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  1. PRO: It can raise the value of your property. Remodeling an ensuite in the main bedroom or a secondary bathroom in a home can raise the value of a property. According to Remodeling's Cost vs. Value..
  2. Some will gasp at the idea, others will tell you all the wonderful reasons why they love having carpet in their bathroom. It really is a personal choice, but here we will take you through all the pros and cons of having this type of flooring in your bathroom, from an expert point of view
  3. cons: you may end up with one more bathroom than otherwise, parent's and kids separate (I believe it makes sense on one floor, and a sense if separation can be created without a flight of stairs, eg a short passage) it's not always possible, but where it is, I much prefer all bedrooms on the ground floor, along with the kitchen, living areas etc

So, onto the main question we go - what are the pros and cons of different baths? Giving you more design freedom, freestanding tubs come in a range of sizes, shapes, and colours. The patina on this oxidised copper bath, £2400, from Indigenous , for example, will add heaps of character to your space A downstairs bathroom can be convenient, especially if you use the lower level as a family room, office or bedroom for a family member or for guests. If you use your basement to work or to relax.. That said, an upstairs laundry room isn't right for everyone. Here are the pros and cons of having one. Benefits of an upstairs laundry room. Chances are, the bulk of your household laundry comes in clothing and linens form -- think sheets, towels, and other such items you'd generally find upstairs, where the bedrooms are Let's look at a few pros and cons of popular bathroom countertops, especially when it comes to quartz bathroom countertops. Pros. 1. You can get the iconic appearance of granite but without the same level of maintenance. 2. It is also scratch-resistant, moisture-resistant, bacteria-resistant, and stain-resistant

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A natural stone bathroom countertop usually consists of a thick solid slab with openings cut for the sinks, but stone countertops can also be created with tiles laid in much the same fashion as ceramic tile countertops. Each type of stone has its own set of pros and cons Pros/Cons? jph176. 10 years ago. Also in case we do end up here for ever we designed to have the downstairs bedroom be adjacent to a bathroom and be easily converted into a master suite like area. As for the privacy concerns, we are so with ya midwestmama. We designed to have closets separating the two rooms so there is no shared wall. Pros: * Additional privacy. * Never have to share, except with someone you share your bedroom with. * Lower use means it is easier to keep clean. Cons: * Additional expense to build. * P-Traps may dry out if the bathroom is never used. * More to c.. Downstairs Guest Bathroom Floor - Porcelain Tile. Size and Pattern- 8×16. Why? This is a small rectangle bathroom so I chose a herringbone pattern to give it some shape. Also, placing the tiles diagonally makes the room look bigger. I also chose a bigger tile for less maintenance with cleaning. Remember, the less grout, the less cleaning and. Multiple Listing Service of Long Island, Inc. 300 Sunrise Highway West Babylon, NY 11704 Emai

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Convenience. En suite bathrooms are highly desirable, but only if the home offers more than one bath. En suite conveys the luxury of privacy, proximity, safety and convenience, says Elizabeth Kohen, owner/broker at Garfield Realty. Trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night are easier, with no dimly-lit journey down a dark hall that. This blog will look at the pros and cons of things becoming gender-neutral and come up with a possible solution to the problem. So let's get started. In a political environment where matters of gender equality are tossed around like a game of hot potato, few issues are more polarizing than the topic of gender neutral public restrooms To start off the pros, the first obvious one is that it will be located right next to the bedrooms and bathrooms where the majority of the laundry in the house is generated. This way you won't have to worry about lugging those heavy laundry baskets full of clothes up and down the stairs. This is one big convenience in the pro department

Pros and Cons of Bathtub Refinishing Dave Law Last updated August 19, 2020 Many homeowners have faced it: a great house at the right price, but the bathroom is straight from the 1970s Single-handle faucets pros. Single-handle faucets are much more user-friendly than double-handle faucets. Installation is simple and requires the drilling of only one hole. They're a common choice for older people as turning them is almost effortless for the infirm or those struggling with arthritis Depending on the project, the 3 bedrooms may be on one floor, separated by bathrooms or communal living areas. This is especially common on farms. On the other hand, the main suite on the first floor can serve as a private enclave, while the two bedrooms on the upper floor, located on the opposite ends of the second floor, are a popular.

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The Pros Of A Walk-In Shower. Doorless showers offer homeowners many benefits, here are some to consider: Walk-In Showers are a Luxury Bathroom Feature. A doorless shower is a luxurious addition to any bathroom. It offers a beautiful, elegant, look and can increase the value of your home when it's time to sel The Pros and Cons of Wet Room Bathrooms Unlike a traditional bathroom where occasional drips and spills may hit the walls and floors outside of a shower, the entire room will get wet The greatest advantage of bathtub liners and wall surrounds is cost. Installing a surround over existing walls is a cost-effective way to remodel or update a bathroom. Simple, low-end surrounds. Waterfall Faucet Pros. Looks Gorgeous. Its visual appeal is undeniably the best feature of a waterfall faucet. Generally, waterfall faucets will have a minimalistic look with their sleek and clean form that works well with our contemporary bathrooms. The sophisticated look of waterfall faucets can easily upgrade your bathroom's curb appeal The visit to the pros section was quite brief, so now we are off to the cons. While it might seem like it isn't a very good pros to cons ratio, not all the cons might apply to you. One of the cons about having a laundry room upstairs in your Victorian house plan is that you might not be able to do laundry at random times throughout the day

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Wet Room Bathroom Pros and Cons. Many homeowners like wet room bathrooms because this design does away from the difficult-to-clean glass shower screens. The open design also makes the bathroom look bigger than it really is. This also makes it perfect for small homes with a limited amount of space 3 Cons of Jack and Jill Bathrooms. As with anything, there are drawbacks to this type of bathroom as well. Here are some cons of Jack and Jill bathrooms: 1. Jack and Jill Bathrooms Can be Isolated. When a Jack and Jill bathroom is located between two bedrooms, it becomes a landlocked and isolated room Re: Pros & Cons of Wet Venting Bathrooms; Author: Don411 (NY) So our former house in NY (built in 1972) was plumbed exactly like #1. Master bath toilet at the end of the run, tubs/sinks joining in as shown, hall bath toilet joining in, before the main turned to go downstairs and out

According to Fixr, you can expect to pay 20% to 30% more for a wet room than a typical bathroom, which translates to about $15,000 extra on top of the usual bathroom renovation bill. You'll. The Pros and Cons of Wet Room Bathrooms - All You Need to Know About Wet Rooms. By. Rebecca Senyard - March 31, 2020. 0. 70803. Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. WhatsApp. Wet room bathrooms are a big trend in bathroom design. Whether fully open or using a single plane of glass to enclose the shower and bath, this design is popular for a few reasons

Cons of an Incinerating Toilet. While incinerating toilets have a host of benefits like being waterless, odorless, and free of plumbing, there are also disadvantages. 1. Incinerating Toilets Destroy Composting Nutrients. If your purpose of having an incinerating toilet is for natural fertilizer, you'll be disappointed 6 things to consider when choosing a bathroom tile design: Light tiles are much more practical than dark ones. The main type of contamination in the bathroom is white salt stains from dried water. The larger the size, the better it looks. In the bathroom, a matte or semi-matte tile looks better (photos are not transmitted) Cork flooring for basement--pros and cons, House, 7 replies Septic and Well vs City Water- Pros and Cons, House, 72 replies Pros and Cons of Condo Living, House, 47 replies Pros and Cons to Vent Free Propane Heater, House, 0 replies Log Homes - Pros and Cons ?, House, 6 replies Townhomes: Pros and Cons of an 'end unit'?, House, 14 replie Bathtub vs. Shower Pros and Cons. A bathroom can add value and comfort to a home as long as it incorporates the latest trends and upgrades of modern décor. Many bathrooms cannot accommodate both shower and bathtubs at once. This brings about the debate on whether a shower or a bathtub is suitable for your new bathroom or remodeling project The Pros And Cons Of Transgenders In The Bathroom Well do they think non transgender people 's rights are not being restricted by having to share a bathroom with someone of the opposite sex? Because I can guarantee that they are in fact being violated as much as Transgenders

Many modern bathrooms are now going for this look. Floor-to-ceiling tiling is becoming a trend in bathroom interior design. This style can also make your space look classier and more formal. Here are the pros and cons of a fully-tiled bathroom. Pros. Creates a spacious feel; The great thing about a fully-tiled bathroom is that it does so much. Added insights, such as the name of the contractor who gut-renovated the downstairs bathroom, or firsthand insight into the school district are very real reasons why some buyers like to meet the seller and gravitate to FSBO listings. Pros + Cons of Rent-to-Own Agreements for Buyers and Sellers. For both the seller and homebuyer, renting to. Cons. 1. A big complaint from those with shiplap in their homes is that it is a magnet for dust. Dust will settle in the gaps and grooves and can make the space look dirty. 2. If not installed correctly, shiplap can warp or rot. This is especially true if it is installed in a bathroom or basement where moisture can seep in Re: Pros and Cons of a High Ranch ? We have a high ranch and i love it - i wanted a colonial but it works so well for us we opened ours up - so when you go up the stairs - there is an open kitchen an informal dining area and a living room - then down the hall is a guest full bath and 2 kids bedrooms and the master suit

The Pros and Cons of Bathroom Remodeling for Resale Homes. January 29, 2021. 550. On each other project a choice has to be made concerning whether the restroom have to be remodeled. When it's come to Bathroom Remodeling, you should be very careful and active during your Bathroom Remodeling process 5 Pros and Cons of a Walk-In Shower. A walk-in shower is more functional than a standard shower as it provides ease of access and safety. It eliminates the danger of stepping into a bathtub or an enclosed shower, which makes it a convenient and independent alternative for individuals with limited or impaired mobility An integrated (sometimes referred to as integral) sink is a popular option for both the bathroom and the kitchen. Why? Well, there's a lot to love about this setup. Of course, there are a few things to consider before committing. Scroll on for all the pros and cons

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So here are the pros and cons in choosing bathroom sink materials. How to decorate bathroom vanity with sink. 1. Porcelain. The first and most common material that is used for sink is porcelain. Porcelain is also well known as Vitrouse China or the more familiar is Ceramic. Here are the pros and the cons if you choose to use porcelain Contemporary Look. Using the same color of tile tends to benefit a contemporary look where the homeowner aims to create a sleek, minimalistic design. When tiles are the same color, they tend to flow together and create a unified space. In a small area like a tiny bathroom this can be overwhelming, but in larger areas it can work very well A bathroom vanity is meant to be a space where someone has access to a sink and a space to use toiletries, wash up, and attend to personal grooming, among other tasks. Because of that, most vanities have some sort of countertop that provides a bit of space. They have a sink, faucet, and taps. They might have other extras like built-in soap. The Pros of Plaster Walls. You may be surprised but there are quite a few pros of plaster walls, more than most people expect. These pros certainly make keeping your plaster walls a good idea if they are in decent shape or repairing them rather than tearing them out and replacing with drywall. Benefit #1 Plaster is Stronge

Moving Washer & Dryer to Upstairs Laundry Room - The Pros. 1. No more lugging laundry up and down the stairs! The dirty clothing, sheets, and towels that make up 95% of our laundry are generated on the second floor so having the laundry room upstairs eliminates the lugging of laundry baskets up and down the stairs. 2 So, by the end of this post, you will know ALL the pros and cons for installing luxury vinyl plank, plus get a list of sources of amazing stone-look tiles that would go well in any bathroom. You will then be able to choose the best flooring type for your renovation project - and turn your design inspiration into a reality Pros. Laminates are an awfully cheap tabletop material. An enormous vary of colors and patterns is accessible. Ready-made countertops are terribly friendly to DIY installation. Cons. Custom designs aren't DIY-friendly, requiring a custom fibber. Laminate countertops are light-weight, while not the substantial heft of different materials Pros and cons of modern townhouses and family living (18 Posts) Add message | Report. The first one just had a garage, hallway, utility and downstairs bathroom on the ground floor - the kitchen, dining and living room were on the middle floor and the bedrooms and bathroom were upstairs. It was a brilliant place to live until we started a. Interestingly, when a bathroom has tiled or backsplash walls, they look much bigger visually. To enjoy this, the bathroom has to be correctly positioned in a room so that it is viewed directly when one is standing outside the enclosure. Take a look at these Pros and Cons Between Shower Panels and Tiles. Harmonizes and Supports the Modern Home.

Check out the pros and cons of having an RV bathroom below. Then, you can decide for yourself if you need one. Pros of Having an RV Bathroom. Convenience. People are used to having a bathroom readily available to them pretty much everywhere. Whether you're in a home or in a public place, there's usually a bathroom nearby Kitchen cabinets and bathroom sink cabinets are not mutually exclusive, and can cross over if done correctly. Simply choose a kitchen cabinet then put a vanity tops on it to transform it into a bathroom vanity cabinet. Here are the pros and cons to help you determine if such an endeavor is right for you: Pros Learn the difference between each and the pros and cons of each level of renovation. One Day Bath Transformation. If your main concern in your bathroom is an outdated, broken, or dangerous old tub or shower, you'll be happy to know there's an option to do a shower or tub replacement quickly and easily Pros and Cons of Open Concept Living December 14, 2015 - 52 Comments I grew up in Pittsburgh in a very colonial style home where each room was its own room, and there were doorways-wide doorways, but doorways-leading into the living room and dining room and even the kitchen had its own doorway The Cons of Having an Attic Ventilation Fan. There are always going to be cons in every choice so we will explore the most common cons of having an attic ventilation fan. Leaky Roof. Whenever something is installed on your roof, whether you do it or you hire someone, there is always the chance of a leak

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Pros And Cons Of Upflush Toilets. Upflushing toilets offer numerous benefits, including flexibility, portability, cost-saving, and water efficiency. However, they also come with some downsides, such as high price tags and noise levels. In this section, we outline the pros and cons of upflush toilets to help you make an informed choice Failure to seal the grout will result in water leaking behind the tiles, which can cause mold problems and then you might end up having to re-tile the whole shower. Sealing the tile is usually optional, and depends on the kind of tile being used. Marble, natural stone, slate, limestone, terra cotta, and matte tiles should be sealed to protect. Pros & Cons of Ductless Bathroom Exhaust Fans. Pros of a Windowless Bathroom. Inexpensive; With a price tag between 30 to 60 dollars for a brand new fan, you are getting a good deal. Vented ductwork fans will cost about the same, but that does not include the cost of creating a duct in your ceiling or electrical work Cork bathroom flooring has many pros, such as being water-resistant, durable, and comfortable to walk on. However, it also has a few disadvantages, like getting stained easily and requiring a consistent temperature. This article covers each of the pros and cons of cork bathroom flooring in detail and goes over how you can take care of the. The Pros and Cons of Bathroom Remodeling Having a bathroom in which you feel comfortable is one of the main small luxuries you can have right inside your home. This might be a lifelong dream of yours or a new desire but you should inform yourself as much as possible about the process before you embark on it

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Travertine is popular for bathroom countertops. Here are the pros and cons of travertine bathroom countertops. Pros. Travertine is a material that can come in a variety of different colors. You should be able to match any color scheme and style that you need for your home decor needs Pros: Hardwood has a beautiful appearance, and also helps add value to your home. Cons: On top of its high expense, hardwood also isn't very durable. It's prone to scratches, dents, and water damage, and may have to be refinished as often as every three to five years at a cost of about $1,685 This guide will highlight each of the pros and cons of an undermount bathroom sink along with a detailed explanation of each. Pros of Undermount Bathroom Sinks. Undermount Bathroom Sinks Have a Sleek Design. One of the best features of this bathroom sink is the sleek design. This sink fits seamlessly into the design of your vanity or counter 5 advantages of heated bathroom floors: 1. Durability. One of the best benefits of using heated flooring is that it lasts a long time. If you take care of your bathroom floor system, it can last as long as 35 years. That is a long time when you own a home. 2 A modern three sided fireplace is often designed to be used in a modern, luxurious studio apartments. There are both pros and cons to this type of fireplace. For instance, if the apartments has a full-sized living area and kitchen with the fireplace situated at the other end of the living room, most of the heat will be lost before it reaches the kitchen

Generally speaking, fully carpeted stairs are better because the padding installed under the carpeting can help to cushion a fall, if it happens. But, this depends on the type of carpeting. If it's a plush type of carpeting then it could help to cause someone to trip. If it's low pile type of carpeting, like Berber, then it may be safer Besides solid wood floor pros and cons, we have gathered information regarding the pros and cons of wood flooring. Have a look. Pros and Cons of Wood Flooring. 03. Wooden Flooring Gets Scratches Easily. Scratches are one of the wooden flooring's biggest snags. It has low resistance to scratches

Pros and Cons. Installing carpet in the bathroom is a bold choice for homeowners who like the warmth and comfort that carpeting provides to wet and cold feet. However, bathroom carpeting also comes with serious risks of exposure to dampness and humidity. The condition of your bathroom is a contributing factor to your family's health and well. The PROS. Tiling over tile is usually a much easier and cheaper solution than pulling up your original tiles and re-tiling your floor or wall. One advantage of doing this is that it is time-saving. You do not have to allot work-hours to pull up the existing tiles which means the tiling work can be finished much faster - and all without the.

Pros and Cons Of Black Bathroom Tapware. Posted by smallbathroomsperth on September 26, 2017 April 9, 2018. 2015 to 2018 are the year's black bathroom tapware have been all the rage and does not seem to be letting up. What is the reason for this you might say, well besides the greater range we now have there is something about black tapware. I'll be honest, an open-plan bathroom would NOT work for me. I like my privacy and don't need glass walls to feel fancy. Regardless of my opinions, I thought I'd still highlight some pros and cons regarding this trend. PRO: Open-plan bathrooms allow natural light to penetrate throughout the room

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Using my past experiences, I have made a list of the pros and cons of unisex bathrooms: Let's start with the pros of this situation. Comfort: this can make many students who either are non gender conforming, or are just questioning their gender, much more comfortable when going to the bathroom Pros and Cons of a Curbless Shower in Your Bathroom. A curbless shower can turn a small, drab bathroom into an oasis. These showers also provide accessibility, easy cleaning, and lots of flexibility when it comes to design. While the pros outweigh the cons, there are a few things to think about when choosing a curbless shower for your home Cons Size The biggest issue with this type of bathroom is the sheer amount of space it takes up in the van. If you're planning to convert a 170 and 170 EXT, you'll be in the best position to incorporate this style of bathroom. However, if you're going with a 144 WB Van then I think this style of bathroom just takes up way too much real. Basements Pros and Cons? (laundry room, downstairs, clothes) User Name: Remember Me: Password : Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick! Some forums can only be seen by registered members Pedestal sinks. A pedestal sink consists of a wall-hung basin with a pedestal that covers the plumbing. Cost: $50 to $600 Pros: This is the most common type of bathroom sink, which means that they.

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Concrete bathroom floors are most commonly found in homes with slab foundations or in basements, where the floor already consists of a 4- to 8-inch concrete slab that rests directly on the soil. Where a high-quality finished flooring surface is required, the concrete slab may be stained, polished, painted, or top-coated to make for a unique and. The major difference between an elongated and a round toilet is the length and shape of the toilet bowl. Elongated toilet bowls are oval-shaped and have a length of about 18.5 inches while round toilet bowls are circular with a length of about 16.5 inches. Elongated toilets are more comfortable than round toilets while round toilets are more. The Pros & Cons of Popular Bathroom Sink Options. Jan 18, 2019 10:14:00 AM by Consumers Kitchens & Baths. Tweet; When remodeling your bathroom it's important to choose the right sink, which will be a major focal point of your design. With that being said, there are many great options available