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The New Moon in Cancer is happening Friday, July 9, 2021, at 8:16 p.m. (central time/CST). Here are 10 things to keep in mind to help navigate the Cancer New Moon: 1. Enjoy Family. The sign of Cancer rules family, so the New Moon in Cancer is a perfect time to set new intentions around family On the night of January 12th, 2021 (or early morning on the 13th if you're on Eastern time), there is an extra-special lunar moment: the first new moon of the year. A new moon is the start of the lunar cycle, and represents a black canvas or a clean slate. It offers the chance to set new intentions, make new wishes, and set new goals

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New Moon Journal Prompts And Ritual For 2021 1. Begin your journaling session by taking 7-10 deep inhales and exhales​ Take a minute or two to really centre yourself before you begin journaling A lighter flash of spring fever arrives with the 2021 Gemini new moon on June 10. Attention shifts away from yourself, helping you notice how interesting and amazing others can be, especially if you try this Gemini new moon ritual. It's easy to drown in the vortex of our daily responsibilities, self-doubts, and what ifs The New Moon In Cancer Takes Place On July 9, 2021 at 9:16 p.m. ET. This new moon could be an innovative, enlightening, and forward-thinking experience. As it forms a sextile with futuristic and. Set your new moon bath with four white candles which symbolize the four corners of the compass. Write four intentions for the month and place each under a candle. I really like using Moon Bath Tea for my new moon bath ritual. You can also try adding white sage leaves and Himalayan sea salt to the bath

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SOPA Images/LightRocket/Getty Images The May 2021 New Moon Takes Place On May 11 At 2:59 p.m. ET Taking place in fixed earth sign Taurus, this new moon will tap into your practical sensibilities... Gemini New Moon Solar Eclipse Ritual June 2021. by Tanaaz. The Gemini New Moon Solar Eclipse falls on June 10th and is connected to the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse we had back on May 26th. If the Blood Moon Eclipse was about clearing, completion, and endings, this Solar Eclipse is all about new beginnings. It opens a portal to a new pathway and. New Moon Ritual June 10th, 2021 A Million Lights on New Moon Collective Prayer/Meditation Together Don't miss out on this particular powerful time to super-charge your manifesting intentions

The new moon is an amazing time that can give impetus to our development and multiplication in any sphere of our life. This magical period is the best time when we can easily attract luck in our life. The new moon rituals are able to increase wealth, create the foundation for future financial success, and attract abundance.. Historical Facts About New Moon Rituals Best Moon Ritual Kits To Get In 2021 In this post, I'm going to share with you the best moon ritual kits to enhance your special evening routine. While the New Moon is all about setting intentions and starting fresh, the Full Moon is about clearing energies and letting go

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The New Moon is a time to plant seeds. This is a time of new beginnings—the start of the lunar cycle and a great starting point for intention setting! Reach out, start a project, dream big! Create your rituals around that which you want to expand. The New Moon—the fertile dark, from which life springs anew Hey friends, this video is about how to do a new moon ritual for beginners! The new moon is an optimal time for manifestation & calling in abundance into our.. Ritual: A Salt Bath Release for the Capricorn new moon It's been a long year, and we've absorbed a lot of energy. Let's give ourselves a cellular reset for the year on every level with a nurturing and sensual twist with this Capricorn new moon ritual. What would you like to let go in 2021

To get instant (and life-long) access to the Taurus New Moon Ritual, you can join our Flow with the Moon Membership here. Upon signing up you will also get access to all of May's content, including an in-depth Tarot Reading, the upcoming Lunar Eclipse Ritual, Intention setting and more (over $400 in worth) The new moon is a time to recenter yourself and get ready to tackle new beginnings. Creating your own new moon ritual is the perfect way to practice self-care, reflect on what you want for the month ahead, and develop a positive mindset to help with your manifestation practice Chakra Balancing. Reiki. Crystal Therapy. The new moon is the birthing cycle of the moon's various phases. It is also an opportune time to attract your heartfelt longings by doing a moon ritual focused on manifestation. Whereas the cycle of the full moon is a suitable time for purging old ways, the new moon phase is an optimal time for planning.

The Moon is a celestial body that is said to influence many areas of human life. There is evidence to suggest that the Moon can affect our moods, our temper and can even send some pregnant women into labour.So, there is certainly an argument to be made that the Moon has a hidden power and influence.. As such, many people look to practices like Moon rituals to aid in their everyday lives It's our first New Moon of 2020, and we are stepping into an entirely new energy! Read on to find out how your zodiac will be affected

New Moon in Taurus 21º May 11 2021 12:59 pm MT * Moon + Sun sextile Neptune * Mars sextile Uranus and square Chiron . New Moon in Taurus. This is a lovely new moon in the midst of a May that is simply A LOT (in a year that has been a lot, after the prior year that was even more).. If you, like me, are feeling frazzled and frenzied and spiraling all directions trying to keep aloft all the. Your New Moon ritual might even involve actual play, like dancing outside or trying to remember how to do a cartwheel. Whatever you do, have a little fun with it. Libra. Libras are an Air sign that loves to be surrounded by beauty. This New Moon, break out your favorite candles, your prettiest crystals, and your best-smelling incense Use these solar eclipse rituals to harness the magic of a new moon solar eclipse. Indulge in intention-setting, crystal grids and more. They're easy, I promise! 2021 is fun and easy. Commit. Buy the selected items together. This item: New Moon Rituals for Entrepreneurs (2021) by Leslie Tagorda Paperback $24.13. In Stock. Ships from and sold by Amazon.com. FREE Shipping on orders over $25.00. Details. Star-Powered Brand: Become the Luminous Leader Your Were Born to Be by Leslie Tagorda Paperback $24.99. In Stock July 2021's New Moon in Cancer Will Be a Game-Changer for Relationships. Credit: Alex Sandoval. Annually, from approximately June 21 to July 22, Cancer season offers up a time to connect with loved ones and swim in your feelings. Spanning the kickoff of summer, the Fourth of July, and the heart of the warm, blissful season, it can be a welcome.

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  1. New Moon Manifesting Ritual: Setting Your Intentions with the New Moon With every new moon, we are given an opportunity to start fresh and set new goals. It's the most powerful time to set our intentions and map out what we want to manifest- either short term, long term, or both
  2. New Moon July 2021 Astrology. The new moon on July 9, 2021, at 18°01′ Cancer is sextile Uranus. This is a positive influence but as shown below, there are also three challenging square aspects to Uranus. But Venus is the most heavily aspected planet so it is love and money that come under the greatest strain during this new moon
  3. On June 24, 2021, a full moon known as Mead Moon, Strawberry Moon, Honey Moon or Rose Moon will appear. In Wiccan traditions, this is an ideal time for spells to bring about success in learning, education and long-term travel. Healing, forgiveness, independence and intuition are also highlighted. This Full Moon will occur on Thursday June 24.

The New Moon in Capricorn 12 Month Oracle Card Spread for 2021. A great way to start any new year to give you insight into the upcoming year. Capricorn Energy is all about hard work, determination, resilience and upward mobility! You can use the energy of a new moon to achieve your goals OR to start on a new project. This is also the perfect time to reflect on old goals and set new ones Capricorn New Moon Ritual Ideas. The first new moon of 2021 arrives in Capricorn on January 13. These two ritual ideas help you usher in the new year with a fresh round of inspiration. The first new moon of the year brings a galvanizing burst of energy, a challenge to level up. The zodiac's Sea Goat is always on the climb, seeking greater. Taurus New Moon May 2021. The new moon in Taurus is on the 11th, and if all you do is rest so be it. However, for those of you who are determined to get things done, this is your moon. Taurus is a very determined sign when it wants what it wants

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Write down the new intentional changes or growth you would like to bring forth in your life. Fold the paper under a tea light candle and declare, announce, claim... Become! Million Lights On - A Global Event - Collective Connection Monthly -- I share the power of the new moon manifesting ritual with others so they too, can easily influence and intentionalize their wishes, prayers, hopes and dream The New Moon in Aquarius on February 11, 2021 is all about employing new ways of thinking and working to achieve your most ambitious goals. try this simple ritual: Take a white candle, hold it.

New Moon in Taurus May 11th, 2021 ~ BLESSINGS And SHIFTS. This powerful New Moon in Taurus is a BLESSING in itself and takes place on Tuesday May 11th, 2021 at 3:59pm ADT. MARK this as a grand new beginning and stay focused on your desires and do not think about what you do not want ~ as that manifest also April 7, 2021. On April 11, we're kicking off a new cycle in the stars with the rise of the April 2021 new moon. This powerful lunar reset offers all zodiac signs a chance to channel their inner. To learn more about Moon rituals, Join the Feeling Good! Club on Clubhouse for two conversations each month, one before the Full Moon and one before the New Moon. May's New Moon in Taurus will be the topic of conversation on Sunday, May 9 th at 7:00 pm ET/ 4:00 pm PT. Don't miss the conversation! On May 11, 2021 (12:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time), there will be a new moon at 21°18' of Taurus. At the Taurus new moon, we reach for the stars—while keeping our feet firmly planted on the ground. It's a time to set down-to-earth intentions that improve our quality of life in tangible, practical ways. If [

A New Moon Ritual (March 2021 in Pisces ) The new moon marks the beginning of the lunar cycle. This is the best time to embark on new things, new beginnings, new relationships, long term goals, and intention setting This is an art ritual I created specifically for the new moon in April 2021. It was created with the intention of helping your claim your destiny. Reflect. This particular new moon has a lot of new beginnings energy surrounding it. In western astrology it is considered to be an Aries new moon June 24, 2021 - Strawberry Supermoon: Special Prediction and Magic Ritual. On June 24, 2021 will take place the Strawberry Supermoon, the last supermoon that will be visible this year. The full moon will reach its peak at 8:40 P.M. EDT. The full moon in Capricorn arrives with interesting aspects for each of the zodiac signs This is a powerful and potent simple ritual for manifesting abundance and prosperity to your life using the energy of the New Moon each month. New Moon checks are created within 24 hours after the New Moon each month. This harnesses the creative potential that occurs during this powerful time when we seed what we desire into the Universe Eclipses, retrogrades, and conjunctions, oh my! Our astrology intrigue is in overdrive, largely thanks to the full moon calendar 2021. From meanings and rituals to folklore and science, the celestial phenomenon has certainly piqued our interest

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  1. March 2021: Pisces New Moon. Sunday, February 28, 2021 3:00 PM 15:00. Sunday, March 14, 2021 4:00 PM 16:00. Manly Australia (map) Google Calendar ICS. Launching on the 28th of February. The Pisces New Moon will be in alignment with its ruling planet Neptune, giving it an otherworldly flavour. This is a New Moon to lay intentions within the.
  2. New Moon in Capricorn at 23° January 12, 2021, 9pm PST/12am EST Theme: Intense Transformation. This week we have a precarious New Moon in the sign of Capricorn. There's many challenging aspects to this New Moon and cosmic events surrounding it. The New Moon is in close conjunction to Pluto, the planet of transformation
  3. g year (or moon cycle)
  4. Jan 21, 2021 - Explore Adrea Jane Dempsey Wells's board Full Moon Ritual on Pinterest. See more ideas about full moon ritual, book of shadows, new moon rituals
  5. Feb 26, 2021 - In this board, you'll find great info and helpful resources about: New Moon rituals, Full Moon rituals, New Moon virtual events, Full Moon virtual events, New Moon intentions, Full Moon ceremony, cord cutting, eclipses, Astrology. See more ideas about new moon rituals, new moon, full moon
  6. Full Moon Ritual February 27, 2021. Happy Full Moon, friends! The moon cycles offer a great cadence to check our progress and realign our intentions to our goals. In my personal practice, I focus on creating alignment between my goals and intentions during the new moon. During the full moon, I work on releasing and letting go

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  1. A New Moon is a great time to check in with yourself and take stock of what changes you'd like to make. The practice of doing a New Moon ritual every month over the long term can bring new perspectives, progress, and manifestations into your life
  2. i New Moon Solar Eclipse forecast here. In order to embrace this magical Solar Eclipse energy, here is a ritual to guide you. As always, feel free to adapt the ritual to suit your needs. Ge
  3. All Programs Dinner and a Walk New & Full Moon Rituals. All Class Types Dinner and A Walk New & Full Moon Rituals Spring Full Moon. All Instructors Katie Hill Zach Ketterhagen Megan Grace and Carla Coleman. Date: DINNER AND A WALK with Katie Hill Thu, Jul 8, 2021 at 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm
  4. New moons mean new beginnings. Today's new moon is extra powerful because it's the first new moon, the leading lunation, of the year. This is a time to leave the past behind and immerse yourself in the energy of rebirth. Open yourself to abundance and all of the possibilities unfolding in your life
  5. New Moon in Cancer July 2021 Bringing: An invitation to journey within, connect to our feelings and emotions, and allow them to show us the way forward. A chance to access the source of love and nourishment within ourselves, and to generate conditions of safety that allow us to emotionally process and digest our experiences

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  1. New Moon in Aries. On April 11th, 2021 we will be experiencing a new moon in Aries. New moons are all about new beginnings. Therefore you may feel inspired to manifest a new beginning in a certain aspect of your life. I found that the aspect of life usually depends on where Libra is located in your natal chart
  2. Cancer New Moon rituals: 5 rituals to follow on Friday and Saturday THE CANCER New Moon is here and arrived in our skies at 2.16am on Saturday. Here are five rituals to follow today
  3. Do you honour the Moon Day tradition of Ashtanga Yoga? If you miss your ritual on your days off, here 10 Beautiful Moon Day Rituals For Ashtanga Yogis. New Moon - Mar 2021 — Find The Balance. 10 Great Reasons for Ashtanga Moon Days l Yoga Therapy Link. Andria Degens Moon Days. A Moon Day Practice
  4. New Moon in Pisces meaning: 4 rituals to perform on a Pisces New Moon THE NEW MOON in Pisces takes place on Sunday, March 13 so it's time to read your horoscope and plan your rituals
  5. Dark Moon New Moon May 11, 2021 Wiccan Spells & Ritual Ceremony Posted on April 25, 2021 by Holly Zurich Comments Off on Dark Moon New Moon May 11, 2021 Wiccan Spells & Ritual Ceremony Moon worship has been around since the earliest days and Wiccans today use the correspondences of the Moon to fulfil our dreams and align ourselves with the.

Solar Eclipse New Moon in Gemini. On June 10th, 2021 we will be experiencing a solar eclipse new moon in Gemini. Solar eclipses occur every 6 months during the new moon. New moons are all about new beginnings. and the solar eclipse amplifies this energy acting as a catalyst for inner transformation Sat, Mar 13 6:30 PM. Online Working With The Magic Of The New Moon - Moon Meaning and Rituals. £9.75. Sun, May 9 5:00 PM. Online Working With The Magic Of The New Moon - Moon Meaning and Rituals. #Hobbies #Networking New Moon In Taurus Ritual. Here are a few rituals that you can do under the Taurus New Moon: 1) Taurus New Moon Tarot. The tarot card associated with Taurus is the Hierophant (V). The Hierophant represents traditional rules and conformity, but also growth in the areas of spiritual development and knowledge Back JULY: CANCER NEW MOON JULY: Aquarius Pippastrology - Goddess Astrology Readings + Sacred Moon Rituals. About. Posts tagged Aquarius Full Moon 22nd July 2021 Full Moon in Aquarius July 2021. The Aquarius Full Moon on the 22nd-23rd of July. Read More

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The new moon is revered as a fresh start, a clean slate. It is the ideal time to be still, listen inwards & set intentions. New Moon Ritual (Aries) Tickets, Sun, Apr 11, 2021 at 5:30 PM | Eventbrit June 7, 2021, 12:32 PM · 1 min read. 1 / 2. 5 Solar Eclipse Rituals To Help You Harness That New Moon Magic. When speaking of astrology, there is commonly talk of predictions and forecasts of. Lunar Calendar 2021. Meditate or cast a spell to harness the energies of a New Moon with the following spiritual exercises and new moon ritual ideas: Easy New Moon Rituals. Easy New Moon Ritual Bath. Celebrate the new lunar cycle with a quick ritual bath, including a recipe and cleansing chant

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Manifesting on the New Moon dates is a powerful ritual for anyone that believes in lunar magic. You can create your own New Moon ritual using crystals, candles and affirmations. When is the next New Moon in 2021? All of the New Moon dates in 2021 are listed below and you can add them to your calendar using Google's genius Phases of the Moon. July 9, 2021 Self-Care Moon Rituals. The word self-care always brings us back to the principle of the June 3, 2021 New Moon in Gemini. Energy Update for the New Moon in Gemini on the 10th of June 2, 2021 Dancing in Rhythm with the Moon. Dancing is a great way to enhance your connection to the Moon May 12, 2021 Ascension Day You can do this moon ritual 1-3 days after the start of the moon cycle on Tuesday, May 11, 2021. Taurus. The sensual sign of Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and values. Nowadays, in these fast-paced times, we can feel exhausted, anxious, and disconnected. Hustle culture is serving no one these days Adding crystals for new moon rituals on top of following the transition of the moon through the signs can work wonders for reaching and fulfilling your goals. Best Crystals for New Moon Rituals. Just as we follow the lunar phases through the zodiac signs, we can also choose which crystals will best align with our purpose New Moon In Taurus: Manifest Money In 2021. The Taurus New Moon, coming May 11th (technically the 12th too), comes a mere two days before Jupiter jumps into Pisces, giving us a rare combination of creating rituals around material wants and spiritual needs. More often than not, we tend to lose our way and direction when it comes to monetary.

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The New Moon still affects the tides, and its energy will always be prevalent even if you can't see it. The New Moon's spiritual meaning symbolizes a very peaceful and tranquil moment in the lunar cycle. It's a time of new beginnings and renewal. The New Moon is a reset and a chance to start again, giving you a clean slate New Moon candle magic is a significant part of your manifesting intentions ritual. The New Moon is the starting point of the new lunar cycle, so it's these days that we make wishes, set goals and ask the Moon for support in achieving them in the next 29 days. For a complete ritual, you will need crystals, herbs, oils, cards, pens, and a notebook New Moon in Aries 2021: Taking our Power Back. On April 11, 10:30 PM ET, we experience a New Moon in Aries 2021, the first New Moon since the New Astrological Year began. New Moons happen when the Moon is conjunct with the Sun, on the same degree of the same Zodiac sign. These alignments represent the start of a new lunar month: they inaugurate.

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New Moon Ritual. 1. Light a black (Saturn) and/or white (moon) candle. 2. Meditate, journal, and or pull a tarot card on the following questions/visions: Imagine yourself in 2025, having uncovered and overturned, healed and transformed some of the stories, patterns, and habits you have found yourself working with and through over the past year Jan. 6, 2021. New Year's Day is great and all, but the real crown jewel for 2021 manifesting is the January 2021 new moon, which hits on the night of January 12 (or just after midnight on January. - Expanded wisdom for 2021 Sidereal New Moon and Full Moon Cycles. - My Extended 2021 Dharma Horoscopes. - Creative Rituals to support your embodiment, transformation, chakra alignment, and manifestation during each Moon Cycle. - Track the planetary transits + major Vedic celebrations. 2021 PURCHASE IS HERE Moon rituals vary significantly depending on what you want to get out of the ritual, for what moon phase energy you are working with and who you get information from about moon rituals. This new moon ritual that I share below is one that I created based off of moon circles held by other women and ones I have held for myself Below are several astrologer-approved rituals, like salt baths and forgiveness lists, to try out during the full moon if you're so inclined. The ritual can be completed during the day-and-a-half period before and after the full moon. The next full moon occurs on May 26, 2021

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The New Moon (or shortly after) marks the start of the new month for most lunisolar calendars. Instructions for Cleansing Ritual, Affirmations & Mantras and the New Moon Check is included on each order. The New Moon is a time of beginnings. It is a time of embracing new projects, ideas, plans, thoughts, relationships and the changes we wish to. Set your Intentions during the New Moon: This is a monthly offering for those who want to do a monthly check-in with themselves with ritual and connection. While many people celebrate the full moon (and baby she's gorgeous), intentions and beginnings come with the New Moon. That is the intention in this circle Pagan History November 30, 2020 June 11, 2021. 2021 Calendar - Pagan, Moon, and Astrological Dates. by thegypsy. Our 2021 calendar includes full and new moon dates, traditional pagan celebration days, zodiac periods, Asatru, Celtic Tree months, and a few other noteworthy dates. This 2021 calendar is shown in Mountain Standard Time (USA). January

At the same time, it falls in the middle of rejuvenating springtime, which tends to inspire fresh starts and encourage growth. All of those themes are at play as we approach May 2021's new moon in Taurus. On Tuesday, May 11 at 2:59 p.m. ET/11:59 a.m. PT, the new moon will fall at 21 degrees of down-to-earth, sensual fixed earth sign Taurus The Taurus New Moon on May 11/12, opens the door to Eclipse Season, a time of shift and transformation. While we won't experience an Eclipse until the end of the month, we may begin feeling that change is in the air New Moon April 2021 Published by agapi on April 9, 2021 April 9, 2021. This New Moon's energy is like thunder striking your pineal gland and helping you go out of the state of Sleeping Beauty into the state of Illumination! Meditations & Rituals July's New Moon 9th of July - New MoonThis New moon has sweet but powerful energy that. The moon goes through 8 different phases each month, beginning as a new moon, building to a full moon, and returning to a new moon again. A new moon symbolizes new beginnings. When the sun, earth, and moon align to create a full moon, this represents completion and reflection. There are many ways to perform a full moon ritual and you are. O n the last new moon of they year it feels very fitting to write about my new moon rituals. Creating rituals around the moon cycles is a powerful way to connect with our hearts and the universe on a regular basis. New moon rituals range from simple, elaborate, to everything in between

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  1. New Moon Rituals for Entrepreneurs (2021) by Leslie Tagorda available in Trade Paperback on Powells.com, also read synopsis and reviews
  2. Happy Aries New Moon my friends! It's always nice to have an Aries New Moon as we start a new cycle through the zodiac, Aries is the first sign of zodiac so it feels like a new opening is emerging. With it, there's a shedding or cracking open so the new can move in or we can expand into it. This New Moon I'm continually restles
  3. Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end. -Seneca. Put your manifesting skills to the test with this New Moon Manifesting Ritual . Creating rituals at the new and full moons will allow you to tune into your inner world and use the energies available to manifest in the external world. While it might sound woo-woo, it's not really that out there if you consider.
  4. 1.) Draw a Tarot Card or Rune Piece for the Week. (aka, draw means pick.) 2.) Focus on receiving the message from this card (or rune piece) for the week. 3.) Let this Tarot Card (or Rune) inspire you to: Journal, take pics, create art, visualize, trek & quest, work a spell, and just be. Draw a tarot card or rune piece, each week
  5. That is the moment of a powerful renewing energy in which the moon is aligned between the Earth and the Sun. This monthly phase, in which the so-called wave of contemporary births is a classic, for example, lasts more or less two days and the moon is not visible.. Practically always, this is a phase associated with practices and rituals related to nature, beauty, and the gaze facing inwards
  6. New Moon in Aries - April 2021 Full Moon in Libra - March 2021 Ostara / Spring Equinox Ritual 2021 New Moon in Pisces - March 2021 New Moon in Aquarius - Feb 2021 Imbolc Ritual - February 2021 Yule Ritual for The Great Conjunction 2020 Beltane Ritual - May 2020 New Moon in Taurus - April 2020 New Moon in Sagittarius - November 2019 Solar Eclipse in Cancer - July 2019 NEW

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The New Moon in Aries graces the sky on April 11th. Welcome to the first new moon of this zodiac year, a significant time for new beginnings, intention setting, and seed planting. We have come into the fire energy that asks us to rebel against the ways in which we have kept ourselves small New Moon in Taurus 21° Tuesday May 11th, 2021 12pm PST, 3pm EST ~ Theme: Enjoy The Moment By Andrea Dupuis This week we have a New Moon in the sign of Taurus. The Moon loves to be in Taurus, it's exaltation point. A place it feels at home, peaceful and comfortable. This is one [ A Taurus New Moon offers rich, succulent soil in which to plant your seeds. These now-beginnings are sure to take root. Six months from now, on November 19, 2021, the Full Moon in Taurus (also a Lunar Eclipse!) the seeds we plant today will bear fruit. Slowly, organically, as-you-feel innately prompted

A new moon ritual is one of my favorite ways to set new intentions for the month and manifest magic with the universe.. In this blog post, I'll be sharing a simple yet transformative new moon ritual that you can do every month.. Your connection with the moon. The moon has long been known to have an affect on not only our planet (the ocean responds to the moon twice a day) but also on us as. When is the new moon? In July 2021, lunar events are aplenty, but they all mean something slightly different in astrological terms. The Best Self-Care Rituals for Each Zodiac Sign. Coveteur - Ama Kwarteng • 19h. I've always placed my fate in forces that I could not see, so my affinity towards astrology is understandable. Astrology creates.

If, however, you are new to moon rituals, I've included a quick guide to the steps I follow to prepare for my moon rituals in a past blog post. Take a look at it before moving forward. Print out the February new moon journal page. Set a timer for 5 minutes. Close your eyes and think of all the people you love

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