR EXPIRATION DATES G as masks expire. Gas masks have an expiration date! Many preppers don't realize that gas masks have a shelf life, but they do! Gas masks are not only limited by the, but they are also limited in the absorbent capacity of the filter itself. Sealing caps help protect the filter from air intake prior to use. Questions to ask yourself

In 2010 the Israeli government decided to distribute new gas mask kits. In January of 2014 the Israeli cabinet decide to stop the distribution of gas masks to Israeli citizens following the destruction of Syria's chemical weapons arsenal by UN inspectors and allied forces Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for NBC Gas Mask Filter -New/NIP -NBC-CBRN-RIOT-ChemBio Protection Expiration >2025< at the best online prices at eBay! NBC Gas Mask Filter - suitable for Israeli, US Military Gasmasks & all 40mm NATO spec respirators EXPIRATION DATE (manufacture & expiration date stamped on each. Israeli Adult Gas Mask. Israeli-made adult civilian gas masks included with one sealed Israeli 40mm NATO Nuclear/Biological/Chemical (NBC) filter. Although the mask has a funtional hydration port, the optional hydration tube is not included. $69.00. OUT OF STOCK

Testing Israeli gas masks/Respirators Testing the Shalon Israeli M15 military mask and the M4A1 civilian respirators against aerosols. These are the current. Israeli Gas Mask With Filter. 4.7 ( 34 reviews) $44.99. Discount Price: $34.98. You Save 23%! Fast and Accurate Order Processing. We offer standard, 3 day express, 2 day express, and overnight express shipping options for your convenience. If you place your order Monday - Friday by 2:00 PM EST using one of our express shipping options, your. Filter medium: Glass fibre HEPA media complying with ASME AG-1 Sec. FC-1 100 minutes (at a flow of 30 lpm and inlet concentration of 2.4 mg/lt) 250 minutes (at a flow of 30 lpm and inlet concentration of 3.0 mg/lt) Filters have expiration dates. We sell filters as military collectables only; use of this filter is at your own risk משרד: 03-5622333 הלן: 050-6659960 אריק: 050-6659959. המסכות זמינות גם באתר שראל.. שמחים לעמוד לשירותכם גם בתקופה זו Israeli Gas Mask With Filter 4.7 ( 34 reviews) $44.99. Discount Price: $34.98. You Save 23%! Note: Though these gas masks and filters may function as intended, they have likely exceeded their expiration dates and should be used at your own risk. 01 MS166

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Updated model of the Israeli civilian gas mask. Issued to Israeli military personnel. Mask only, no filter included. Accepts 40mm filters. GAS MASKS AND FILTERS ARE NOT RETURNABLE. WE MAKE NO CLAIMS AS TO THE EFFECTIVENESS OF ANY OF THE GAS MAKS AND FILTERS, NOR TO THEIR EXPIRATION DATES This review is from: Israeli Army Gas Mask Filter (Misc.) The filter advertised is a Shalon Chemical Type M-80 gas mask filter with 40mm Standard NATO thread. The filter canister I received is a Russian made filter canister, labeled in Cyrillic GP-6. It also appears to have been made in 1978; far beyond it's expiration date

Some filters also have an effective shelf life; check with the manufacturer to see if the filter has an expiration date. Storage is a huge component of gas mask safety. If you use a charcoal based filter, you'll likely want to store your gas mask and filter in an air-tight container until it's go time. Choosing the Right Gas Mask 2. Gas Masks Have Expiration Dates. Many surplus military stores offer gas masks. However, buyers and sellers may not know the expiration dates of what's being sold. Just like anything else, the components that protect from chemical agents break down over time. That's why it's important to know when the gas mask expires

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I bought a NIB surplus Israeli gas mask on whim 10 years ago when I was buying some other stuff from Sportsmans Guide. I think it was about $20. Threw it in a tote in the basement and forgot about it. Pulled it out for the Virginia Rally, popped the seal on the filter cartridge and put it on and it test functioned fine. The rubber was all good too Expiration dates are the main reason not to buy a surplus This Israeli NATO Military Gas Mask with Filter is rather expensive. Right now kids gas masks are hard to come by or expensive. It doesn't mean you should lose hope in finding a gas mask for your kids. You might consider buying a medium sized gas mask, whic

For training we always used expired filters. I have had full gear on many a time for 6, 8 or more hours breathing thru expired filters. During that time I have also used the expired filters in Gas Exercises and Gas Chambers. Some filters are a paper/fiber/carbon composite filler. The expiration occurs when the filter weakens or breaks down 123.90. The Israeli G.I. Gas Mask with NATO filter is a lightweight gas mask designed to be worn during an emergency situation. It is designed to protect the eyes and face, this gas mask features impact resistant lenses along. Since it is made out of soft flexible rubber, it feels easy on the skin

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  1. Fits ALL 40mm NATO Gas Masks (sometimes referred to as RD40, 40DIN) Including Israeli, Civilian (Adult & Child Models), Israel Military M15, 3M FR-M40 / FR-M40B / M40 / M40A1 / 3M 6000 Series (DIN Models Only), MSA Ultra Elite CBRN / Millennium / MCU 2/P / Advantage 3100, Avon Protection M53 / FM-53 / S10 / FM12 / FM12 CBRN / C50 / PCM50, Drager 4500 / Panorama Nova / Mestel / SGE Gasmasks.
  2. Brand new Israeli M-15 gas mask kits, just in from Israel. These are military masks that have been the standard issue protective mask for years in Israel. Order your M15 gas mask from us, we've been a trusted Internet supplier since 2002
  3. MASK: Israeli Military M15, Civilian Adult and Child STATUS: EFFECTIVE only when within expiration DETAILS: The Israeli masks are actually the single widest used model in the world and are highly effective but only when certain criteria are met; the mask must be within it's 20year lifespan (most are not), must have the valves and seals thoroughly inspected, and must be used with a new, current.
  4. Israeli G.I. M-15 Gas Mask With Filter. The M-15 gas mask with NATO filter is a G.I. Mil. Spec. Israeli gas mask and approved by U.S. NIOSH Labs - Approval# TC-8A-383A. It is lightweight with a comfortable secure fit and low breathing resistance. This gas mask is designed for mature users, and intended for civilian use
  5. Includes: Three (3) Factory Sealed (NOT SURPLUS) NBC Filter Canisters, expiration date: 9/2024. Multipurpose, Military-Grade NATO 40mm NBC/CBRN Gas Mask / Respirator Filters: Brand New Filter Sealed in Factory Packaging w/instructions. Rated for A2B2E2K2P3 / True Military-Grade Protection (Including organic gases & vapours, inorganic gases.

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  1. Issued to Israeli military personnel. Mask only, no filter included. Accepts 40mm filters. Sizes: Adult sized. No choice, sorry. Condition: These masks show signs of use including scratched lenses. They are missing the exhale cap which should not effect performance. GAS MASKS AND FILTERS ARE NOT RETURNABLE
  2. Israeli G.I. M-15 Gas Mask With Carry Bag. 140.90. The Israeli M-15 gas mask with NATO filter is a lightweight gas mask designed to be as comfortable as possible during an emergency situation. The bigger eye sockets provide for clear visibility and it is a much wider mask compared to the Israeli Civilian Gas Mask, making it much more pleasant.
  3. Here at RDDUSA we provide the customer with a wide selection of civilian, and military gas masks for sale such as, the NBC 40 mm Nato or the M-15, and international respirators for your protection. Whether it's an Israeli gas mask, the German M-65, or the Czech M10M respirator, you can be sure RDD carries it. Looking for something specific
  4. Like all quality modern military gas masks, the Israeli Gas Mask utilizes NATO standard 40mm gas mask filters. We maintain the largest stockpile of gas mask filters of this type, so you can be assured of a continued supply of filters for your Israeli Gas Mask. You can also find storage bags, hydration attachment tubes, and much more available.
  5. DOTpro 320 filters should be stored in a cool, dry place away from hazardous substances. The filters should be stored in their original packaging at temperatures from - 50°F to 120°F with maximum humidity of 98%. Storage in conditions other than those specified can affect shelf life. Expiration date s specified on each DOTpro 320 filter
  6. The item Israeli Type NBC/CBRN 4-PAK Gas Mask Filter 40mm NATO NewithSealed Exp 5/2023 is in sale since Friday, June 29, 2018. This item is in the category Collectibles\Militaria\Surplus\Personal, Field Gear\Gas Masks. The seller is cbrnsystems and is located in La Mesa, California. This item can be shipped to United States

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The M15 is an IDF Government-Issue Israeli gas mask. The mask's large triangular eyepieces provide a superior field of vision and its integrated voice meter enhances verbal communication capability. It's the standard issue mask for all Israeli defense forces. This gas mask also contains an upgraded exhalation valve for easier breathing Usally comes with Russian infant masks, and some Israeli masks Should not to be used for practice. West German Filter . East German Filter. German R-30 Filter. For those who have this type of filter, this is a reminder that this filter will expire on Nov 2002. After this filter reaches it's expiration date, use for practice . M-9 Filter

NOS Israeli Gas Mask Filters for auction. Includes directions Login / New Bidder Date(s) 3/22/2021 - 3/29/2021: 3/22/2021 11:00 AM Eastern 3/29/2021 7:00 PM Eastern but not limited to, ivory, coral and tortoiseshell, may require a license or certificate prior to expiration from the United States or an individual state and additional. Israeli Gas Mask Filter Expiration. And surprisinglydecently comfortable despite the appearance. However, I did experience some fogging after a few minutes. Wearing the Israeli Gas Mask. Visibility is also not bad with the two eye holes. My recommendation if you want to go super budget with a full faced gas mask.SUPER BUDGET PIC

The item 40mm Filter Canister Full Face Gas Mask Facepiece Respirator Painting Spraying is in sale since Thursday, April 16, 2020. This item is in the category Home & Garden\Tools & Workshop Equipment\Safety & Protective Gear\Respirators & Face Masks. The seller is cohentsemach and is located in RISHON LE ZIYON The Israeli gas mask comes in civilian and military designs. Lightweight and built for long term usage, rubber material in the Israeli gas mask offers high levels of resistance to NBC agents. A voicemitter makes it easy for preppers to communicate while wearing the masks. Youth sized gas masks cover the entire head, reaching down to the shoulders

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Gas mask 40mm NATO filter extension hose. For use with all 40mm NATO/STANAG masks/filters such as the ones sold above. Installs between the filter and air intake of your mask. New in original packaging of US manufacture, measures 30″ in overall length, both ends have an approximately 90 degree bend. The male thread that goes into the mask has a swiveling adjustment capability, make sure the. Black Rubber Gas Mask Hose connection between Gas Mask and Filter Military Surplus Russian 40mm gas mask hose for Cosplay Costumes. SovietBuzz. 5 out of 5 stars. (47) $23.99 FREE shipping. Only 3 available and it's in 3 people's carts. Favorite gas masks fittings gas mask connector hose tube female connector threads fittings 40mm parts. maxilt3. 5 out of 5 stars. (650) $2.77. Favorite. Add to Uses standard/common 40mm NATO threaded NBC/CBRN filters. Mask is used in very good condition. Kit Includes: 1- MCU/2-P size Medium gas mask. Used very good condition 1- extra Skullcap Advanced Head Harness. New with tags 1- QD Quick Doff Hood. New in package 1- 40mm NATO training filter 1- OD Gas Mask Carrier

40mm NATO threaded filter fits any NATO mask. Compatible with masks that previously used the M95 cartride, SGE150, SGE400, SGE400/3, SGE400/3 BB masks, Israeli Gas Masks, and any gas mask which uses the standard 40mm threads. 5 year shelf life. Brand new. Do not trust your life to an expired filter SGE 1. The SGE 1 is a NATO specified NBC gas mask. It's compatible with standard 40-mm filters. It has a drinking tube option for your canteen (option meaning you have to buy it separately if purchased new, and the manufacturer installs it for you) and has a scratch-resistant lens New Filter P-5 to GAS MASK - Sealed New condition P-5 filter is designed to protect the airways, eyes and face of the user against CBRN agents New, after expiration date, each filter is closed - 2004-2008 year. The filters are made of plastic. The manufacturer MASKPOL gives a 10-year warranty, i.e. until 2004-2008 Norma J Torres Vs Mike Cargile, Animal Crossing New Horizons Default Town Tune, David Strickland Cause Of Death, Israeli Gas Mask Filter Expiration Date, Dr Mike Betsy Alvarez, Dynamic Axial Resistance Device For Sale, Duppy Conqueror Lyrics Meaning, Breville Toaster Manual, Aldi Talk Uk, Name The Movie From The Scene Quiz, Cheap Exercise. Learn survival skills online or at one of our survival training courses. Owned by Survival Instructor Creek Stewart

The cylinder is about 5- inches tall. The words EVAC-U8 Emergency Escape Smoke Hood are printed on the cylinder along with the serial number and expiration date. Recalled smoke hoods have a serial number of A97,921 or higher, and an expiration date of May 1, 2002 or later Brand New / Factory Sealed - MADE IN 6/2017 (( Expiration Date: 6/2022 ))Premium NBC / CBRN / Military-Grade Filter - Nuclear-Biological-Chemical ProtectionCombination / Multi-Gas Cartridge - Effective against NBC & All Riot Control AgentsFor use with ALL Israeli, 40mm NATO Gas Masks (Most Widely Used Type)> > > Trusted & In Active Service with Military & Police Forces WorldwideMestel Gas Mask. This like-new Czech CM3 gas mask helps to protect the face, eyes and respiratory system against chemicals and radioactive and biological warfare agents that are used in the form of gases, vapors, aerosols, etc. Includes bag and filter. Note: Though these gas masks and filters may function as intended, they have likely exceeded their expiration.

A person utilizes a gas mask apparatus for personal protection against harmful air particles and contaminants, such as asbestos or dangerous chemicals, which can damage lung functions and cause serious health problems. Other workers use masks to administer oxygen, anesthesia or other medical needs to patients before beginning types of surgical. The timing also applies to the gas mask filter's expiry date. All filters are made with visible expiry dates which must be adhered to in order to ensure you get the right filtration for your gas mask. More specifically, the Israeli 40mm NATO gas mask filter has a shelf life exceeding 15 years, whereas the Avon M50 gas mask filters have a.

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The filter expiration dates are more about saturation of the filter by the environment and it's usefulness before its used up. As it gets saturated by the stuff it filters , it gets harder to breath thru it. Even if packaged correctly the filter is still filtering the air More Spare Filters The Better. As you know, gas mask filters do have a shelf life. They do not last that very long, and you have to be careful not overusing it. Most of the filters available need to be replaced after some time. It depends on the severity of the emergency and gas concentrations. Make sure to keep track of the expiration date of. How can you store an unused gas mask filter (unopened) and once fitted to a mask - Answered by a verified Health Professional We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them The real expiration date is based upon the mask in a real CBRN environment even a 40 year old mask with decent O rings made of good rubber will last longer than the filter. Anonymous View Same Google ImgOps iqdb SauceNAO do it 4 her.jpg , 1MiB, 1920x137



If the filter is stored unopened, in the original packaging it will last up to 5 years from the date of manufacture which should be clearly labelled on the packaging. If the filter has been opened from the original packaging, it can last up to 6 months from this date (as long as it is within the 5 year period since manufacture if the filter is. Check out the 8233 n100 mask. This respirator is designed for those who want the highest rated by NIOSH filter efficiency in a mask. It is approved for lead abatement, metal fumes produced from welding, certain radioactive particulate material, and non-oil containing mists. In need of a new respirator filters? SHOP FILTERS Gas masks are also known as air-purifying respirators because they filter or clean chemical gases and possibly particles out of the air as you breathe. This respirator includes a facepiece or mask, and a filter/cartridge (if the filter is in a metal shell it is called a canister) American Army C2 filter canister. The filter is supplied with a standard Nato thread (40 mm x 1/7) and is thus compatible with almost all military and industrial respirators. The Type 80 filters are supplied sealed with leak-proof plastic caps, assuring a shelf life exceeding 15 years. NBC FILTER CANISTER TYPE 8 #8: Gas masks and filters degrade and expire. Many preppers don't realize that gas masks have a shelf life, but they do! With time protection will wear from a gas mask even one place securely in storage for retrieval in emergencies. There is a synthesis of resins that causes the masks to degrade over time through heat and cold

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January 23, 2019. January 22, 2019. Randolph Jason. Whats Inside A Gas Mask Filter and How do they Work? Video - Canadian Prepper. We bisect a gas mask (*ahem) a protective Mask to see whats inside and answer the following questions. 1) How long will a gas mask last? 2) Are expiration dates real? 3) Whats inside a gas mask filter GAS MASK FILTER: AMERICAN M-9 (circa 1940) 60 mm threaded filter STATUS: 100% EXPIRED DETAILS: Common American issue. (Most from the 50's) USAGE: US issue during prior to 1950. Use of this filter is highly discouraged, it provides 0% protection and may be toxic on it's own

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Gas mask Israeli and American technologies are considered among the best in the world. Top 7 Gas Masks. Now that you know what to look in a gas mask, here are our recommendations for the best gas masks for survival in 2020. We recommend checking with the gas mask manufacturer to determine the expiration date of the filter. Also, if you buy. Israeli Gas Masks : Military Surplus with a Sealed Filter : Small-Medium Size (*Click*) Israeli M-15 Gas Mask, Adult (*Click*) Q : For instance is there a difference between the 'Civilian' Israeli Gas Masks and the 'Military' Gas Masks? Q : Any markings to look out for to distinguish between the two type (Military or Civilian) if one is better.

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First off. NO gas mask will protect you from all toxic gasses. You have to have the correct filters. Military or Industrial. Second. All filters have expiration dates. Do not trust your life with expired filters. Third. Filters must be protected from moisture/humidity so they come in sealed packaging. Once they are removed they start to break down Israeli Gas Mask Filter, Black - McGuire Army Navy. Israeli Gas Mask Filter, Black • New, Unused Filter • Fits standard 40 mm gas mask • Made to NATO Specifications • 25 Year Shelf Life (Manufactured in 2019) This product is ITAR Restricted, and cannot be shipped out of the United States Genuine Military Premium Israeli NATO NBC 40mm Gas Mask Filter SHTF. 8 product ratings. 4.3 average based on 8 product ratings. 5. 5 users rated this 5 out of 5 stars 5. 4. as expected and fits easily onto the masks it was promised to fit on though the phasing new is misleading given the expiration date of the filters is 2010

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The 3M 2091 P100 (HEPA) Filter is sold by the pair and features extremely fine filtration that traps all but the most minuscule particles. The 3M 2091 P100 Filters fit on the 3M 6000 Half Face Respirator and the 3M 7500 Respirator, as well as the 3M 6000 Full Face Respirator.HEPA filtration is rated to remove 99.9% of particles .3 microns and larger 813861. Advantage 1000 Riot Control Gas Mask, complete with canister, nosecup, and identification tag, Black. view details Where to Buy. Provides respiratory protection against military warfare, civil unrest and CBRN threats. High-performance, custom-fit comfort in a variety of military- and riot-style masks This Polish gas mask set includes a like new mask, carrying bag and a new sealed 40mm gas filter. Poland's military originally developed the MC-1 to protect troops from nuclear, biological, chemical and radiation threats. This Polish mask was developed using similiar features and design elements from the Czech and Israeli standard gas masks

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Gas masks were imported to The United States in accordance with permit #01-13251 issued by Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms of Department of the Treasury of USA. After September 11, 2001. 2. When was the production date of these masks? - All our gas masks that was imported to the United States after September 11, 2001 Yeah, you can dress all in black, and wear a gas mask that looks badass, but that doesn't make you badass. If you really want to go with a half-face respirator, the major consideration is what kind of filters the mask takes - 40mm or proprietary. Again, 40mm masks are a better choice, in my opinion, but a lot less common All half and full-face respiratory masks can be combined with our wide range of breathing filters to fit your individual application. Business Field. Respiratory Protection. Respiratory Masks. 3. Filter. Reset this filter. Communication Units Dust Masks Full Face Masks Half Masks. Respiratory Protection / Respiratory Masks Products Count: 21 Respirators, Ballistic and CBRN Protection | Avon Protection. Avon Protection is recognized as a world leader in respiratory and ballistic protection, delivering life critical solutions for Militaries and First Responders worldwide. As an innovative capability provider, we understand the unique requirements of the modern warfighter and tactical.

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Japanese Industrial Safety and Health Law - approval number: TN43 (Direct-mounting small type gas cartridge for organic vapor, filtering efficiency L3 classification) USA Approvals . 42 CFR Part 84 . COMFO GMA - 816821_R19; COMFO GMA-P100 - 815580_R14; COMFO GMA-P100 LOW PROFILE - 815588_R14; COMFO GMB - 816818_r15; COMFO GMB-P100 CARTRIDGE. Multi gas and vapor cartridge with high efficiency (HE) particulate protection. Effective against range of chemical warfare agents. This NIOSH-approved cartridge helps provide high efficiency respiratory protection in environments containing toxic industrial chemicals. Use with the RRPAS 6000 Series facepieces or BE-10 Series hood powered. Nbc Nato Filter For Sale - Farm Equipment For Sale. Nbc Gas Mask Nato Sge 4003 + Military-grade 40mm Nbc Filter Exp 032024 All New Sge 150 - $240.43 Sge 150 Gas Mask +2 New Nato 40mm Nbccbrn Filter 324 +2 Free Pki 30ct Nib Tactical Israeli - $199.99 Tactical Israeli Respirator Gas Mask W Sealed. Dec 30, 2016 - Explore Ted Grimes's board Gas Mask on Pinterest. See more ideas about gas mask, gas, mask Military surplus offer cheap gas masks, military gas masks and Israeli gas mask. Although it's understandable why preppers might distrust military surplus, there are also reasons to trust the products. For starters, the best military gas masks, tents, sleeping bags and canvas tarps have been tested by the military under the most extreme. First, it's not hard to imagine the need for several filters per person depending on exposure times. Second, it's important to keep track of the expiration date for any filters on hand. At $40-$50 a pop, the cost of replacement filters can add up quickly. I would suggest purchasing a mask that accepts 40mm NATO threaded filter canisters