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On average this clam will only grow .08 to 1.6 inches per year, rather than the 4 per year seen with the for-mentioned two big fellows. To reach a 14 length will take a Maxima clam 50 to 60 years. Keeping a Maxima Clam in your reef tank Maxima Clams need the reef environment with live rock. They should be placed on live rock or some other. Home > Marine Invertebrates & Plants > Tridacna Clams > Maxima Clam, Gold. Please Note: Due to variations within species, your item may not look identical to the image provided. Approximate size range may also vary between individual specimen. Maxima Clam, Gold (Tridacna maxima) Item: CN-80439. $ 99.99

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  1. Special Gold Maxima Clam. $179.99. Size Approx. 3.5 inches. This Special Gold Maxima Clam.
  2. The Gold Maxima Clam has the widest distribution of any Tridacnid species. It is found from the Red Sea, throughout the Indo-Pacific region, to Australia and Polynesia. It usually occurs in shallow, clear water, high current areas where they are known to form high-density populations
  3. With the Gold Maxima Clam Keeper kit, your new Maxima clam will have it all, sitting pretty on a perfectly shaped rock and eating like a king. Gold Maxima Clam Keeper Kit Includes: A 2(approximately: + 0.5) Gold Maxima Clam (select a grade from the options below) A bottle of Oceanmagik phytoplankton to feed your new clam
  4. Buy Gold Maxima Clam - Tridacna maxima (ORA) at the lowest prices online & Free Shipping over $149 everyday with code FISHFREE. Call 1-877-367-4377 to order
  5. I am setting up a 10 gallon reef tank and I was wondering if this clam would do good under a 20 96 watt Coralife Aqualight PC fixture. Gold Maxima Clam from LiveAquaria.co
  6. The Tridacna Maxima Clam also goes by the common name of the giant clam but it's really the small giant clam since the true giant clam is Tridacna gigas. The colors on this clam can be simply outrageous and extremely vibrant. Common mantle colors are blue, green, gold and turquoise with various mantle patterns

So, you want to add a Maxima clam to your reef tank. OK, great! While we normally think of Maxima clams as gold, black, green, or blue, there are some very rare color patterns. The Chimera clam is a rare two-faced Maxima and occur at a rate of about 1 in every few million. A Wild Collected.. Buy Ultra Gold Maxima Clam - Tridacna maxima (ORA) at the lowest prices online & Free Shipping over $149 everyday with code FISHFREE. Call 1-877-367-4377 to order Sold Out$399.99. Size Approx. 5 inches. This Green Gold Maxima Clam is wild collected and is WYSIWYG. Collections Maxima clams have many different colors and patterns. For this reason they are usually graded for sale in the aquarium industry. ORA grades include Ultra, Ultra Gold, Purple First, Green First and Gold mantle colors. They require high light levels in the aquarium and are best placed high in the tank, close to the lights Water Conditions : 72-78° F, dKH 8-12, pH 8.1-8.4, sg 1.023-1.025. Color Form: Gold. Supplements : Calcium, Trace Elements. Origin : Aquacultured. Family : Tridacnidae. The Maxima Clam is also known as the Small Giant Clam and is one of the most widely recognized species of the giant clams. The beauty of its mantle with its rich variety of.

Home Products Tridacna maxima - Large Gold Maxima Clam 5-6 Tridacna maxima - Large Gold Maxima Clam 5-6 Sold Out $109.99 Notify me when this product is available: Category: Clam, Invertebrates. Type: Invertebrate. Tweet Share Pin It Add Email. Related Items. Astrea Snails. from $1.85. Mexican Turbo Snails. from $2. Stability is absolutely key with maxima clams. On the bright side. T. maxima obtains most of its nourishment from its zooxanthellae-endosymbiotic, photosynthetic dinoflagellates. Because the clam is pretty much reliant on its symbiont for food, it needs quite a few of them. Yet, it has only so much space in its mantle to host them

Purple and gold maxima clam 1 viewed per hour. Gold Maxima Clam 2.5 -NEON REEFS- WYSIWYG LIVE CORAL FRAG. Item Information. Condition: New. Price: US $79.99. +$39.95 shipping. Gold Maxima Clam 2.5 -NEON REEFS- WYSIWYG LIVE CORAL FRAG ORA Ultra Gold Maxima Clam (Tridacna maxima) 1.5 Sold Out. ORA Squamosa Clam (Tridacna Squamosa) 3 $80.00. ORA Gold Maxima Clam (Tridacna maxima) 1.5 $49.00. ORA First Grade Maxima Clam (Tridacna maxima) Sold Out. Quick Links. Home; Shop; About; Contact; Collections. SPS; LPS; ZOANTHIDS; MUSHROOMS; SOFTCORAL; ANEMONES; CLAMS; WYSIWYG; FRAG. Category: Blue , Clam , Clams , Flash , Maxima , Sale. Type: Unknown Type. Tridacna maxima - Large Blue Maxima Clam 5-6 $149.99. Squamosa Clams Sold Out $300.00. Sale. Tridacna maxima - Large Gold Maxima Clam 5-6 Sold Out

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  1. The ORA® Maxima Clam, Gold is also known as the Small Giant Clam and is one of the most widely recognized species of the giant clams. The beauty of its mant (215) 800-0234 | Info@Frags2Fishes.co
  2. Maxima clams have many different colors and patterns. For this reason they are usually graded for sale in the aquarium industry. Currently the grades include Ultra, Ultra Gold, Purple First, Green First and Gold mantle colors. They require high light levels in the aquarium and are best placed high in the tank, close to the lights
  3. Gold Maxima Clam $49.99. $49.9
  4. Details about Gold Maxima Clam 2.5 -NEON REEFS- WYSIWYG LIVE CORAL FRAG See original listing. Gold Maxima Clam 2.5 -NEON REEFS- WYSIWYG LIVE CORAL FRAG: Condition: New. Ended: Jul 05, 2021. Winning bid: US $59.00 [ 12 bids] Shipping: $39.95 One-day Shipping | See details . Item location:.
  5. You are here: Home » Collector's Choice » Clams » Gold Maxima Clam: more images: Gold Maxima Clam: Tridacna maxima: 2-3 033350. $ 59.95 SOLD. Subscribe to our e-Newsletter. Email * First Name * Last Name * * I'm not a robot *Required field : SHIPPING INFO: Shipping Option: Order Status: Free Care Package.
  6. Gold Tridacna Maxima Clam Maricultured Sml : Tridacna maxima Green Mussel Cluster Sml : Perna viridis Gulf Clam With Christmas Worm Sml : Acesta bullisi Hippopus Clam Lrg : Hippopus hippopus.
  7. ORA Farm. Ultra Gold Maxima Clam (ORA) 1.5. -PHOTO COMING SOON-. $49.99. ($49.99 Incl. tax) Compare. Ultra Maxima Clam (Tank Raised) 2. Article code 21-16073. $114.99

New Fish Shipments: Specials: ***ULTRA Blue Maxima Clams 5-7 $100 ***ULTRA Blue Maxima Clams 2.5-33 $75 ***ULTRA Gold Maxima Clams 2-2.5 $50 ***Pyramid Butterfly $65 ***Spotted Yellow Eye Kole Tang $60 ***Purple Tang $120 ***Helfrichi Firefish $60 ***Blue Spot Jawfish $80 ***Pom Pom Crab $12 ***Porcelain Crab $10 ***Sexy Shrimp $16 ***Harlequin Shrimp $35 Price List. Captive Bred ORA Clams. ORA's Giant Clams are born and raised at our clam farm located in the Marshall Islands. ORA's Marshall Islands Mariculture Facility (MIMF) grows several species of Tridacna Clams including Tridacna maxima, T. squamosa and T. derasa. Tridacna Clams are relatively easy to care for in aquarium conditions.All of the clams in this genus have symbiotic algae called.

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Maxima clams have many different colors and patterns. For this reason they are usually graded for sale in the aquarium industry. ORA grades include Ultra, Ultra Gold, Purple First, Green First and Gold mantle colors Home Products Tridacna maxima - Large Gold Maxima Clam 5-6 Tridacna maxima - Large Gold Maxima Clam 5-6 Sold Out $109.99 Notify me when this product is available: Category: Clam, Invertebrates. Type: Invertebrate. Tweet Share Pin It Add Email. Related Items. Astrea Snails. from $1.85. Mexican Turbo Snails. from $2. Amazon.com: Tridacna maxima Gold Maxima Clam (ORA): Home Audio & Theater. Skip to main content.us. Hello Select your address Electronics Hello, Sign in. Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. Cart All. Gift Cards Best Sellers Prime. My friend picked up a few clams and wanted some help to sell them. Here are the prices. 1. Ultra maxima clam with gold and blue- $80 2. Dark blue ultra maxima clam -$80 3. Gold maxima clam - $50 each 4. Ultra maxima clam yellow/gold and blue $140 5. Sold 6. Gold teardrop maxima - sold 7. Giant..

Lastly, small clams do tend to have a lower survival rate than medium-sized clams, no one really knows why. Getting a clam under 2-3 is always a gamble. Quote; Share this post. I bought a small ORA gold maxima about three months ago at my LFS and he is still going strong. ORA is a great company. Cant wait to put the money out for one of. Gold Maxima Clam. Hippopus Clam. Squamosa Clam Maxima Clam-Gold, 5-6, Tahiti $149.99. 025771 : Maxima Clam-Gold, 6-7, Tahiti $179.99 : We do our very best to help our customers find the livestock they are interested in, but because of unpredictable availability, these species are on a first come first serve basis. If you miss out on something you really wanted just resubmit another. Beautiful Gold Maxima: 6 The Maxima Clam is also known as the Great Clam or Rugosa Clam. It is found in a variety of colors and patterns. In general, Maxima Clams have larger areas of solid color than the other Tridacna clams. The two halves of the shell are elongated and lack symmetry Gold maxima clams will attach themselves with a string like filament very quickly to hard surfaces, usually in a day or two. If you have to move a clam try to cut these filaments close to the hard substrate to avoid damage to the fleshy part of the clam, better still do your best to settle them in their permanent position from the start

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For instance, two of my favorite clam species—crocea and maxima clams—need more light than others. While Gigas and derasa clams can get by in deeper tanks (14 inches or more) or under power compacts or T5 lighting, the crocea and maxima clams do best under high-intensity, reef-ready lights Tridacna maxima. Variant price modifier: Base price with tax: Salesprice with discount: Our Price: $115.00. Click here to recieve a notification when this fish is in stock. (Important) Please Click HERE to double check our supplier's website for in-stock on your order to prevent delay. FastStats Maxima Clam Gold, Aquacultured (Tridacna maxima) from $64.99 Sold Out ORA® Aquacultured Ultra Grade Colored Maxima Clam (Tridacna maxima) $139.99 Sold Out ORA® Aquacultured First Grade Colored Maxima Clam (Tridacna maxima) $104.99 Sold Out Maxima Clam Blue, Aquacultured (Tridacna maxima). Tridacna maxima (Yellow/Gold) 15cm - CLA-TMYG-043033. Size 24249. Availability Occasionally. Login to view prices. Out of stock. Get notified when restocked. Description. Maxima clam (Yellow/Gold) Maxima clam (Yellow/Gold The new ORA Maxima Clam poster is a stunning reminder about why we love these mollusks. Following up on the success of the ORA Coral and ORA Clownfish posters, this new poster features vivid color

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  1. Apparently they showed me they will supplement their diet by eating my small gold Maxima clam and my Large Derasa that was larger than both of my hands. My fault no way around it. Bottom two pictures are here at the new house, have lights back online with all livestock in the tank
  2. Unlike its cousins the maxima (Tridacna maxima) and crocea (T. crocea) clams, which are more than common in the hobby, the squammies do not frequently show up in the blue hue, and when they do, they are sold very quickly and for a handsome sum. Being clam junkies ourselves, we could only wish to get our paws on one of these rare beauties
  3. Post on your clam in 6 months to a year. 3 months is not alot of time. Billy, clams are one of my personal favorites, and IMHO, are quite easy to keep. I say, go for it! You have excellent lighting so any color you like should be fine. (I have my eye on a teardrop gold maxima....as soon as I make some room!lol!

Houston Aquarium Warehouse, Stafford, Texas. 4,829 likes · 156 talking about this · 373 were here. H.A.W. has been the premier supplier in the United States of discus, rare tropical fish, and aquatic.. gold dot maroon. gold nugget maroon. yellow assessor. kamohara blenny. elongate dottyback. neon dottyback. yellowline goby. sprouted red mangrove. gold maxima clam 1.5″ derasa clam 3″ marshall island lantana montipora. melonberry montipora. marshall island green hydnophora. hawkin's blue echinata. ORA ice tortuosa. stellar stylophor

I started this tank 6 months ago; I only wanted a cheap reef on my desk at work, the key word here being cheap. I was determined to make a low cost setup that I could enjoy, without sinking much money into it.. I purposely purchased livestock that was discounted, fragged, or cheap, without particularly caring if the piece was colorful or notonly healthy I think that clam looks great in there! I think you need to add a black/gold maxima for added color; and just another clam. How are you keeping that green monti in check; daily pruning?! OP . eschulist That Office Nano Guy. Lifetime Member. Meeting Host 2019. Rating - 100%. 23 0 0

Gold Coral Banded Shrimp. Tiger Cowrie. Chestnut Cowrie. Tiger Tail Cucumbers. Green Emerald Crabs. Red Emerald Crabs . Sea Stars: Chocolate Chip Stars. Brittle and Serpent Stars Gold Maxima Clams. Blue/Ultra Maxima Clams. A massive array of 150x blue, green and gold clams with all sorts of patterns and shapes have left the facility! Get your striped Maxima clams now! They look all natural and at home placed in between some coral . Get your striped Maxima clams now! They look all natural and at home placed in between some coral . 04/01/2021 . Happy. ocellaris clowns naked w/dot ocellaris black ocellaris true percula gold dot maroon gold nugget maroon yellow assessor kamohara blenny elongate dottyback neon dottyback yellowline goby sprouted red mangrove gold maxima clam 1.5″ derasa clam 3″ marshall island lantana montipora melonberry montipora marshall island green hydnophora hawkin's blue echinata ORA ice tortuosa stellar stylophor Energize your reef aquariums with a POP of brilliant color. These ultra-colored zoa add a dynamic combination of complementary colors to wake up lack-luster setups with stimulating color and texture. The Ultra Colored Colony Polyp is a prized coral specimen for serious Zoanthid collector and budding reef aquarium enthusiast alike. Over time, an established colony Captain Jerk Paly Zoa Read.

I guess you can say that is my 2nd Hobby...I currently have a Saltwater Reef Setup at home and love them colorful corals and fishes...They may look fake but they are real In addition to the couple of trial corals I added in the beginning of the set up I have now stocked it with 9 SPS corals from ORA, 4 SPS frag corals from local hobbyists, one frag of xenia (from local hobbyist), one ORA Gold Maxima clam and one frag of Duncanopsammia with 5 heads (from local hobbyist) Or sign in with one of these services. Sign in with Facebook. Sign U Clowns (mated pairs only): Spotcinctus Black Ice Snowflake Snowflake Fancy Snowflake Other ORA fish: Darwin clowns Ocellaris clowns Blue Mandarin Spotted Mandarin Aiptasia Eating file fish Yes, all of these are captive breed! Corals: Carl Acropora Hawkins Blue Enchinata Mind Trick Montipora.. Gold Maxima Clam Gold Derasa Clam Scarlet Hermit Crab Banded Serpent Star XLG Nassarius Snail Ultra Rose Bubble Anemone Halloween Hermit Crab Astrea Snail Red Leg Hermit Crab Chocolate Chip Star Sea Hare Turbo Snail Little Bear Conch Margarita Snail Peppermint Shrimp. Submit a Comment Cancel reply

Photo Gallery. Below is a collection of photos from a few of Samantha's aquariums... . 100 Gallon Mixed Reef Aquarium. . Green Clown Goby in Turbinaria. Poker Star Monti. Divided Leopard Wrasse. Royal Gramma Pop Corals is a direct supplier of high quality marine aquarium services, supplies & livestock from around the world at competitive prices. Pop Corals is one of the best live tropical marine coral, fish & invertebrate retailers on the East Coast located in Brooklyn, NY Jun 4, 2021 - Explore Marie Allegretti's board Homestead, followed by 223 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about survival prepping, emergency prepping, survival skills Ellis Aquatics provides the HIGHEST quality, the LOWEST prices. Livestock, rock, sand dry goods or anything else. 2301 N Wilmington Ave, Compton, CA 90222. Ellis Aquatics was established in March of 2012 as a way to give a financial break to those people wanting to enter or stay in the aquarium hobby. We started out with a single 20 gallon tank.

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  1. Tahitian Blue & Gold Maxima Clams. from. Sold out. Tigriopus Pods. from. Sold out. Luzon Starfish Med. Regular price $30 Sold out. Black Brittle Starfish. Regular price $20 Sold out. Sea of Cortez Red Leg Crabs. Regular price $1.25.
  2. New Fish Shipments: Specials: ***ULTRA Blue Maxima Clams 5-7 $100 ***ULTRA Blue Maxima Clams 2.5-33 $75 ***ULTRA Gold Maxima Clams 2-2.5 $50 ***Pyramid Butterfly $65 ***Spotted Yellow Eye Kole..
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  4. Maxima clams have many different colors and patterns. For this reason they are usually graded for sale in the aquarium industry. ORA grades include Ultra, Ultra Gold, Purple First, Green First and Gold mantle colors. They require high light levels in the aquarium and are best placed high in the tank, close to the lights
  5. Maxima Clam for sale 4Less! Top Care Facts For The Maxima Clam (Tridacna maxima) Care Level: Moderate Temperament: Peaceful Diet: Photosynthetic/Filter Feeder Origin: Pacific Ocea
  6. The final three clams: a gold maxima clam (My oldest), an ultra blue maxima (Which I bought as a baby) and a blue/gold crocea clam. The latter two cost a small fortune...I'd love to have either a pure black maxima clam (£500+) or a gigas clam, but a gigas will grow bigger than the actual tank
Blue Maxima clam at my work/LFSGiant Clam (Tridacna squamosa) - Stock Image - C012/7435

Cultured Clams Gold Teardrop Maxima 3-4 $60.00 Gold Teardrop Maxima 4-5 $75.00 Gold Teardrop Maxima 5-6 $100.00 Wild Gold Maxima $70.00 Tonga Squamosa 2-3 + $70.00 Tonga Squamosa 3-4 + $80.00 Tonga Squamosa 4-5 + $100.00 below not always available, but when shipments coming pre-order for a great deal 15 clams - 4 to 6 Tahiti Maxima blue. I kept a Copperband and a Raccoon in a tank with a large Crocea for several years with no problems. I later added a Gold Maxima and a Squamosa, with no problems. Still later, I added two 3 Croceas and that started the feeding frenzy. Both the Raccoon and CBB started going after the Gold Maxima and two new Croceas, so they were removed from the. this fish has bonded to a gold maxima clam and has burrowed under it its in the front of the tank he just hangs out w/his mouth wide open some kind of scare tatict but seems to be ok eats well nobody bothers him so we will see i had no desire to buy him my friend ordered him by mistake i wanted something else but i got this guy.believe me if he.

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The maxima clam has the largest geographical distribution among giant clam species; it can be found off high- or low-elevation islands, in lagoons or fringing reefs. Its rapid growth rate is likely due to its ability to cultivate algae in its body tissue. Although larval clams are planktonic, they become sessile in adulthood Hobbyists may see Freshwater Clams, like Asian Gold Clams, available as pets in stores.Some hobbyists think Freshwater Clams are easy to care for and are interesting pets to keep. Other hobbyists think keeping Freshwater Clams is a big mistake, as they can be challenging to keep alive and can quickly cause problems in a tank Maxima clams, in particular, need 250 - 400 watt Metal Halide lighting or equivalent intensity to survive. 4. Keep the water movement low and calm. Clams do not like rapid or fast-moving water, as it disrupts their ability to filter food out of the water effectively. Indirect, slow moving currents are the best way to keep your clams healthy and. Fun Fact - In New Jersey, the minimum size of hard clams that may be harvested is 1 1/2 (1.5) inches in length. Clams can reproduce at about 1 to 1 1/4 inch in length which gives them protected time to breed. Fun Fact - The hard clam is active and grows in water temperature between 50° and 85° Fahrenheit. Above or below those temperatures. Lots of tentacles reaching out for the food. I might move the two tiny Gold Maxima clams I have off the sand since the sand sifting critters keep moving them. Any thoughts? PS: Does anyone know the secret to taking not-so-blue pictures with the iPhone? It seems that doesn't matter how high the whites LEDs are running, my iPhone always catches.

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  1. << CLAMS >> Ultra Maxima 1.5 T. maxima $63 Ultra Gold Maxima 1.5 T. maxima $40 Ultra Maxima Black & Color 1.5 T. maxima $54 Gold Maxima 1.5 T. maxima $29 First Grade Maxima 1.5 T. maxima $41 Squamosa Clam 3.5 T. squamosa $65 Derasa Clam 2 T. derasa $32 Derasa Clam 2.5 T. derasa $41 Derasa Clam 3.5 T. derasa $61.
  2. Clams; large - 10 yellow squamosa; medium - 5 blue maxima; medium - teal maxima; small - lighting maxima; small - gold maxima; Remember: I am a dealer for just about anything saltwater aquarium related. Therefore, if you are interested in any saltwater tank equipment, including the gear below, let me know and I can get you a quote
  3. Special Offer $20 Exotic Gold Maxima Clam Offer Get Deal Expired 9-3-21 46Used; Promo Code. $29.99 Blue Tang Offer Plus Free Delivery blue . Expired 26-2-21 94Used; Deal. Get The Ora Gold Maxima Clam For Only $20 Get Deal Expired 9-3-21 52Used; FAQ for Saltwaterfish.com Can I combine Saltwaterfish.com's Voucher Codes?.
  4. If you are looking for coral you've found the right place. Here at Tidal Gardens we try to track down the most beautiful corals we can find and propagate them for reef aquarium hobbyists around the country. In particular, we love the rare and exotic corals that are seldom seen in captivity. We have both stock item corals as well as What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) corals that are.

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Oh I also have a gold maxima clam and a sea apple. View Entire Discussion (19 Comments) More posts from the ReefTank community. 644. Posted by 7 days ago. This group is the only place to be excited about 5gallons of carbon [Pic] 644. 58 comments. share. save. hide. report. 603. Posted by 3 days ago It's a durable clam that is exceptionally easy to keep in aquariums. The Squamosa clam can reach a size of up to approximately 12 inches in an aquarium and much larger in the wild, reaching just over 17 1/2 inches but growing large is slow for Tridacna Squamosa clams. It will take roughly 60 years to reach 17 inches

Maxima ClamPinctada maxima (gold-lipped pearl oyster) | PinctadaBlack and White Maxima Clam Seen in the Wild | AquaNerdGiant Clams, Tridacna Clams and Hippopus Clams, Family

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Shopping for live coral for sale on the Internet can be worrisome. What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) corals help. With WYSIWYG corals for sale here at Tidal Gardens, you can at least see the actual coral frag or colony before you buy. The WYSIWYG corals are photographed under a mix of ATI T5 fluorescent bulbs however they are grown under a combination of LED and natural sunlight from the. CLAMS Gold Maxima (1.5?) - $30 Ultra Gold Maxima (1.5?) - $40 First Grade Maxima (1.5?) - $40 Ultra Black & Color Maxima (1.5?) - $50 Squamosa (1.5?) - $30 SPS Blue Voodoo Stag - $40 Borealis - $45 Frogskin - $40 Green Planet - $40 Miami Orchid Stag - $35 Mini Red Planet - $40 Stuber Staghorn - $30 Hawkins - $50 Purple Nana - $40 Plum Crazy - $3 Buy rare corals collection of latest addition in the store. Buy corals online from online coral store. At our online corals store, buy corals for sale free shipping I have always just laid the oyster shell ontop of the sand bed and placed the clam on top of it. They always attached withing a week. Except for this one gold maxima. But he's a punk with an attitude

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You have some heavy bioload fish in a small volume of water, yet everything looks clean and growing nicely. 3. level 2. PhononMagnon. 6 years ago. this can actually be a good model for growth--high nutrient input and export gives corals lots of food and clean water. 1 If you're a BAR Supporting member, you're eligible for an exclusive raffle to win a ORA Aquacultured Gold Maxima Clam (stock photo). We will be checking for membership. Needs strong lighting. Donated by a BAR member. 50-MILE RAFFLE So I got a nice 2 inch gold maxima clam about 3 weeks to a month ago. He has looked great besides never seeming to find a position he was ever happy in. By that I mean every other night I would find him on his side in the morning or in a slightly different spot. I have always fixed him, and he.. PENN Fishing Reels - Elegance You Can Feel. Casual anglers seeking all-day comfort, lifelong enthusiasts devoted to the best in high strength, lightweight gear, and charter captains who count on a comfortable workhorse reel but wouldn't dream of sacrificing performance have long relied on PENN® Fishing Reels

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4-5inches Gold/Black Clam from Tonga $350 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Lastly Golden Maxima from Tonga - $320 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Gold Maxima (Tonga) $320 Still have some random zoas/paly too Pm to deal, price can negotiate to clea Special Offer $20 Exotic Gold Maxima Clam Offer. Expired 9-3-21. Get Deal Gain Free Purple Condylactis On Any Order $125 Or More In Marine Life. Expired 16-6-21. condy . Free Clean Up Crew With Online Orders Of $159+ Expired 16-6-21. pcrew . 10% OFF Select Styles. Expired 2-3-21 Average: US$250 - US$450. Fine Quality: US$1,200 - US$135,000 or more. Natural Saltwater Pearls come from the Pinctada radiata and Pinctada margaritifera varieties and are native to the Arabian Gulf. These natural pearls are incredibly rare and their value can vary significantly from US$500 to over US$2,000 per pearl

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i have a cherub angel in my 90gal.(had to borrow this pic cause he wont stay still.)a few weeks back he started pestering my clam and i feared that i would have to get rid of him like the first one i had got from HOF.anyway i moved my clam away from the angels area and its been a week that he hasnt bothered the clam and its closer to my clowns where they live in there anthelia colony so the. Special Offer $20 Exotic Gold Maxima Clam Offer Get Deal $20 72 Deals. Expires 16-6-21 Free Freebie Female Lyretail Anthias + More freeanthias . Sales 68 Coupon Codes. Expires 1-3-21 Free Gift With $179+ In Marine Life + More freecleanershrimp . $179 36 Coupon Codes. I know I know its Petco but you migjt find some live rock or soft corals that are nice. So this weekend 30% off all livestock, August 6-9. Just in case anyone is interested. Thanks Product TitleEagle Claw 618H Bass Hook Assortment Hooks and Assorted Sizes. Average Rating: ( 4.7) out of 5 stars. 3. ratings, based on 3 reviews. Current Price $4.46. $4.46. List Price $16.95 Corals/Plants: Fox, Pearl Bubble, Brown Button Polyp, Green Button Polyp, Yellow Polyps, Brown Tree Polyp, Starburst Polyp, Red Mushroom, Blue Mushroom, Green Mushroom, Brown Leather Toadstool Mushroom, Yellow Leather, Cauliflower Colt, Frogspawn, Yellow Flower Pot Coral (I think), Rusty Gorgonian, Purple Brush Gorgonian, Short Tentacle Plate Coral, 2 Brain Corals, Blue Maxima Clam, Gold.

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Just a fun thread here guys, maybe it can be turned into a poll sometime! ? What is your Holy Grail in this little hobby of ours, in terms of inmates you want to keep happy and healthy for an extended period of time?????? For me at this stage of my journey in the hobby it would be a Clam.. Trade Anything Coral or Reef Related, Pay Nothing. FragSwap.com is expected to be the fastest growing Free FragSwap Site on the net that specializes in every type of coral reef hobbyist trade bar none. There are no membership fees, barter currencies or commissions taken on trades. It's Free to contact, post and trade with other members We always aim to offer you the very best in customer service and all our livestock comes with our mailordercorals.com live arrival guarantee, so whether you are a complete novice starting out or an old seasoned reefer I am sure you will find something that interests you from our ever expanding range of corals, critters and other livestock for your marine aquarium Clams (Macoma balthica, 1- to 2-cm shell length) were collected from a mudflat in South San Francisco Bay in December 1996. Mussels and clams were then maintained in the laboratory at 15°C (salinity of 28 ppt) for 1 week prior to experimentation. Scintillation cocktail (Gold Maxima) was then added to two replicates of 200 μl solubilized. -Red Leg Hermits - $1.49 -Blue Leg Hermits - $1.49 -Zebra Hermits - $1.49 -Blue Knuckle Hermits - $7.99 -Orange Knuckle Hermits - $7.99 -Scarlet Hermits - $3.99 -Nassarius Snails - $2.99 -Cerith Snails - $2.99 -Gold Maxima Cultured - $64.99 -Fire Shrimp - $24.9

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